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Special Parents – Special Children

Many of these intense, brilliant young psychics, mediums and healers chose very special parents to help them hold the light and grow in their abilities. These kids can present special challenges and concerns for parents, as so many express here….

When my daughter was born eight year’s ago spirit said she would be a special soul here to help humanity. as she was growing up quite often she would play with spirit children and talk with them. There was a little boy she played with when she was only three and when it was bed time, i would settle my daughter to sleep, then the little boy would wake her up by pulling her hair. to wake her, all of a sudden i would here a scream and my daughter would wake up crying, complaining someone pulled her hair. I knew immediately it was the little boy. When I linked with the little boy and said he mustn’t wake Laura when she is asleep as this scares her, he advised he wanted to play. I asked him not to wake her and pull her hair while she was sleeping as he was frightening her and that I didn’t mind him playing with her during the day but not to disturb her at night time. Quite often when the toys were packed away noises would go off it was an everyday occurrence within our house even though my husband used to get scared, I used to say to them to come and play when my husband isn’t around. Laura then started to see the fairies and later explained all about Italy fairyland where the fairie’s lived and that her fairy was called Arabella.

My son also had an elf called Sydney who would quite often play with him. As Laura got older she saw spirit people and not long after my husband’s grandad passed she recalled him coming into her bedroom. First of all she saw a bright light that got bigger and bigger and then manifest the top half of granded Lorrie – he said for her not to be upset the fact he has passed and that he is watching over her, and to send his love to everyone. The next day Laura relayed the message to my husband who is a bit skeptic, but I understood what happened being clairvoyant .

Laura saw more frequently and started to become afraid of going upstairs alone as she would see spirit people and also said sometimes they would come out of the wardrobe. I had to speak to them and ask them not to come out of the wardrobe and keep frightening her. Another time she told me she remembered standing beside God before she was born and God said she could choose between three different parents, she said she chose my husband and I because we could teach her the lessons she needed to learn on the earth plane. One nite when Laura went to asleep she awoke to seeing a lady sat on her bed she described her to have white hair in a bun little round lady with a pinnie and wore blue eye shadow as this was her favourite colour. She was a bit alarmed as she didn’t know who this lady was I explained she was my granma Annie and that she looks over Laura at nite while she is sleeping Laura was a bit frightened so I asked my nan to explain in her dreams in a way she would understand why people die and come back as spirit people. My nan took Laura, my son, husband and I to a graveyard and there coming out of a tree was my nan and grandad the tree had no leaves on it and my nan and grandad said when your alive your tree is in blossom but when it’s your time the leave’s fall off and your tree is bare, then they were sprinkling fairy dust all over the graves. Laura asked what they were doing and they said we are sprinkling love everywhere, all these graves are of special people who’s time has come to an end as they have learned all they had to on the earthplane. My nan then advised it was time to go back into there tree and to tell my husband and Luke who were playing round the graves they had to go back – they didn’t listen and my nan told them off. They then walked back into there tree and waved goodbye. When Laura awoke she explained her dream and said mummy when your time is up your tree is bare but when you’re alive your tree is in blossom. She then fully understood what my grandparent’s had said and felt a lot happier. She was no longer afraid of spirit people.

We often have chat’s about the spirit world and angels and fairies and I’ve taught her about grounding and protection and to call upon archangel Michael whenever she is scared as well as my son who is a crystal child he goes to sleep with crystals every nite bless him. My children have taught me many things and quite often give me messages from God or my loved ones in spirit when I’m not listening to there messages in my dreams or wake state or my guides. I bless the day they were born and feel truly blessed! much love peace n joy Debbie W

Well, your children chose you for a Mom for a good reason… and your husband also must be a very special man also… I feel a great strength and sense of protection from him, the feeling that he holds the ground so you can all fly around him… thanks for sharing… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

I am the mother of a nearly 3-year old little boy, his name is Cade, born during a thunderstorm, just as a lightening bolt struck, on the early morning hours of July 26, 2002. My husband and I have always known he is very special (like all children are), but he is a different kind of special. He is like a magnet – people are simply entralled by him, he is very engaging and has quite a strong-will. Both my husband and I have psychic family members, his maternal grandmother, my maternal aunt and both of us have strong intuition and feel gifted – but have really tapped into it. I am part Native American and have been told by several natives that I am gifted and have a purplish-blue aura.

