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Seeing Spirits and Remembering Past Lives

They See Dead People and Remember Past Lives

The veil between dimensions is very thin for many of today’s youngsters. Many remember past lives, others see spirits and energy as easily as if they were real.

Here are some of the the most interesting letters from parents who are so often awed by these events, as well as from the amazing kids who experience these phenomena. Some are very aware of who they are and why these events occur, but others are not so comfortable with what is occurring for them. Communicating with spirit can be discombobulating for even the most practiced medium, but for some of these kids, it can be downright scary. See for yourself.

First… a Caution

So many of today’s young people are wise beyond their years… connecting with spirits and ghosts, seeing energy in motion, knowing about past lives, healing, communicating with animals… all of these supposedly “paranormal” activities come naturally and spontaneously. But it is important that both the parents and the kids give themselves a chance to mature before tackling any serious psychic work…

As a young person, personal vibrational frequencies are subject to wildly erratic fluctuations because of the hormonal imbalances. At the lower frequencies, active psychics can attract a lot of “bad” energy, and until you have the knowledge and the power to deal with it, you want to avoid going there… That is why we tell folks – especially kids – to avoid the ouija board and to be careful about any channeling work.

Think of psychic or spiritual work as like driving a car – you have to be big enough behind the wheel to easily manage the vehicle. To get a license, you must understand and be willing to follow the rules as well as to sense when another driver might pull a fast one on you… Use your youth to learn and play, to read and to think about these things, take a class in meditation, talk to the trees, learn about colours and the frequencies in numbers and different stones, try communicating with animals and nature as opposed to ghosts, OK? Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

He sees dead people…

I just came across this website while trying to find some information for my brother. He is 16 years old and for the past two years or so he has been “seeing” people in the house. I know this sounds a little like a certain popular movie from last year, but he’s not the type of person to make up stories like this- besides which, I almost have to pry it out of him, so I know he’s not just trying to get attention. At first he saw only shadows, then the shadows became outlines of people, and now, he sees features and thinks that they are trying to say something to him. He hasn’t heard anything yet. In addition, he has been having very strange, highly realistic dreams. They seem like past life experiences, because of the amount of detail he can recall. He knows what the date is in each of them, and has verified the facts of one particular dream- the one dream which ended with his rather violent death. In these dreams, he is surrounded by his friends- who look completely different (often opposite genders) yet he always knows who they are. He is, understandably, confused and a little scared by these sightings and dreams, and I was wondering if perhaps he was psychic, and if there is anything I can do to help him either refine his skills, or at least to understand them and not be afraid anymore. Thanks, A concerned sister

Your brother is lucky to have a caring sister – he’ll need all the support he can get to get a grip on what’s going on around him…Sometime the kinds of things you describe here can be attributed to some emotional or mental or chemical imbalances, but in this case, I sense that there is some real psychic activity occurring in and around your brother…. he seems to have returned to this life with much of his memory intact…

So, the first thing you need to tell your brother is not to be frightened by what’s going on – he can take control of his situation and prevent ghosts from invading his space until he’s ready to deal with them. I think it would be well worth his time and effort to invest a little in developing or at least understanding his skills – there are lots of good books and programs, and although he’s young and will have a lot of other things on his mind, I think that he will be forced to do something to understand his ability before long… so he might as well embrace it, and get on with the job of figuring out how to work with it. I hope these notes are useful, Best wishes and Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Another Aware 2 Year-old

My son is turning 2 next week and I have just recently experienced two rather different situations with him. One night he told me “Hey Mom, do you know I am dead” Talk about freaked out. I said you don’t mean that and he replied: “Yes Mom, I am”. This morning, he whispered to me “Mom, do you see it right there” and pointed up from foot of the bed. I asked what he saw and he told me it was a monster – again in a whisper. He wasn’t afraid and neither was I. He keep pointing and smiling as if they had some secret connection and we really wanted me to see it as well. We then went into the living room, but before we left the bedroom, he had me wait and then when we entered the living room he again whispered and pointed – see it, its right there.

