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Psychic Teens

Psychic Teens

Teens, young men and women from all over the world write in with questions about developing their psychic abilities….
Here we’ve presented the best of the questions and answers…..
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Amazingly Sensitive Teens!

” To live life you need to listen to your intuition no matter what. I’m not saying to not listen to your feeling to stay in bed but to listen to what is right. There are a lot of feelings you get in a day, You are always thinking. Even when you’re sleeping. Your intuition is your life, if you don’t listen to it you won’t get what you want.

I have also learned that by just sitting by someone who maybe ill or feeling down I can heal. Not looking or talking to them, just by sitting by them.

I have found out that everything has a purpose and reason. Sometime when you are alone and you are in a quiet place ask yourself what your purpose is, why you’re here. It may be to help humanity or simply to be with someone. Whatever the purpose, there’s always a reason.” Thank you and God Bless, Scott

A typical answer, take it easy…

As a psychic teen, the best thing you can do for yourself and your gifts is to be a teen – in other words, pay attention to your school work and your friends, stay busy with sports and creative activities, learning skills that will help you use your gifts later… avoid alcohol and drugs, eat healthy, live a balanced life in every way you can think of, and the gift will come out naturally… One of the reasons that I can’t recommend too much work on your psychic self at your age is because of the issue of grounding… in order to really work with psychic ability, we need to learn how to stay grounded in present time and space – this can be pretty hard for a young person, especially when hormones are raging…

If you want to develop, one of the best ways will be to learn to meditate which will also help you learn to keep clear and centred with the work. If you will keep developing your psychic abilities as just one of many things you are doing and learning about, a kind of hobby that you take up now and again, as you have time, then you will find that it serves you well and that your power gains strength easily as you mature. Given your age, I can’t recommend that you focus too much attention on developing your psychic abilities, since there are so many other aspects of yourself that also need attention at this time of your life… That said, there are lots of good books on developing your ability, and you’ll find lots of good exercises on our web site – click here… Hope that helps, lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Well, I’m only 14, but I know a heck of a lot more about the world than I suppose I should. I found out recently that not every one sees other people in colors, which have come to be known as auras. Plus throughout my life for as long as I remember I have been practically plagued by dreams that told future events, some of which have already happened, and basically would scare any person out there. But there are certain things that I just know, and when you dream in the day, a vision, I can see things like the end of time and things that go along with it.

It might seem really stupid or attention seeking to some people, but there really are things that I can just feel are happening and are starting something really big. A few days ago, I had an acquaintance with a person who was looking for help because their friend was having dreams about men in black suits who were there to take her away because of her psychic abilities. I myself have had this same type of dream, and can remember every bit of it vividly. There are also other dreams about what is to become of the world at the end times that have occurred with me.

One dream was divided in to five parts, each one very real and it still shakes me sometimes when I think about it. Now, I’m no religious person by any stretch, I do believe that there is something up there with a greater power, but I’ve never had any really knowledge about any of it. Here is and excerpt from my dream diary…:

“Part 1; crying, statues and paintings crying blood. Figure (falling from the sky) shining brightly. Dead corpses rise rumbling up with tombs and ground.

Part 2; bombs, destruction of entire cities… blood everywhere. Skyscrapers falling, screaming. more bombs. wiped out in red.

Part 3; math class, computer lab, checking e-mail online. I start crying like crazy, friends ask what is wrong and I point to the computer screen about a that dead man found thanks to my dream. Crying, scared feeling, friends crying with me.

Part 4; watching aerial view of houses and buildings interwoven with trees. Strange grey-green fog engulfs farms and woods.. everything. The fog bodies have giant screaming faces, swallowing everything and the people there as well. One face comes away from the others and swallows me… cold, scared, wretched burning as well. chaos, noise, and screaming, confusion. Suddenly black and silent. Voice wakes me with intense whisper: ‘It’s almost here…coming…’

Part 5; battling someone, I was a hunter/slayer, but I seemed to be someone that I’m not. I was engaged in battle and was stabbed in between my wristed and elbow on the underside of my arm.”