I first noticed this when he was not quite one year old. I was rocking him and feeding him a bottle and I felt this sensation on the nape of my neck, like someone had brushed their hand lightly along my hair line, and just as that happened – he pushed the bottle away and looked in the direction that I felt the sensation and simply stared and then reached his hand out. That was the end of that episode, and there were others proceeding that event. As he has grown – he has had trouble with sleeping at night and will wake up and say that someone was in his room. Most of the time it is a “girl”, and a few times he said it was a “boy”. The first time it happened – he was frightened and came running out of his room terrified. So we thought it was just nightmares – but he keeps talking about this someone that comes into his room at night. He seems to be less “scared” of this now – his father and I have worked very hard on reassuring him and welcoming this “person” or “persons” into our home. We live in a very old historic town, we take walks quite often and there are a few homes that he will look at and either ask me to hold him or he will stop and just look at the house and say – “I don’t like that house mommy”, I ask him why – and he says “because it’s bad and bad people live there. ” I just tell him that it’s OK – and that we live in a good house that is safe.

I would like to take him to a seer in our area, we live in Frederick , Maryland . Any advice and insight you can provide is most appreciated and welcomed. We want to welcome his gift, if that is in fact what it is. Kindly – Brandy

Your son may very well be an Indigo child – do read about them…many in fact most children are born very psychic. Some parents recognize this almost immediately and listen to the child and do not chastise.

Stay open to this child and listen to him and show interest.

Many lose it by the time they are entering their teens and real life takes over.

You might seek help from the Spiritualist church if there is one in your area.

I know all my children were extremely psychic and to a point still are it is just that their lives have taken them away from that side of life. Best wishes with your son. Victoria

I am looking for answers. My 11 years olds tell me he sees dead people , To make a long story short, I don’t know how to help him, he’s scared sometimes, I told him to send them to the light. He said this girl who committed suicide told him she can not see the light. It’s almost all the time and everywhere, except at the school cafeteria.

I don’t know what to tell him , except that he will have to learn to live with that , be carefull with the people he share that with, since some might think he’s strange ,

My older daughter have dreams about future, a lot of them are happening , her grand father’s death , when i told her she had a loss , she knew it was him and she knew where he had died.

My 3 rd. child seem very grounded to earth and , never mentioned anything.very self-centered but amazingly loving , stubborn , but very logical.

My 4 th. baby, now 5, gives joy and love to everybody around her , she seem to touch every body’s life with her big heart, people are very drawn to her, and to tell you the truth, I don’t know what to think about this. The 2 kids that are the most gifted, I already knew when we conceived them that I would be pregnant, even though they were not planned, just that energy that I felt, and both of them were conceived the 5th day of my period, not the 14th as science says.

My 11 years old was conceived with me on the birthpill and had 3 times the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck at birth. 10 minutes before he was born , I asked to give birth in the room instead of the delivery room, a decision that saved his life , since they just ruled in the delivery tools….But he sure has a duty here, and many guardian angels to protect him.

He has a very high I.Q. but also have ADD, who might seem to be in connection with what he sees, since the barriers to shield him from stimulation is so weak, I guess that is why he is so sensitive. My daughter is similar, extremely intelligent, they seem to be able to grasp many concept before other children, abstract and logical. But they are a challenge to raise and I am in fear to fail them.

I don’t know where to turn and this is not a path known for me , I let them be kids and try to answer the best that I can. I want a normal life for them .But at the same time i don’t want to be a barrier for what their purpose in life is? What should I do? Thank You L.T.

