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Psychics Run In Families

Psychics Run In Families

It seems that being a medium or a psychic might be in your genes.
We have noticed this phenomenon in our own families – every generation seems to have several who are strong and a number of others for whom events occur spontaneously. Here are some reports from visitors who have noticed the generations of psychics in their families

Being Psychic is in our Genes

My name is Lisa and I have had dreams that have came true . My nephews death a few years ago. and I have a lot of dega-vou experiences.. Well, my six year old son has shown signs of being gifted some that scare me even as a toddler he would talk to people that my husband and I couldn’t see. and he told my sister her baby was coming in 2 weeks and it was a boy my sister who was only apx. 6 mths pregnant at the time and didn’t know the sex of the baby yet , told my son, “No, baby it is too soon” and he said no aunt Anna its coming in two weeks.. and 2 weeks later almost to the minute, my sister gave birth to a baby boy in a hotel room. Then last year. He (out-of-the-blue) told me mom uncle Joe is going to die in a couple of weeks and sure enough it happened. well, I am 8 1/2 mths pregnant with my 4 child and before I knew ( and the doctor knew) the sex of the baby my son told me it was a boy. and he said its coming Dec. 6th. which is almost 5 weeks early.. I asked him why that day , he said he didn’t know.. but he was coming then. I asked him if the baby would be okay since that is kinda early and he said yes mom and he is going to weigh 6lbs and something.. I believe in his ability because I myself have had dreams. (he just blurts them out whenever) . but it really scares me sometimes.. because sometimes I don’t know if I want to KNOW! I do think it runs in our family my sister sees and talks to dead people and she knew when my brother in law would die..My son and sister have this unexplainable bond.. because we live far away.. My son said he misses his aunt Anna one day about a month ago and almost immediatly the phone rang it was Anna whom I haven’t heard from in months and she wanted to speak to my son….. I would like more information please on psychics and why the gift seems to run in our family … Thank you , Lisa

What you speak of is becoming almost normal among many of today’s youngsters. Sounds like you have birthed one of the Indigo children or crystal – all the more likely, given the genes… yes psychic ability does seem to run in families… I encourage you to keep a journal and to learn as much as you can yourself about being psychic – you’ll want to be ready to help guide your child…. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Here is my story. I think psychics run in the family. I talk to my family about this and they just think it’s weird, and then they just go about their lives again. I think they should investigate more and try to learn more about this. Is that wrong to think that or not?

My daughter who is four has had several unexplained experiences. One was really significant. One day about a year ago, my daughter was talking to my mom, she said,” I see a little girl and she’s crying. She’s crying because she lost her mommy. She looks like you, Nana. She has your face. But I think her mommy died. But her mommy says don’t worry because she loves her very much.” My mom’s mom died when my mom was 2 years old. This makes me tear up even now. There have been other things that have happened too. When she, my daughter was two, she was talking with someone that I couldn’t see. I thought it might be my husbands’ mother, since she had died only a few months before. She’ll constantly know exactly what her friends are doing. I’ll say, you can’t play with Amy because she’s taking a nap (at least that’s what her mom said a while ago) And she’ll say, “No she’s not, she’s awake now.” And sure enough, a few minutes later, her friend will be ringing the door. It really freaked me out at first, but now, I am used to it.

I think it runs in the family because my brother and my Dad will have constant dreams that come true, my dad knew I was pregnant with a girl before I knew and when I was pregnant with my son, he already knew what he would look like from his dreams, which he looks like what he dreamed about now. He’s “talked” to my grandma through dreams, who has died. He “talked” with her on the plane while he went to go see her at the hospital, She “told” him though the dream that it was time for her to go and that she loved him. When he landed, she had already died.

When my brother was little he constantly knew what was happening to family members when they were in other places. He talked with my Dad on the phone while my Dad was staying in some hotel when my brother was 4 or 5. My brother described the way the room looked to my Dad, to a tee! I mean the color of the carpet, curtains, bedclothes, everything! Also one night, while I was staying the night at a friends’ house my brother who was home, told my mom that I had been crying and I wanted to go home. My mom didn’t believe him and a few minutes later, I called the house and was crying because I wanted to go home

My family just passes these on as “childhood” experiences and a lot of children do that, but it still doesn’t explain why my Dad still has these dreams. I wonder if this is just a “fluke” or if psychic powers run in the family? Also, how do you keep them when you are grown? Jennifer