Am I reading to much into this? Is he seeing some kind of presence or angel… any advice as to how I should handle this? Margareta

It is not so unusual for little ones to see ghosts and spirits as easily as your son does – the “veil of consciousness” between dimensions is very thin still… and without society’s conditioning to interfere, they can be much more free… I suggest you keep a journal of your son’s experiences… talk to his angles and ask that they protect him – and teach him that he has control over his world and can tell anyone who bothers him to go away… otherwise, encourage him to talk about what he sees, to draw pictures, don’t discount him, just listen and question… but don’t prod, and also don’t make a big deal of it, try to take it all into your normal daily experiences… and read about the afterlife, so you will be able to guide your son as he matures… learn as much as you can about the psychic realms and the paranormal – very likely your son will manifest some real abilities there as he matures, but let them come to him… Hope that helps, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

I Want to Help Him Move On…

I’m 14 years old. Hello. My name is Kate, and I think I’m psychic. Ever since I moved into my house 5 years ago, I’ve sensed something following me around the house. When we settled in, our neighbors told us that the previous owner’s son had committed suicide over drug abuse 20 years before. My parents dismissed this idea, wondering why they needed to know this. I however, sensed that they were warning us. As of last year, I began feeling hands on my neck at night, waking me. It always comes around 12:00-1:00 at night, each time making me more and more convinced there was a spirit trying to communicate through me. The hands would even tighten around my neck, as if to choke me. I was purely evil. I didn’t realize the connection until 8 months ago. Whenever I sensed the presence, which was really strong, I smelled a terrible odor, like some kind of smoke. I told some skeptic friends of mine about this, and they said the teen who killed himself was asking me for help. They told he wants me to help him move on, but I don’t know how. I’m going to talk with them later.

Another experience I’ve had was somewhat different. I was at home asleep, when I had this strange dream. I was riding in the car with my mom, and we got stuck behind a semi, which suddenly burst into flames. A week later, I was on the road, in the car with my mom, when we became stuck behind a large semi. 7 yds. later, it lost control and burst into fiery flames. I consider this to be quite eerie. I have had many similar experiences since I was three, such as hearing voices, and having freakishly accurate intuitions.

So, you definitely have some psychic ability, hon and it would be worth your exploring and developing this gift – it can make you smarter and safer and more prosperous…. read books about the afterlife – Craig Hamilton has some good stuff… you have some mediumistic abilities – that’s why you could sense the ghost before anyone else, and you are very sensitive to energy.

Beware though – don’t be trying to communicate with the darker energy, this is not safe… to help this fellow, you tell him to go to the light, to look for the light beckoning… tell him that he’ll find help there, tell him he’s dead and he must move on… then pray for him, call on God and his and your angels and guides to help this soul find its way back where it belongs and will find peace.

Keep a journal of your experiences and learn to meditate – this will help you focus and clear. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

I am trying to find some info or anything/anyone that can help me with what is happening with my kids. I have 3 healthy little girls ages 6,4,2. My four year old since she was able to talk has been a little different. She makes comments about things I have no idea where she gets them from. She told me she wants to go home, she has told me I am different than the mom she had before, and her latest thing is she said is ” mommy did you know that some people die and come back as kids”. She just turned 4 a week ago and this is all stuff she said when she was 3. I have questioned her about these things, but she doesnt’ seem to know where it came from. It is more like information she just knows.

Now my 2 year old is constantly seeing ghosts. She will suddenly stop what she is doing and stare. We ask her what she is looking at and she will say “a ghost”. We ask where and she will point. She also hears voices. She is very scared and will cry and tell me what she hears. One voice told her “get away”. Just last night she told me it said “I see you” ( what went through my mind was someone playing Peek-a-boo I see you). She also has an imaginary friend that shows up once in a while. I heared her argue with it “no I’m not!” “no I’m not!!!!” I ask her who she is talking to and she says “her”. And I asked her where is he. She turns around and points and says “her”. Then she says ” her is a boy and her is 4″.

She has also refused to go in her room. She says there are ghosts in it. I have layed in her bed and told her to come lay with mommy and she will start to come and then stop dead at the door and say “no mommy there is a ghost” and she will be staring at the ceiling.

My 6 six year old hasn’t seen or heared anything ever, so I am just wondering what is going on with my other 2 girls. I’m scared too. When your 2 year old is crying and scared because of what she sees and hears and you can’t see or hear it it is very scary.

Children under the age of 12 often have past life memories. It actually is not as uncommon as you might think. I would write down those memories and statements from your children. They seem to lose those memories at puberty. Sounds like you have 2 special children who asked to be born to you so that they could maintain a spiritual life. Your 6 year old is also normal just not spiritually aware.