P.S. I get febrile before a strong storm, get calm as soon as the storm starts, and dream of plane crash before they happen , the week before my brother’s ( my twin) motorcycle accident, I would wake-up at night, dreaming he was in danger, all in sweat. He suffered many injuries but survived, I get headaches when he is depressed , and we live 1000 miles away. I was a nurse, and many times I had the feeling that something was wrong with some patient, so I would call doctors untill they come and see them, most of the time, it saved their lives. It happens about 10 time in a 5 years period., I turn all that off by choice, because it was stopping me in my path. etc….. I don’t want my children to feel this insecurity.I can go on and on, but never saw people, for m , I feel energy. Charles

Well darling, you must be some special person to have attracted these amazing kids to you – for now I think you are doing the best you can and probably getting a lot more help than you realize from your own guides and angels as well as the childrens’… start actively calling on them for help… for now I feel my best suggestion is for you to learn all you can so you can understand more of what your children are experiencing… you would find the works of Craig Hamilton-Parker and james Von Praagh very useful – but also get the material out now on the Indigo and Crystal children… Keep your diets as natural as you can, encourage your family to lead a very balanced life with lots of room for laughter and play, and make sure each of your kids has a space to be alone and quiet so they can assimilate what they are learning on subtle levels and learn to clear all of the energy they attract during a day… hope that helps some, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

A note also from Laura: He needs to call on the angels, Jesus, and/or Mary to send the dead people to the light. That way those ascended can help the discarnate entities he sees and he, the boy, won’t take them on as a project. The family needs to read about the Indigo Children and Crystal Children.

My daughter Emily is almost 4 years old. When she was an infant she would look up at the ceiling and smile and coo at nothing. I have her on videotape sitting on the kitchen floor alone and looking around the room like she was following something with her eyes. When she was a little over one years old we went to my family cemetery. She was walking around and saying “Hi” in all different directions. As we were leaving she turned around and said “good-bye.”

We lost a child last year, a stillborn son Lukas. Ever since then she has these “playmates” she talks about all the time. She tells us their names and we never say she is silly, we just ask her questions about them. One day, we were driving by a new hospital that was open for maybe 3 months. Emily points to the hospital and says “A man died in that house.” My mom and I just said “oh really.” Emily says “A fire” and then she imitates someone screaming.

I truly believe she is seeing spirits and communicating with them. What should I do to help her develop her gifts, because I defiantly do not want to discourage her? Thank, Leslie

You are already doing a lot to encourage her abilities… respectful, active listening is the essential element…. but invest also some time in learning about mediumship yourself, so you can understand what is happening and help her… the works of Craig Hamilton-Parker and James Von Praagh are a good idea… many children now are being born with this ability… keep a journal of her experiences, and keep her life as natural as you can… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Some additional responses for you:

Don’t do anything ! she is perfect and in good hands. Just your total trust and acceptance is enough. Let her guide you, sounds like she has great connections.. Sherie

This is not something easy to answer, because there are many factors involved. Certainly, to encourage the ability she seems to demonstrate would be a great thing. It would allow her to get in touch with those aspects of human development that are have been with us for maybe even millions of years. It would enable Emily to keep the window open to Inner Realities. And there are likely many ways to encourage that window to stay open.

I think its also important to keep in mind the world Emily is going to go into shortly. Especially in school. The world of the school environment can be brutal to a child who ‘appears’ not to fit in it. The school environment is meant to have the student ‘conform’, its all about conformity, sometimes even more so than academic learning.

First there is the need to conform to the general rules of the system itself. Then there is the more insidious often never discussed inner rules, such as peer group pressure. How other kids can force the slightly different to conform to the pecking order, or else made to feel like outcasts.

If there can be balance achieved, in the sense that you can help Emily balance her abilities and not let her abilities get in the way, not demonstrate them in the school, at least till she can move beyond that, you can create a good balanced environment for sure.

You might encourage Emily to talk about her dreams, encourage her to remember her dreams and what she does in them, and you may even keep a log of her dreams. Along with that, perhaps encourage her to also talk about her other lives, and see what develops.

Perhaps those beings she talks to might also help her. You may ask Emily to ask the invisible friends to help Emily grow up to be balanced and healthy in the physical mental and psychological for good overall development.

Always show loving support and encouragement, even if she decides she is not going to do this anymore. She might even come to a point where she will put all this behind her, maybe even for years. Trust that she knows what is best for her. Some time later, maybe even years, it may come back.