Psychic ability and mediumship does run in families, so your story is not so unusual… more and more of today’s youngsters are being born with strong psychic abilities… you might find it very useful to read the book Indigo Children by Lee Carroll… Keep a journal of your daughter’s experiences… but more than anything what is important right now is that you give her a healthy environment in which to expand and grow.,.. she really needs a natural diet, low in sugars and simple carbohydrates – no junk food, soda etc, and very high in fruits and veggies, whole grains, seeds, natural foods, unprocessed.. and although she may not need a lot of sleep, she needs a lot of private quiet time in which to process what she sees and feels. Encourage her to use her talents to connect with nature, trees and animals, etc …

BTW, a lot of folks are nervous about really exploring the psychic realms, and others just aren’t that interested… while I personally feel that is important for everyone to develop these abilities, it really is up to the individual and what they are comfortable – or interested in… so don’t push your family, just be grateful for the genes and their openness – and go about the business of learning for yourself and your daughter. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Two Generations of Super Psychic Kids

I have just found your article about the Super Psychic Children. I’d like to tell you about our story. I am 24 years old and my name is Melanie and I live in Montreal. About 4 years ago, I started experiencing weird things. I discovered that I could read cards, that I could feel energy with my hands, see it even sometimes. Later I discovered that I could see better with my eyes closed. I can go inside a person’s body and actually see what’s going on. I can adjust it to an emotional, energetic, physical or even cellular memory level and shift the cells around. Then I started having these chats with my Higher Self. I also do channeling for others, actually, I just get in touch with their Higher Selves and bring the words to them, because I know that not everybody knows how to listen.

So far, not much to do with children, right? Well, last September, I took a DNA workshop in Vermont. Once again, I was wayyy tooo different from all the others. I could actually see the DNA strands into the people’s body… What is so natural for me well, it can scare a few people. When I got back to Montreal I started having this feeling that somebody wanted to talk to me. I have never wanted any children, at least, not until I was much much older, although I have been with my husband ever since I was 19 years old. It was then that a little soul came to me.

We started talking and she told me that she had chosen my husband and I to be her parents, that is if we wanted to. She told me that she was coming back to relearn all the skills that she once was familiar with and that we were the perfect family unit for that. I would help her stay in touch with herself, the part of herself that KNOWS, to raise her according to the law of the Invisible and the law of the One. I would help her maintain and expand her “skills” and so on. She also told me that other children just like her would come to me, not thru birth, but that I would also be teaching other children. I would act as a bridge between worlds to help them remember their life’s mission and stay on their path. I don’t recall the exact words. I have them written down though. It was then that my husband and I decided to welcome that little incoming soul. 2 months later, I was pregnant. Everybody kept asking if it was an accident (as I didn’t want any children) and kept asking me what had changed our minds…. Of course I couldn’t really tell… :) Throughout the pregnancy, I kept talking with my baby’ soul. She was even joining me when I was doing remote viewing or healing.

Our baby girl is now almost 4 months old. (She came 3 weeks early.) I already know that she is not “conventional”. My husband and I believe that she is telepathic. Whenever we would put her to sleep in our arms and just think of going to put her down in her crib, she would pop her eyes open. Just at the thought we had of putting her down. Almost from the first day we came back from the hospital, she has been sleeping through the night. At first, it surprised me and even worried me a little so I would wake up and go check on her. I couldn’t even watch her sleep as I would be standing in her room, in front of her crib and after about 10 seconds, she would open her eyes and stare straight at me, just knowing I was there watching.

Now, if I wake up in the morning before she does, and I don’t go back to sleep right away and start thinking about things, she wakes up. It’s like she is catching on my brain waves and thoughts. She just knows I am awake, even though I am still in bed and haven’t moved a muscle. Once might have been coincidence, but everyday, no matter what time it is? I could be 4 am or 6 or whatever, she just KNOWS.

Ever since she is born, my personal “powers” and “skills” have also tremendously improved. I still call to her when I do some viewing. I still talk to her soul. She was about 3 weeks old and I asked her to come and do some viewing with me. It took her a while to meet me and I asked her why. She told me that she was starting to forget how to “project” her consciousness. I showed her to how to do it and I told her that this way, she could never forget. From that day, she is always just a thought away. Finally, we were able to witness the affect that calling her “out there” had on her physical self. My friend who is pregnant asked me to go inside her womb and have a look at her baby. My baby was sitting next to me and I told my friend to watch the baby’s reaction. The baby was totally awake and she was smiling like crazy and making happy sounds. When I started to project my mind, she started fidgeting and was not very happy. The moment I was “out there” and I called to her to join me, she stopped complaining. Like she didn’t want me to be doing it without her, like she thought that I wasn’t going to invite her as usual. All the while we were having a look at my friend, my baby almost went to sleep. She couldn’t keep her eyes open and her head kept slumping forward. The moment we were done and our minds returned to their normal state, her eyes just popped open again and she was smiling and making happy sounds.