That’s about how it goes. However I didn’t write the details about every little thing down, the images are still very vivid. I can picture them clearly, and feel every scent or noise that was shown to me. I’m not sure but I have the feeling that I’m some sort of modern day prophet. If being clairvoyant and having dreams about things that are happening to other people in other times isn’t something, what is it? I can also tell people that I’m much more than even I know about yet. I’m still discovering new abilities that give me all the more reason to speak out. Perhaps I’ll be able to tell everything to the world someday. Hannah

For now, I hope you will keep a journal of your experiences and knowings…and also keep your energy up with lots of love and laughter… if there is anything that can protect you, this will be it… do your best to enjoy being 14, despite what you know… it is important that you maintain a balance, and this means being sure you eat and sleep well that you have a lot of fun, that you dance, sing and play – as much as you work and are serious about learning… One of your challenges will be to trust yourself and your knowings without being arrogant or noisy about it… using the softer, feminine way to set a new course on the planet… Bide your time anduse every opportunity to learn and grow… your moment will come, you will need to be ready for it… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

A typical scenario…

I am wondering on how to raise my mental abilities. I am 15 years old, and I’ve been having at least 3 or 4 deja vus a week and my parents said it could be a psychic thing I am experiencing. I am no where near half of what I hope my potential is, but I have been having more deja vus then usually the past month or two and when I sit and clear my mind I can guess things about people I am close to around 80% of the time. I used to be able to wake up in the morning and the first thing I’d see would be like a slide show of images and when I got to school, I could predict what would happen EXACTLY and I even told my friend once “he’s going to fall in about 10 seconds” and sure enough, he did. I am wondering, what can I do to get better at my mental abilities. I just feel at times that I am connected in some way with others. Mostly with close friends or family I just seem to know things for no reason. I was once at the mall, and I was looking through a store and saw a dolphin and my gf at the time loved dolphins and when I touched it and looked at it, I thought about her immediately and saw a movie theatre down the street and then a white flash got into my eyes, and it took me a little for my eyes to re-adjust. I had been told that my gf and my best friend were going to go get X-mas gifts, but in fact they had gone to the movies together and had sex. When I was leaving the mall, i felt my stomach turn and it felt like something was pulling at me towards the movies, so I went to the movies, and caught them making out. I am wondering, I know that is not a normal thing to happen, but I am wondering what can I do to attune something such as that so that I can control it? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you much, David Hall

a typical answer, take it easy

The best thing you can do for yourself and your gifts is to be 15 – in other words, pay attention to your school work and your friends, stay busy with sports and creative activities, learning skills that will help you use your gifts later… avoid alcohol and drugs, eat healthy, live a balanced life in every way you can think of, and the gift will come out naturally… One of the reasons that I can’t recommend too much work on your psychic self at your age is because of the issue of grounding… in order to really work with psychic ability, we need to learn how to stay grounded in present time and space – this can be pretty hard for a young person, especially when hormones are raging…

If you want to develop, one of the best ways will be to learn to meditate which will also help you learn to keep clear and centred with the work. If you will keep developing your psychic abilities as just one of many things you are doing and learning about, a kind of hobby that you take up now and again, as you have time, then you will find that it serves you well and that your power gains strength easily as you mature. Given your age, I can’t recommend that you focus too much attention on developing your psychic abilities, since there are so many other aspects of yourself that also need attention at this time of your life… That said, there are lots of good books on developing your ability, and you’ll find lots of good tips on our web site … Hope that helps, lotsa LLLove, Danielle

I need some help please!!!

I am a 14 year old girl and lately I have been predicting some pretty weird stuff. Like when some friends of the family had “terminal illnesses”, I kept having these feelings they were going to be okay, and they survived the “unsurvivable”. Also, recently, I met an old lady, who I couldn’t help but keep thinking was going to die soon. The next day she died at lunchtime.