If I can offer any advice from the 23 years I have been channeling, and been intuitive since the age of 12, its to try and steer clear of overly dogmatic orthodox and one sided views, try to keep a harmonized approach and world view, focused always on love in all things. Cheers Serge

My 25 year old son, Gregg, suddenly passed away on Dec. 23, 2003. I was with him, we were getting ready to attend my aunt’s funeral when he simply collapsed. We don’t know what happened to him. The autopsy so far has only said that his heart and his brain were fine. We have no answers.

My question is my now 5 year old grandson, little Gregory. Gregory has for about a year now, got me wondering if he is psychic. Last year I took him to a cemetery where 4 of our relatives are buried. As we were leaving, he said to me (he was 4, then), “gram, how did that little boy die?” I asked him, “what little boy?”. He said the one sitting on that”stonehead”, back there. Didn’t you see him, gram? I told him, that I must have missed him. I’m sorry, I didn’t see him. He told me what he was wearing, something like out of the 30″s. The boy didn’t say any thing to him, just smiled, and waved. I asked him how he knew that the boy had died, he said he just did. When Gregory was a baby, he used to stop what he was doing and all of a sudden, just look up and around as if he was watching something in the air. I used to say he was looking at angel’s.

Now that my son has passed, he says that he talks to him and that he’s wearing his white shirt, the one he wore at the funeral, and he has all of his “stuff” with him. At the funeral, alot of people put stuff in the casket for Gregg. Gregory also said that at his b-day on Feb. 1st. we had a bowling party for him and his friends, he said that his daddy was there watching him bowl. Do you think that he really was or was it wishful thinking. I try to encourage him as much as possible to talk about his daddy and the fact that he talks to him all the time. I’m always asking Gregory questions. I know he misses his daddy so much, just as we do. What do you think??

p.s. do you have any feeling as to what could have caused our son’s death? We are still waiting for the toxology report to come back. It is killing us. Kellie

I’m like your grandson and see people in cemeteries and other places where they are stuck. It has caused me to find ways to help these people who missed the light when their time came, for various reasons. These beings are not malicious but stuck on the astral plane. I now ask Jesus to come and take them to their rightful place of evolution and they disappear. (That’s sort of it in a nut shell.)

When I ran a day care center there was a little boy who’s father died one morning on his way to work. That little guy was about 4 but he would play with the toy telephone and “talk” to his daddy. His daddy would talk back and give him advice. Kids are so much closer to the veil than we are and children can be a lot clearer than adults in these situations.

Secondly, a similar thing happened to a family who is very close to me. Their 20 year old adopted son died suddenly. An autopsy was done but there was not a thing that the doctors could attribute to his sudden death. He did not use drugs or drink excessively. In fact there was no blood alcohol level found. These things do happen and no one knows why.

One thing I have found in my research is that aspartame, the artificial sweetener in diet sodas, can create sudden death in some people. This is rather a recent finding, within the last 6 years. Did your son drink diet sodas? You can look up aspartame on the internet and see for yourself just how toxic it is. In fact scientists say that not only is it toxic but addictive as well. Possibly as addictive as Meth! It can form crystals in the brains and organs the way Meth does.

I’m so sorry for your loss but your grandson does have a gift like John Edwards. Be easy with his gift. Bless you, Laura

Visited your site today and read a message from a mother of a 3 year old girl and was immediately struck as to how similar her story is to mine. When my son was about 4 years old, my grandfather passed away and my son made statements to my mother and myself telling us not to worry and just saying small things that up until now, other than standing the hair up on our arms, meant nothing. He is very sensitive to others feelings, was doing badly in school (now 8 years old) and always knew when something was bothering me.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I began to feel that he may have some psychic abilities. My grandmother passed away in February of this year and once again, he told both my mother and myself not to worry, that he could feel our pain and we need not worry because Grandma was now with Grandpa.

I don’t want to make a big deal if he is psychic, but I want to “help” him develop these abilities and not lose them. I don’t know if anyone in my family has/had any psychic abilties. I believe he is here on a spiritual journey, I only wants to do what is best for him, I just don’t know what. This has made me very “anxious” lately and I feel I should not have to be. Please offer some advice. Rosalind

PS I have two children, why would one display this and the other be the total opposite? They are two years apart.