Well, so far, this is where we are at. I hope this wasn’t too long. One of life tasks is to raise our daughter according to her natural abilities. Some people think I am a freak or weird or you name it, and if our daughter continues to grow and develop the way she is now, chances are she will be twice as good as I am. She chose us to be able to reach her full potential as being “weird” is my way of life and I wouldn’t go back to just being a “normal dimensional” human being. Oh, well, this is our story so far, as it keeps writing itself. Thank you and have a powerful week. Melanie Raymond

Well, Melanie, this is a most amazing story! While it seems that your Higher Selves are doing a fine job of leading the two of you into this new dimension, I think it would be worth your while to invest some serious time and energy in studying and developing your abilities… I strongly recommend you take a program in Reiki – this will help you a lot with the healing and seeing work, give you some good tools to work with, and also help you protect yourself in the work. If possible, I’d also suggest that you invest in taking a course with Barbara Brennan – she has some very good books out, but I think you would do best actually studying with her if you can at some point in the next few years… again, to give you some tools – and some grounding – in the work that is coming so naturally to you.

Now a bit of advice- you have a real and quite profound responsibility, perhaps not only with your own child, but with others like her who may make their way to you… the responsibility is to keep your own vibrational frequencies high and light – and to stay grounded; this means coming to grips with your issues, all those fears and resentments that lie deep within our subconscious and must be dealt with openly in order for us to really make the most of our gifts… a period of therapy or counselling can be very useful to help you get clear within…. really getting to know ourselves is an important process for any of us to be able to work… I have the sense that you are getting some very special guidance at this time and you can trust this, but to really tap into this guidance, it will be important for you to get grounded, to understand the dynamics – the fundamental laws and operating principles so you can really work with what you’ve been given… also a study of the universal symbols, and the archetypes will help you interpret more quickly the information coming to you… and if you are getting into healing, then you’ll need to study anatomy and get familiar with the physiology of the human body – as well as the psychology of the human psyche… You have a lifetime of joyful study and experience here…

And one final bit of advice – you will need to learn to be brave, courageous and wise… you are pioneers, on the frontlines of the shifting spiral of life – you are and your daughter will need to love being different, and to learn to be different while being the same, so you don’t frighten folks and can do the work you came here to do… time to be a little quiet about what’s going on at home, let it build energy while you all gain strength and experience with the new skills – you and your daughter are a new breed of people – and we humans don’t typically accept new breeds all that easily… focus on doing your job as opposed to being different and you’ll do fine… and keep your head down, do the job to the best of your ability, don’t allow yourself to be distracted or dazzled by the possibilities…

I hope these insights are useful to you… do keep in touch… I intend to post this piece on our web site – we’ve had so many responses to that Children of the Light piece, I want to post some of the best of them in the hopes that we can share some understanding here and perhaps connect some of you with each other and most importantly, to give you some support… Best wishes and Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

And Again… It’s in the family…

Dear Danielle, My daughter is now 21 years old. As a child (primary and secondary) she used to be able to see places in her dreams or (probably) in real life; and later she found herself in those places that she saw some time earlier. She has not seen any since she went to university. She has now graduated from university, and will probably be too busy to have similar experiences. Is she psychic?

In another experience, when my daughter was 8/9 years old, my younger sister, who helped me look after my daughter, was sleeping in the same bedroom with my daughter, opposite my bedroom; when in my sleep I thought I heard my sister calling me to wake up, because there were intruders outside our house. When I got up, I heard footsteps outside my door, I believe because they had heard that someone was awake in the house. I was sure that I had seen people walking away from the house. But when I went to tell my sister who had woken me up about the men outside, she was still past asleep. And I wondered if I was dreaming, because I used to sleep walk as a child. I decided not to wake my sister up.