I’m really scared, and don’t want to tell my family because they’ll think I’m crazy or just wanting attention. I don’t know what to do. Thank you, Angela

Search Out an Interested Adult

Danielle responds with advice to find someone to talk with… Goodness, sweetheart, I can understand why you would be frightened – you clearly have some real ability and it is unusual in one so young. I feel it is important that you seek out an adult you trust to share some of this with. Perhaps you know of someone, an aunt or a teacher who has some interest in things paranormal and might be willing to listen and to help you understand what is going on for you and how to work with this gift… it really can be useful to you, it can protect you from troubles and help you achieve your goals… but you need to learn to trust it and not to be afraid…

Perhaps among your friends you will find there are a few others who are having the kinds of experiences you are, and maybe one of their parents might be helpful… while you don’t want to be talking too much about this, you don’t want to get people thinking you’re weird, I feel it’s important you talk to some folks about this… and then quietly set about the business of learning more about being psychic… check out the local library and browse the web… our site has lots of useful information.

And then get on with the business of being a young girl – in other worlds, don’t let this gift take up your life, just let it be one of the many things you are interested in learning about and exploring – you have the gifts, let them grow and develop naturally, and let yourself grow into them…. naturally, at your own pace, as you are ready… your guides will help you find your way… trust them…

Keep in touch, hon, if you have any scary experiences, don’t hesitate to write to us about them, we’ll do our best to help. Best wishes and Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Where Can I Go For help?

Hello. My name is Ian. I am 16 years old and I have the psychic gift. I want to develop it to be able to be in tune with myself and everything in our huge universe . Where I am from does not offer many chances to help urge this ability along. With my abilities I can tell when something mundane will happen like the mail or what time it is and what movies are going to come on soon and what songs are going to come on the radio. In my opinion everyone has this power but some chose to actually “see” it. Can you please help me?I know I can get better with proper advice and help. Thanks greatly, Ian

The Rosicrucians and the Mastery of Life…

Says Geri: You are quite right: everyone does have this ability and only certain people choose to really develop it. I have noticed, over the years, that your generation shows a very high level of psychic abilities. Probably because your generation will have to rely more on your intuition to survive than any previous generation. Please write me back and tell me where you live. I might be able to direct you a little better towards some resources and information.

Now, in the meantime I would suggest that you write the Rosicrucian Order in San Jose, California. They have a Mastery of Life course that is sent out monthly through the mail. You can write:

The Rosicrucian Order
1342 Naglee Ave
San Jose, California USA 95191
(Tel) 408-947-3600

The Rosicrucians are an old and reputable esoteric order dedicated to inner development. Send them your name, age and inquiry and ask for their Mastery of Life booklet.

The main thing that you have to remember, as you’re developing Ian, is to stay REAL. . . .and grounded and practical. . . .do things that are physically healthy. Approach this as if you were a warrior keeping in mind that it is essential to have a healthy mind, body and spirit. . . .and always remember, that no matter what, you must be in your heart. . .with compassion and loving kindness. . . . Let us know how you’re doing from time to time. . . . Warmest regards Geri De Stefano, Ph.D

Some Direction Please…

Hi Danielle, I came upon you site today, and I must say I am somewhat overwhelmed. Not so much by the site, but the possibilities. I guess I didn’t really come upon it by “accident”, because so many things have been happening me lately that I dont think anything is an accident anymore (almost). I am 20 years old and a student. Ever since I was little I have been fascinated with anything paranormal, psychological, astrological etc. I have always been very intuitive and had close emotional perceptions about other people. I have always felt an intense love for human beings in general and become highly emotional and sensitive concerning others. I felt “presence’s” when I was younger, but I usually dismissed things because I was scared.

About a month ago, I was hypnotized at a party. I had a highly emotional STRANGE overwhelming response to the overall state. I became very agitated, aware of the other participant as being “lifeless”, and was hysterically cryng and laughing most of the time. Afterwards, the hypnotist had to work with me and told me that since I reacted to his responses PREVIOUS to his suggestions, that he thought I was slightly telepathic. I felt I could just “sense” the emotion behind his voice and his intention so I reacted quickly.