It is becoming more and more normal for today’s youngsters to see beyond the veils… to know as your son does what is on the other side… and probably a lot more… but don’t get anxious about it because this will trigger a shut down… it is very likely that as he matures the veils will thicken…my best suggestion is to read what you can about children and their psychic abilities, to learn for yourself so you can be prepared to answer his questions – read the works of Craig Hamilton Parker and James Von Praagh and Sylvia Browne’s new book on life after death… again this will help you to understand what is happening for your son… keep his environment and his diet as natural as you can… encourage him to talk with you about his dreams, and what he sees and feels, but without making him feel centered out… ask questions about how he knows things when he brings things up… and ask him what he sees, who else is there and so on… get into “active listening” with him… more than anything this respectful and interested attitude will encourage him to stay open. Hope that helps some, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

I have a friend who has a child who is 5 years old now, and my psychic friends stated to me that I need to help him with his gifts that he may have, but he only talks about aliens and for me this is a very foreign subject, and I really do not know how or what to talk to a 5 year old about, I really don’t know if he is gifted that is what my psychic friends tell me, and that he has communications with aliens but how does one talk to a child this young about aliens? They have also told me to talk with him about my own gifts, which I can hear spirits, and guides and have a deep sense of knowing and I have no idea how I would begin to teach him about my kind of gifts if you have any suggestions I would appreciate it very much. thank you Lolita

The first thing is that the term “age appropriate” applies. It certainly does not sound wise to race this child ahead of himself. Regardless of all other talents and psychic skills, the human part of him is developing and the age of 5 is not quite ready to absorb certain concepts. However many impressions are made at this age.

My instincts here suggest that the child be allowed to speak of what he experiences in a natural way and that it might be good to ask some questions of the child as the conversation comes up. Ask what has happened and what messages etc. and leave it at that. Not invalidating the reality by telling him it didn’t happen, but neither over reacting and pressuring him to “get more information”. I suspect that with this natural talent, he is to be guided and responded to as things come up – grounded in real world things – and that you can share your talents not directly as in a school teaching something, but in normal conversation – that comes up naturally with the child. Ask the child to describe the aliens etc. but once again, be in response. Then if the child questions something or the intuition is right a story might be shared or something, then do so – in an age appropriate manner.

I would not over do saying that he is special – once again – he is, but if too much focus is given on that or over done, then again, I remind you the child is human and growing in the appropriate stages. They need a balanced perspective not an ego-based one.

However, I feel that if you are getting pressure to teach him something, that is fear driven and there is a problem there. If the group is encouraging what appears to be the natural development – sharing stories and learning as they are appropriate to the stage of the child, then it seems nurturing and will allow this child to grow into an adult being able to use the talents and also function in the world. I hope this makes sense. Mary-Anne

I ran across your site some time ago and have decided maybe I should write about my son. I am not sure what to make of all this. First of all, I have had a few strange things happen to me here and there but not like it is with Anthony. It all started with the “circle of love” light that was shown down on him at age 3. I must explain that we lived right beside an air force base at the time so we were used to seeing things in the sky: military helicopters, fighter jets, huge cargo planes, etc. There is also a hospital nearby so add in medical helicopters, and the area was a little rough at times so we also had police helicopters with search lights – Airplanes and helicopters were NO BIG DEAL to my sons, they never even looked up at them! But one August night, in the year 2000, when my son was 3 years old, we were playing on the back porch when I had gone inside to retrieve something. Anthony started yelling excitedly “MOMMY!! HURRY COME QUICK!!!” So I went running but “it” was gone when I got out there. He was so excited and happy that this thing in the sky had shown a “circle of love” light on him and so dissapointed that it was gone. I picked him up and ran out into the yard but there was nothing. The next morning I took a pen and paper and sat down and asked him to tell me about it. He was just gushing about this light. “It was a nice light, mommy!! It LOVED me!!” He described it as “like an airplane with no wings” and “like a helicopter with no spinning thing on top” he said it didn’t have a motor because it was quiet. it moved “slowly and quietly.” I let him talk and didn’t ask questions so I wouldn’t put thoughts in his head. Well, my notes disappeared. Anyway, in the days that followed, he said some strange things. Once, we (my husband and I and both boys) were in the car when Anthony started laughing and laughing! I asked “What are you laughing at?” and he said “I’m laughing because I’m really older than you and daddy!” Then another time, he told me “I’m not the real Antony.” and I said “Well, where is the real Anthony?” and he said “Oh, he’s standing by some trees waiting to be brought home.” Once, we were looking at some clouds and he got very serious and said “Mommy, did you know that some clouds have fire in them?” and I said “Oh you mean like lightning?” and he looked me in the eyes and said “No, they have FIRE in them!”