By any chance do you live in an old house? Victoria

My friends nephew which is 2 years old, sees dead people, I have several reasons to say this because he has been conversating with them and not only does this happen in 1 house hes usually in, but in 2. In his moms house which he normally lives he sees a man, he says his name is Mr.Smitty, when the person that used to live there name is Mr. Smith. In the other house he sees a little boy about his size, he says he lives in his uncles closet, and that the boy told him he had no mom no dad and stuff. But sometimes its hard to understand because he nicknames his friend Carnage after spidermans archenemy in the comic books. He has been seen conversating, whats amazing is how not scared he is, in fact he says the boy is his “best friend”. My friends dad, brother, mom have seen this ghost of the little boy once or twice. Another thing happend was when a guy that lives in his moms house asked if anybody wanted anything from the store, his nephew said “the man wants mixed nuts” theirs no way in hell this kid knows what mixed nuts are and he certanly doesnt eat them casually. Can this best friend betray him and harm him somehow? Abraham

This child is sensitive to his surroundings and this is something that should be supported and nurtured. The non physical world is all around us.A child may find it easier to look at his/ her whole world (physical and non physical) where adults have blocked their gifts with the fear of the unknown. These non physical beings are showing themselves to him because they know he has the ability to see them. They may also believe this child has the ability to help them in some way. Sometimes when a person dies (transitions into non physical form) they don’t realize they are not physical any more. So they hang around their surroundings because that is their comfort zone what they know as familiar. Usually all that is needed is to call Archangel Michael to assist them into the light. This is where they will be happy and know only love and peace.

Some suggestions to nurture this child are:

Listening and asking questions when he voices his experiences.
Create a safe environment.
Don’t put him on the spot by asking him to talk about this in front of others. He is not a performer.
Talk to him about Archangel Michael and Azrael and how they can be companions to him. Archangel Michael and Azrael will bring them to the light embraced in their love.
Love is the only reality.
Be open to supporting him.
Gain knowledge by reading books about sensitive children and mediumship.

I send you love. You also can learn much from this child about opening yourself up to the wonders of the universe. That love is all there is and there is nothing to fear. Look at the world with wonder like a child andyou will begin to open yourself up to the gifts you have as well. Angelic blessings Sally Bates, ATP

help please!

I have some concerns about my son, and was wondering if you had any ideas. I myself have always been fairly intuitive and seem to have drawn “ghosts” to me, in some form or another. I have always had to deal with strange happenings in basically every house I have lived in….so strange that it would be impossible to “just be my imagination.” For the longest time I wasn’t believed, but my husband does realize that it isn’t just in my mind because he has seen enough himself now. But I honestly believe that it is connected to me. I have two children…a daughter who is 10 and a son who is 8. Both of them when they were babies would look as if they were interacting with thin air. For my daughter, it was left behind at a very young age. But my son has always been quite intuitive like me. He says things that he would have no way of knowing. When we question him as to how he knew that, he just says “I don’t know how I know….I just know.” I have been fine with that as I am the same way. Often it seems like we can read one another’s thoughts….I can have a song going through my head, and then a short time later he starts singing it..etc. My biggest concern is, about two years ago, my son was visiting my sister in law and in the night she heard him screaming at someone to stay away from him in the middle of the night. She went to see him and he was awake and terrified. He told her that he could see dead people walking around (he has never seen that movie either) He could see them even when she went in to see him. At the time though when she checked him, she found him drenched in sweat with a fairly high fever. (105) She tried to calm him down and cool him down and we just figured he was hallucinating due to the fever. Unfortunately since then he has been prone to this. He only tells me about it on occasions, but today he told me that it happens almost every night and that he is really scared. He says he wakes up in the middle of the night and sees anything from shadowy people and animals walking around to something like a mini tornado swirling around. Faces coming through the wall, etc. Very disturbing stuff. He has called me into the room in the night on a few occasions and he is fully awake and very terrified. They don’t talk to him at all..they just walk around or stand and stare at him. He says that he just tries to hide under his blanket now until they go away. I want to know if these are harmful spirits and if I can protect him in any way? I really haven’t had any experiences in about 4 years myself that couldn’t be attributed to just my imagination. At that time we had been living in this house for two years. I am someone who has trouble falling asleep at night…so I would toss and turn. And often around midnight or shortly after, I would hear footsteps coming down the hall and walking either into my bedroom or going into the bathroom and banging around. They had the sound of a man walking so I knew it wasn’t my kids. Then one time I could feel I was being watched so I opened my eyes and looked to the entrance of my room and could see a man standing there although it was dark so I could not see features, just the shape. The figure was easy to see because the street light shining through the dining room window brightened the hallway to our room. Anyhow after what felt like a long time (probably only 10 seconds) I called out my husbands name because I was really scared someone had broken into the house. The figure back out of the doorway and I couldn’t see it anymore. But I never heard walking around. We checked the whole house and every door and window was locked. After that I started doing a prayer type thing to ask it to go away. …. and I really haven’t had any problems myself since. But last night I was up late alone and kept feeling like someone was watching me and would keep looking where I felt it..but nothing. It made me uncomfortable but I figured it was just my imagination. So I went to bed and about 5 minutes after that I heard some very loud scratching inside my walls….maybe the ceiling. But in my bedroom for sure. Definitely not a mouse…and we don’t have raccoons or anything in this area. I don’t know what it was but it sounded like an animal. And today my son told me that there were dogs in his room last night that came out of the walls. I am a bit freaked out. I have never been completely comfortable with my ghostly connections…and I definitely am not now. I would rather it all went away. Do you have any suggestions? Deanna