Basically this experience heightened my awareness of my self and others and my perceptions of my own mind and its powers. I knew after that I could hypnotize my self and others just instinctually, and in a way had been using hypnotism with friends while they were under duress…and other for healing purposes. I recently past life regressed my roommate, always aware of the power it holds and other people as well. I attempted to hypnotize my self and have others ask questions..but I was so scattered and unfocused and did not allow my self to relax and be under someonelses control. Once again I became hysterical, and was crying. I just become very overwhelmed with emotion easily. I know I am very susceptible to others emotional energy and need releases as well. I also rescently have once again become aware of presences. I am scared however, and unsure what I am really experiencing.

Right now I am very confused. I want to help people, but I know I want to figure my self out as well. I am not very experienced, yet all of my subjects have had a very comfortable experience. I feel as if I have done this before and it is inherent inside of me. I also occasionally experience visions, (though nothing disturbing) and very vivid dreams. Any advice/direction/assesment that you could give to me would be helpful! Thank you very much! Sincerely, Sarah :)

Dear Sarah, You clearly are highly gifted and it seems that the recent experiences have opened you up to some powerful energy… I have a sense that you are right, that you are familiar with this work, have probably “been here” before in some previous lifetime – actually, probably many lifetimes, and that what you are doing is very natural and right… that said, I feel strongly also that the reason you are having such difficult experiences yourself is that there is something from the past that you need to work through before you can really be effective in this life.

I almost always suggest that developing psychics take some time to work with a therapist to help them deal with whatever personal issues might interfere in their readings or their lives… what I am trying to tell you is that your personal experiences are probably an indication that you have some personal work to do before you can really apply your gifts to helping others…

Now I’m not trying to discourage you from working with your friends, but rather that you also get really focussed now on working with yourself… look for someone who has some professional accreditation, but who also has some training with metaphysics and an understanding of the application of basic spiritual principles. It is time now for you to connect with some professionals who can guide you through the process of safely connecting with whatever it is that is making you hysterical… I feel strongly that this is important as one of your first steps in really tapping into and working with whatever gifts you have…

It is also coming to me to suggest that you study psychology with a view to being able to practice past life regression in the future, and also that you study reiki and Barbara Brennans’s Hands of Light work….

Look around your community and see who is doing this kind of work – and who also has some real credentials – you need to learn from and work with the folks who really know what they’re doing…

There’s lots of good material on the subject – so follow your nose and get into some good reading…

Perhaps our team will have some additional remarks for you, but in the meantime, I hope these insights are useful to you. Best wishes and Ltosa LLLove, Danielle

Am I a Child of the New Dream, One of the Children of the Light?

Hello, My name is Chantelle and I was quite intrigued with your site after stumbling upon it whilst looking for info on Comet Lee for a friend. I’ve just read the “Children of the Light” story/interview and found it astounding. I believe that I may be one of these people. I’m 23 year old female living in Queensland, Australia. Over the past 2 years in particular I have been continually surprising, friends, colleagues and especially my mother with the amount of understanding, allknowing nature of the world. I’m not talking about education, but a complete understanding of the world, it’s problems and the amazing power of the mind. I relate to mostly all of the statements made by Drunvalo and would like to get more information. Peace to You, Chantelle.

Probably, So Get to Work…

Well Chantelle, you are certainly in the right age group and it sounds like you’re experiencing a quite deep awakening… I would encourage you to develop skill with meditation and to practice it daily, it will help you to stay grounded and also to develop depth in your knowings… and read all you can about subjects like quantum physics as well as about spirituality… and about loving and living fearlessly without judgment… At the moment I don’t have any more information about the Children of the Light, but it is a subject I am following, so check back again soon and perhaps we’ll have more.

I’ve been dreaming of a new species among us…

I would like more information on the children of the light. I have been having dreams about people who have a different DNA structure than normal – they don’t show their age – people much older appear to be between 17 and 26 after they go through a change that affects their DNA, people who look young are actually much more emotionally and mentally mature than they look. My dreams center on several groups that are intertwined: The Suma and the Rissa and Terra children. The dreams started with a young man who looks between 19 and 26 but is much older, he is looking for the girl that was taken away from him because of some experiments. The dreams have been getting into more detail. There is also a scroll written about them. It tells of when the Mother and Father go through the true change. These children have been going through different changes over the last 30 years. Now they are going through even more changes known as the true change. These changes will also affect the planet too as the planet will also go through the true change. I need help in finding out if any of this is true. and form my dreams both sleeping and waking they seem real as they include me in there life through the dreams.