Now, in the months that followed: One day, I was on the phone with my Dad, when Anthony, who had been playing in the sandbox came inside rather annoyed because “they” were calling to him. “Mommy, they keep calling “Anthony! Anthony!” and I want to play! He pointed to a spot under the tree, I saw nothing, but checked through the yard to make sure there was not an actual person back there or neighbors out – there weren’t!

One morning, he woke up and was so upset and asked me over and over: “Mommy, is Chicago going to burn again?!” I asked him to tell me about it and he told me about his dream, how awful it was, how there was so much smoke, it was so hot and so hard to breathe. Everyone was running and he was so scared because he couldn’t find his mommy but then he woke up and saw me and he was okay.

He has talked about the 2 times that “God has lifted me up in the air.” He asked me a couple of weeks ago how old I was when my grandparents died. I proceeded to tell him and he said “No, who died when you were about 17?” I said well, I had a grandfather (on my father’s side) die about then.” When he said “Do you remember when I met Papa’s Daddy?” Well, Papa is what he calls my Dad. I asked him where and he said “Well, it was in a strange place…like a church, but not a church….”

Several months after our cat Hobbs died, he startled me with the question “Who brought Hobbs back?” I said “excuse me?” and he said “Who brought Hobbs back? I saw him yesterday, he was walking around the house and he looked happy, so who brought him back?”

One day, I looked at our newspaper front page and there was a picture of a debris field from a plane wreck – there was NOTHING that looked like a plane in that picture and we hadn’t had the news on but Anthony (about 4 at the time) said “Oh Mommy, it was so awful!” and proceeded to tell me of the pilots exchange with each other as they tried to control the plane before it crashed “and all the people were screaming and crying!”

Then there are the “circles” I don’t know what to make of this but he sees them sometimes and once he was running into a room to retrieve a paper airplane, I was sitting on the couch facing him and he turned pale and screamed MOMMY!! MOMMY!! Something just went through me!!” He said 2 small circles seemed to dance playfully in front of him and entered him and came out through his hands and a big one went sideways through his head – he said they made him feel “magnetic” and he heard a beeping sound when the big one went through his head – he really didn’t like the feeling. About circles, here’s something else, we have in the past had strange circles and streaks in photos of my sons and even though my 2nd son, soon to be 5 never speaks of strange things, they mostly show up in pictures of him!

In our house we rented and just moved out of, well, it had an unsettled feeling to it and I never liked to be the last one to go to sleep! Anthony refused to play in his room even during the day unless, I was in there or right outside his door. There were some strange flashes in the house and always that “something” in the corner of one’s eye. One strange thing that happened a couple of days before moving out, I started finding coins EVERYWHERE as I packed our belongings, quarters, nickels, dimes, pennies, even a gold dollar and a Susan B. Anthony dollar! Well, now I’m talking about me and that’s not what this is about. I am sorry if this is so run together, but I am trying to hurry, as I am using my mother in law’s computer and my husband is ready to go home, now! Real quick finish here, my son has been feeling scared, he doesn’t like to sleep alone, the other night he asked me to pray to God that he wouldn’t see the “spirit things” any more because they startle him and he doesn’t want to see, hear or feel them anymore until he is older. Is there anything I can do for him – we did pray that night. Other than that, we live a pretty normal life – I mean, I want to make it clear we don’t “focus” on this stuff! But, something is going on here! Well, thank you for taking the time to read this long ramble. Patti Di.

Well, indeed something is going on here… your son is having out of body experiences and a whole lot more – please read about the Indigo Children, I am sure your son fits with that group… there are some disturbing elements to this story though, so I am forwarding it to our team to see if anyone has anything they can offer for you.

