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Scary Psychic Powers

Scary Psychic Powers

What do you do when you recognize that your children’s powers have the potential to harm?
The Global Psychics team responds with some gentle advice…

I am desperate…I need help. I have adopted a daughter, Paige, who is now 15. I adopted her when she was a little under a year, and the woman from the adoption agency told me that the little girl had been given up because, according to the mother, she was “born to do unspeakable things”. The woman was a known crack addict and so it wasn’t taken all that seriously. Well she is a normal girl in all aspects, but one. I don’t understand it, but when she gets angry, our lights and TV’s begin to turn on and off…I don’t necessarily think she understands it much either, because every time it desists, she looks as surprised as I.

Also, the power of her mind seems to be growing. I don’t understand how. For example, about a month ago Paige and I were shopping at the local grocery store. There was a couple with a little girl in the canned food isle with us, and they began beating on the little girl because she began to cry. Before I knew what happened, a can from one of the shelves flew across the isle and struck the woman in the back. She turned and saw only me and my daughter, though I knew perfectly well that my daughter didn’t do it. The man took a step towards us and he stopped and his eyes went out of focus. He looked terrified, as if a monster were in front of him, instead of a middle aged woman and her teenage daughter, he turned and grabbed his wife and began to practically run out of the store, the woman protested but for all the man was listening, she may as well have not said anything at all.

My husband thinks he was just surprised at being caught, but I know it was my daughter because she told me, and she was sorry but she said at the time she couldn’t control it. She is afraid one day she may not be able to control it and hurt her family. Now even when she has nightmares her bed shakes, not amazingly violently, but enough. I don’t know what is happening and though I am ashamed to say it, I’m afraid of my daughter. Can anyone help me? Meredith

Well. Paige is a very special young lady… first off, you can help her to get control – get her into some meditation classes… and read about the Indigo Children – there are a lot of kids like Paige on the planet right now…. it will help her to know that she is not alone in her power… learn as much as you can yourself and you will be able to make it easier for her to move forward in life, fearlessly.

Next, you need not be afraid of your daughter, nor anyone in your family, nor does she need to be afraid of herself… the very fact that she is concerned for others’ welfare is enough to say that she would choose to help before harming anyone… – in fact her powers may end up protecting one or all of you, so please relax and help her embrace her great gifts. Learn about them and help her learn – she probably has some real power to help others heal… encourage her to learn about Reiki…

This is a lesson for all of you in the power of thought and feeling – please read two books, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind and Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting for some insight on how our thought and feelings impact our world.. in your daughter’s case, this is amplified ten times or more, so it will be very important for you all to participate in training yourselves to think and feel in the higher vibrational frequencies… Hope that helps some, you’ll find a note following also from Kimmi… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

To me it sounds like Paige has some great powers, and is just not sure how to deal with them to keep them in check. I do not think that she is possessed or anything like that, but she does need to seek some psychic counselling and in this I mean if there is a class that she could take to learn how to control these thoughts and feelings and reactions. I feel that in the case in the store was that her higher being was trying to help the innocent child out and the only way was to make a commotion. I do believe that the man saw that he had made an injustice and it was a battle of the souls so to speak. To me you need to get her into some classes or get her reading or doing meditation to keep it in check, my eeling is the more that she understands her powers theeasier it will be to keep them in check. Hope this helps, Blessings Kimmi

Our Psychic Child Scares Us

I am writing because my 4 year old daughter “talks to our horses in her head”. This concerns me a bit. She is very accurate with her information. The things she lets us know are things that she, as a 4 year old child, could not possibly be aware of, if the horses were not telling her themselves. She also has been known to “give” people terrible headaches when she gets mad at them. These issues are very real and we see them happening and don’t know how to explain them. There are many other things that are happening in our lives and I was hoping that maybe someone who specializes in this area could help us get a handle on whatever is going on with our daughter. Any information or advice that you might have to offer would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Melynda, Ohio

Teach Her to Love and Respect

Every gifted child – no matter what the gift – needs to be taught first to love and respect themselves and all around them in order to make the most of their potential…. Says the Global Psychics team: be an example of a loving, mindful person and your daughter will be fine.