Anyone else?

Loretta, your story is very interesting… For the moment, I have little more that I can add, except to say that I too have had similar dreams of DNA changes… you might find it useful to browse the web for information about the Indigo children, the Super Psychic Kids of Russia and the AIDS children – although I don’t think there’s a lot out there yet… let me know what you find out and where, I’d like to add to the series we have on the site… in the meantime, I’ll publish your note along with several others we’ve received about this article and we’ll see what kind of response we get… best wishes and Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Notes on Happiness by a Student Philosopher

Good Luck for now…. trust yourself, love yourself, because that means you could love and trust other people too…

This article from Merijn Kok, a student from The Hague, Holland, exemplifies the sensitivity and emotional maturity we might expect from the ‘children of the light’. This is a young man who already understands what his choices are – and seems already committed to choosing happiness – and since he seems to understand so well the need to be loving, I am certain that he will find love… see for yourself. Wise words, from one so young…. I think he has already the discovered the secret to being happy… being One. (printed here with only minor corrections for spelling and grammar.)

Hi there, I am a young student from The Netherlands and I will try to tell You something about how I think about life and other issues. Forgive me my bad English. So, first a wish to all who’ll read this. Good luck for now…

Start by living in the now…

In my opinion (and that from many others), there is only one moment that’s important’: NOW. It’s the only moment that really exists. O yes people have made many appointments about time, about tomorrow and yesterday, about colors, words, languages, rules, laws, etc. but they are all symbolic. Symbolic for energy and so.

In a simple way I could explain it with polarity: The unity of the whole universe makes itself visible with polarity, in different frequencies and rhythms. Substance is possible in combination with energy, it is energy at the end.

The latest investigations in science will underscribe this (?fisica). We, in our path of evolution did have to symbolize everything to understand it in a sort of way. And when we were born, beginning our development in our group of materialized energy, we first have to learn what the people around us already learned about living with all that different energy.

Recognize That We Are One

Then, when we all start searching for our luck, we miss the harmony of the universe because we are hypnotized by our conditioning and our narrow point of view. We say me and you, but we are One, we who are still part of the abundance, are still part of a big organism who are all One. We are born with a unique load of energy, a part from the whole, and with it and the state of development of the world we are encumbered and slowed down in finding that luck within the unity.

Every substance has its poles and negative or positive load. For instance: a magnet + and – . Or the living organism: the earth, north and south. Positive attracts negative. Every cell in our body has its own unique load, every part of the cell has its own unique load. All operating in different frequencies, in harmony with each other or that is the way it should be, was intended to be.

Scientists now also discover what magicians, wizards, shaman and others like them already knew. Thoughts are a form of energy with a frequency and that means that thoughts do effect substances, because the action of ‘quarks’ (much smaller then atom’s) can be influenced by thoughts.

See That All Is One, NOW

Past, future and now are One. Our emotional loads of the future are here and with you now – it’s part of your ego and health. Harmonize, don’t criticize…. love each other – our god is the kern of your energy body, because it’s pure and we all know what we want.. but do we give it to each other?

Every person in your life is part of you, every thought and action creates your future – also thoughts from other people, thus everything we see, hear and feel is symbolizing energy and the intelligence of the universe. But we have different constitutions, and they don’t always work together. Why force it? Change yourself and your range will grow. All you see and the meaning you give to it symbolizes only yourself, your capability of understanding and your evolution.

If you hate someone for the things he did, don’t stop there, just look at yourself and you will find those things also done by yourself in some way. Look in your own ‘heart’. Astrology’s systems could give you a better view of the harmonious way energy’s fluctuate. Remember that an energy field is constant, energy never dies it only rides form. Find all the illusions that block your growth, like life and death. We just ride many kinds of ‘bodies’, who knows? essentially your Point or kern is eternal because it’s energy, it’s pure potential, it is a universe in a universe, a world in a world, a cell in a body, etc. pure intelligence.