But the next day, sometime in the afternoon, we where driving on the road (my daughter was in the backseat) when I mentioned my experience, and as I called my sister’s name to tell her about my experience, she nearly jumped, making jump and swerve the car. At that point, and each time I think about that experience, I have always felt a certain chill in my body. What she told me after some abuse from for frightening me, and after she calmed down was quiet interesting. She said that she had seen exactly the same scene that I had seen while awake; that there were people outside the house near there room, and then they went around to the front door, but that they finally left after reconsidering their move, walking pass where my sister and my daughter were sleeping. In her dream she was telling me about the people outside the house, and for me to wake up to see what was going on.

When we got home after the car ride, now quite shaken by the experiences, we went to check the location where my sister saw the men standing outside the house; and sure enough, there were footprints there. I sold the the house in question, and the room where my sister and daughter were sleeping is against the the hill. My family have been know to have psychic experiences, especially my mother, but this experience is beyond any explanation. Is there a description for it? Thank you Magdalene

Well you ask some very good questions.

First, about your daughter. She is following a quite natural pattern for psychic development – most psychic children shut down for a period in their teens while they tend to the business of learning to be an adult. It is very likely that she will begin to open up again over the next few years – sometimes these re-awakening experiences can be quite dramatic, triggered by her guides, when the time is right for her. In the meantime, I encourage you to remind her of her natural talents, to not let her get too taken up in the realms of her “mind”, and to suggest that she be open to exploring who she really is… you might let her know that allowing her psychic abilities to play in her life can literally raise her IQ, and it will certainly make it easier for her to create what she wants in life…

It seems that she comes by her talents quite naturally!!! The story of you and your sister is also not uncommon in families that are psychically attuned to each other. How wonderful that she was able to project this warning from her dream state – also suggests that she is doing some Out Of Body travel in her sleep – checking in on her loved ones, otherwise she would not have been able to see so clearly and send such a clear message to you. She might find that the work of the Monroe Institute – you can find them on the web – would be very interesting to her. Lotsa LLove, Danielle

I have a few questions re my 16 month old son, I hope you can help me with..

My father died 2 years before my son was born, my partner had a really hard time with labor and at one stage the nurses were quite concerned for my unborn son. During this time I was asking God for help & asking my father to help make sure my son was born ok… he was…. The nurses were amazed 5 minutes after his birth when I spoke from the other side of the room and my son lifted his head and turned it to face where I was standing… When I got home that night I thought it appropriate to thank whatever forces may have been watching over and helping us this day… I thanked God & I thanked my father, I said to my father my one regret is that he didn’t get to meet his grandson, then it was like I was hit in the head with a baseball bat and I received the message “I already have”….

as a child I saw many spirits, my grandmother was very clairvoyant as is my aunt. They have all told me I shut myself off to it because it scared me to much… I have to admit this is probably true….

Now as my father died 2 years before my son was born, they never met, not in this world anyway, I have never shown photos to him as I felt he was to young anyway. I should say now my son calls me dadden…

Where I work I have an office upstairs, a couple of times my 16 month old son has been downstairs involved in something in the corner by himself when I have come in behind him to see him point up to the stairs and say dadden…

The other night we were upstairs in my office and getting ready to go home, my son turned from the doorway to the room and waved saying bye bye.. I asked him what he was doing and he kept waving saying bye bye…. I then got a newspaper clipping with a picture of my father and asked “who is this” he patted my chest and said “daddens dadden”

Also my mother in laws husband Blair, passed away a couple of months ago, and on several occasions my son has directed me by pointing to where he wants to go, up the hall way through doors, up more stairs, through 2 rooms to where a photo of Blair was…

My son pointed to the photo, till I put him near it, he then moved closer waved and said bear then kissed the photo…

My mother in law also wears Blair’s ring on a chain around her neck, my son will hold the chain say bear and kiss it…

Do you think my son is in contact with the spirits of these people or is he just showing normal kids behavior, he is often waving bye bye to thin air… in his cot and places like that.. if so how can I encourage this rather than dismiss it…. And at at recent John Edward show he suggested putting a blue light in children’s rooms, what is the meaning of this… thanks for your patience Rikk…

There are a lot of kids being born today with the veils thin, memories of the past still with them… he is definitely in touch with other dimensions, conscious of a larger world than most of us are…do keep a journal… your son raised his head in response to your voice when he was first born because he recognized it from the womb… a very aware and alert young man!!!! You might also want to read the works of Craig Hamilton-Parker and James Von Praagh to help you gain some understanding of what is occuring… you will want to be ready to help and support him… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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