In the meantime, it is important that your son realize he has control over his world in the physical realms. For example, tell him that the next time he’s bothered by this energy, he should simply say loud and clear “go away, you scare me. I am the boss of this space and I am telling you to get lost, if you don’t I will go and get my Mommy…(or whatever adult is around.) Tell him to see himself surrounded in a beautiful bubble of pink and green light – the colours of divine Love – and tell him this will protect him…

That is something to start with – in the meantime, call on his angels and guides – and tell him to do the same and ask them to protect him… the trouble is that you have a very special little boy there – probably two of them… and these things will happen… so the best you can do is teach him how to be the boss of his world… I am sure you understand. In the meantime, I will see what others on our team can suggest. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Your son’s experiences are indeed extraordinary. At first glance, his description of the circle of light sounds like an ET encounter, and his statement about not being the real Anthony brings up the possibility of a “walk-in” situation; the rest of the experiences you describe are indications that Anthony is “multi-dimensionally aware”. He is sensitive to other dimensions, and he does not know how to control this. I would recommend some professional help with your situation, to better clarify what exactly is happening; this will enable you to give him the help that he needs. I would be happy to do this for you; I have been a psychotherapist for almost 20 years, and have myself had many of the experiences your son describes, so I know a little bit how he feels! I can connect with your son’s Higher Self for insight into what is happening, and why, and how to help him gain control and feel more comfortable with his abilities. If there is an element of “external control”- the admittedly very extraordinary possibility of an ET encounter resulting in an attempt to “take over” your son, I can help with that too. As souls, we are absolutely in charge of what happens to us, and if there is something amiss here, there are steps which can be taken to make things right again. Warmly, Barb Huning

Dear Danielle, Thank you soooo much! I will definitely do with Anthony what you have suggested! I appreciate you for taking the time to read my letter and being so kind. I have never told anyone of these experiences outside of family members and a trusted friend – so I am thankful I found your site! Once again, Thank you! Patti

Sounds like this child is very in tune to spirits around him.. I think this lady needs to teach her child first how to protect himself as well as the others in the house.. She needs a good spiritual cleansing throughout the home as well. This will help to rid the spirits within.

The boy needs to concentrate on seeing white light so strong around himself that it prevents these spirits from entering any part of his body or mind..

It took me a couple of days to think this out to respond. I had to really search deep into my mind to really see what is happening. I would love to meet with this boy to help him.. But in the mean time I know he has the strength and ability to protect himself.. I just feel this for him.. He is of very strong intellect and just needs to harness it.. Good luck Barbi

Dear Barbi, Thank you for your response. I will start working with Anthony to see himself surrounded with a white light. We have recently (about 2 weeks ago) moved to another house. This one feels so much more peaceful. I don’t feel so uneasy and “watched” like I did in the other one and the BEST part is Anthony isn’t afraid to play alone in his room – and he hasn’t told me anything about “spirits” or “people” coming up from or living under the house like at the other one! He still is scared to sleep alone so I stay with him for now. Hopefully, he will start feeling stronger and more in control with the advice I’ve received from you and the other team members. Thank you so much for your time. Maybe someday, Anthony will have an opportunity to meet with you. Patti

my grand-daughters channeling

She is nine years old and since the age of three she said she had two angels that played with her. They always wore overalls. One night she said they would ring a bell to show me and I heard it along with her. Now, at the age of nine she deals daily with spirits from around the world. She says she can go into a trance speak their countries language, knows their name, age, and why they passed on. They ask her to help them settle disputes, and to help them tell their family where they can be found. She has never been allowed to see the movie the sixth sense, so can this happen at this age and how do I deal with it? We have been Buddhist for a long while and I’ve taught her to meditate nightly. She says she is free now and of course this is something that can frighten us. We have raised her and she has an I.Q. of 149, father and mother not involved. Please help me to understand this phenomenon. Thank-you

Dear Lovely and Devoted Grandmother, What a lucky woman you are, with one of the special children appearing in the world these days! Lucky, and of course challenged with understanding this and being a support and guide to a child who has special abilities and gifts. There is much advice I could give, but the main thing is to respect and to listen, and to ask questions when you do not understand. And if she says anything which frightens or concerns you, to ask her to explain- for example, to ask what she means when she says that she is “free now”. Barb Huning

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