I understand your anxiety completely. The bottom line with all of this is that we do ultimately have control over whether spirits communicate with us at any given time; we have the ability to “call the shots” about communication- it may take believing this and really taking the bull by the horns, so to speak, and telling the spirits NO, in no uncertain terms. Your son definitely needs to learn that he can do this, and how to do it effectively. Warmly, Barb Huning

Big Questions – Hard Answers

Thank you for writing me back so quickly. It certainly was interesting. You know, my son is having little aches and pains, but I’m not sure if it’s growing pains though. But he does have allergy problems. However, he is exceptionally healthy, for the most part. I believe that the last time he even had a fever was probably about 2 1/2 to 3 years ago. Thankfully, it is very rare that he does not feel well. I do have him on a semi-natural diet. I have cut out a lot of sugars, it makes him a little too hyper, although he can be somewhat hyper w/o it as well. I will definitely try to follow your advice on leading him in the right direction. The past couple have days, he has been asking a lot of questions about a family member who committed suicide (he had never met him), but is on the verge of tears whenever he talks about him. I’m not really sure how to explain it to him. He really gets so upset that I’d rather change the subject than see him so upset, he’s a very sensitive little boy. But he persists. I don’t know why he so adamant about it, especially since they had never met, but I’m a little used to his out of the ordinary questions. I’m not really sure what path to take on that subject. I don’t even know if it has anything to do w/ the subject at hand, but if you had any info on how to go about it, it would be greatly appreciated. I also have another son, who is 15 months, it is still too soon to really tell much about his personality now. He is very mischevious and curious, but very, very loving. Who knows, I guess that that remains to be seen. But if there is anything I can do for you or your studies, I can certainly try to help. I would be interested to hear from you and your friend who is studying this subject, if you are interested in doing so. Thank you, Danielle T

Says Danielle: My parents made the mistake of not being honest with me about things I sensed – or avoiding my questions… as a result I built up a lot of unnecessary fear and distrust… if your son is psychic, you cannot protect him from the world by avoiding his questions…. he will simply learn to distrust you… my suggestion is that you do your best to be direct with him about it, to explain that the person must have been suffering terribly to have made such choices, and that God has mercy… there is a good article about suicide and the afterlife on our site that might help you know how to answer some of his questions…

I’ve also forwarded your note to Ken Myers, the psychologist I wrote about, his note follows… I know it is hard to speak of these painful things to one so young and so sensitive, but it is healthier for him to have a direct answer…. sometimes, if you listen carefully and question back, you’ll discover that they’re only looking for a very simple answer or some basic assurance and will let it all go once they have it… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Says Ken: A bit of background, taught in public and private schools for ten years, college for another one. My 25 year professional psychotherapy practice centered around problem solving with individuals, couples and families. I semi retired to work with exceptional people and circumstances.

I have read the correspondence between you two Danielles in regard to your son. If I may I will offer a couple of comments and leave my door open. There are two “things” which got my full attention. His befriending the girl with Down’s Syndrome. This strikes me as pure intuition. To me one’s intuition is a vehicle for the soul to communicate. So… if his soul is that aware and active at 5!… Second; his questions about the suicide appear to be coming from his memory. I am assuming that all other sources have been eliminated. This one alone leads me to extrapolate into the adnormal. He certainly is not abnormal. Abnormal connotes less than normal, so I use adnormal to indicate more than normal. :-)

I too feel that he should be answered, as full as he wishes and often led to explore the extent of the background of the question. I would think that he will need more in the responses than normal kids and may well tax your own intuition. As he is beyond the usual, stock answers, I don’t think will suffice.

The question that came to my mind while I was trying to put me into your position ( re the suicide) is, who else is “in” there? I have ‘seen’ this before, done it myself a few times :-) I would not be surprised if he notices places and people from the past, before he was born.. From either another “life” or simple memories.

I also would suggest you keep a journal of his and your and any other family member’s awareness and non ordinary experiences… especially the intuitions and emotions.

I don’t think you can rely on what my profession sez as your guide as it is fixed its’ definition of normalcy. Your intuition may be your best guide. Accepted and conventional logic, me thinks, will be a double edged sword. I hope that my humble comments are of some benefit. Regards, Ken Myers

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