Says Victoria: I find it exciting that your daughter can talk to horses and may well be able to communicate with other animals as well. These days this gift is so much more readily recognized and acknowledged and encouraged. I think teaching her about love and kindness and compassion even at this early age would be worth the effort.

Children frequently can talk and communicate with animals but often lose it at puberty when hormones and other bodily changes start in.

I would encourage her to use her gifts now and teach her respect for all fellow beings and encourage her to be kind. You will have to show by example what a kind and loving life is about. Good luck, Victoria

Danielle answers with a message of love and responsibility… Well you certainly have a very special little girl there! Your daughter may be one of those exceptionally psychic children being born at this time – there is an article in our prophecy section on “children of the light” that is worth your reading…

While your daughter is very young for this type of conversation, given her abilities, it will be important for you to begin teaching her about her responsibilities with them… easy example, she needs to know that when she gets mad at folks she can give them pain, and she must be taught to control this, teach her about having compassion, and how having powers means we also have to be especially careful and loving of others… teach her to divert her anger, and to be honest about it – when we get mad, we’re usually afraid, so she must learn to be a little fearless, but in that discerning way where we are conscious of our fears, but not reacting to them. I feel a great need to be loving with this little one, and to do your best to foster a loving spirit in her… Then pay attention to what she says, but don’t make anything more of it than you would any other bit of information she or someone else might relay… For example, my son has been having vivid dreams since he was very small, some of which are clearly precognitive… I taught him from an early age to share his dreams with me, but I rarely commented on the content of them… I asked him questions about them like “so what happened next, and then what did you see or do,… who was there with you, how did you feel about it, wow wasn’t that exciting, then where did you find yourself,….” Over the years I taught him to take some control over the scary dreams, and now that he’s an adult I have helped him to interpret them and to gain some understanding of them, and together we track those that may have some precognitive content. I think the conversation and interest in the dreams made it easy for him to stay open to them without making him feel threatened by their meaning… He is learning disabled, so it would not have been wise to get too much into them with them, at least in terms if interpretation, but the questions showed I was interested and made it easy for him to talk about them…

I suggest that you be especially observant and do your best to help your daughter integrate her gifts with every day life… while you want to help her be aware of what is happening for her, you want to do it in a way that it all seems as natural as learning to read when that time comes…. Over time, you may want to consult with other specialists, but for now, I suggest that as much as possible, you keep this in the family and let her be herself.

I hope these notes are useful to you, and that our team will have something more to add. If anything comes up that seems worrisome to you, please don’t hesitate to write, we’ll do our best to answer any questions you might have… you might also find it worth getting a reading about this young lady and finding out in a little more depth what this is all about… Best wishes and Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Is My Child Possessed?

I have a question regarding my 15 year old daughter. I do not know what to do with her and I am at my wit’s end. I grew up in a very stern catholic background, so I had no beliefs in anything of this sort, as I was brought up that it was all “show”. Well it began when I one day made my daughter angry. We were arguing about something completely idiotic and she got very quiet and stared at me with some kind of unblinking glare, never once did she break eye contact. Suddenly I saw her eyes in my mind!

It felt as if there was a noose around my neck…that was terrifying, and it stopped as suddenly as it began. Then on a trip to see her mother (who passed three years ago) She suddenly stopped and told me that she could see her mother walking with us as we strolled up to her mothers mausoleum. My mother believes she is possessed, what can I do about these things to prevent them if at all, or what can I do to understand what’s going on?

To me it sounds that your daughter has been blessed by the fact of seeing her mother who has passed. I am feeling this is a great sense of relief for her, and not always does it fit in with our religious beliefs, and make it very hard to understand just exactly where to go. I think that is where your daughter is sitting at in the present. I feel she has a strong intuitive sense about her, and is still trying to figure out where she is sitting with it. I believe that you need to talk to her open and honestly if you can and hear what she has to say about her thoughts and beliefs. I feel she is a very strong person, and that she needs to learn that what she did to you in the eye and scaring you that way is not good either karmicly or any other way. This is why I feel she is still trying to put things together with this. I think have some patience with her, and just talk to her. Once you find out if you can be open and accepting encourage her to read up on her beliefs to see that this stuff is not something that can be fooled with.

I do not feel she is possessed at all. I just feel she is a sensitive and this is why she can see her mother who is now watching over her as an angel. I hope this has helped. Blessings, Kimmi

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