We have a free will to manage and to make choices, to live now, in this moment, to think positive thoughts, to listen to your body. Try meditation to be one with the moment, try to see that the timerule doesn’t matter anymore, and after a while your awareness of the essential things of your life will be shown to you. It’s just like changing channels from a radio, it’s enlarging your reach, to see more colors, to experience more tasting or something.

This is a part of how I think about it. Don’t take yourself too serious, keep on laughing. And trust yourself, love yourself, because that means you could love and trust other people too. That will be all for today, greetings from Holland and me, Merijn Kok

Predictions for the tribulation from an amazing 13-yr old…

I am 13 years old, and very religious. Recently, I established a relationship with my loving God and has revealed to me the future. Do you wish to know of the coming Tribulation period? I’d like to start of saying I have no clue why God told me all this. And that I’m giving the glory to God, not myself. I have no desire for attention of this kind. My first dream, isn’t about the End Times, but it’s a start-off that was very important to me.

1st Dream: Around 4 years ago, my aunt Vicki died of pancreatic cancer. This event happened the night she died. When I went to sleep I was in place with a magical sense to it. But I knew its just the beginning. I was not afraid. There was a huge choir and it sounded like a party, everyone laughing and having fun. A man with a light brown beard told me to be prepared that she was being taken from us. I understood. Then I heard her voice. I then woke up, and my father was telling me she passed away.

2nd Dream: Over America Online I got two people to go to church. They got saved afterwards! I felt very good about it. I began reading Revelation. From websites, and other things I learned about World War 3 and stuff. I was kind of interested, but mainly in the antichrist. This isn’t a dream. I turned off my TV in my room and when I sat down on my bed, something happened. I heard a huge choir in front of me and a band playing in back of me. A voice said to me, “Keep Going you are doing good.” This was about a month and a half ago.

3rd Dream: I prayed and thanked God for helping my learn about Revelation. I also prayed I’d survive the Tribulation and make it to the Rapture. I had a pretty strange dream. But as with all these, it was far, far beyond a dream. It began with a strange view of earth, and all of its pollution. Then a book with scrolls next to it began glowing and the book opened up. I read it and it said something like, “You cannot defeat nor destroy the antichrist, but you shall unite against him in faith. You yourself are a major threat to his power. He will long to deceive you and grab you, but keep faith. Even as he waits to unleash himself this second, he thinks and worries about you. Keep faith in God, and victory shall come.” This was about a month ago.

4th Dream: I again thanked God for knowledge. This is my most amazing, but not the most strange, dream I have yet seen. The first thing that happened was words popping up saying, “It is all true.” First I saw a treaty between Israel and the PLO. A huge temple was being constructed in Jerusalem, but I don’t know why. It seemed like it divided Jerusalem in half between Jews and some other religion. In this dream, I had a sense of time. The treaty seemed to be about 3-5 years away from now. Then I saw all the communist countries of the world team up. These countries included Korea, China, Russia, and Vietnam. Russia is the leader and the king of the North. The first attack I saw was an attack from China on Japan. Navy stormed an island owned by Japan. The United States, as leader of NATO, sends a fleet to protect Japan. China no longer attacks Japan, but tensions arise. Eventually, Japan declares war. Therefore, NATO pulls out. This is one factor of World War 3. It seemed to happen 2-4 years after the peace treaty of Israel. Israel is the country that makes W.W.3. a nuclear war. Iraq and/or Syria are punished by NATO, and Saddam and someone else are threatened as troops try to throw them out of office. To get NATO back, he launches a missile at Israel with nerve gas in it. But the nukes don’t activate until this. Arabs of the Middle East team up, and want to take over Israel and eliminate the Jewish threat. The Arabs, led by Egypt, the king of the South, team up with the communist allies. The Arabs, including Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Kazakhstan, and Lebanon invade Israel but fail. U.S. begins protecting Israel as NATO. But the U.S. winds up declaring war on Israel, as does all the nations of earth. The communists must stop the United States, but don’t say it. The communists and Arabs secretly decide to make an attempt at slowly conquering the world. Anyway, Israel begins launching nuclear weapons, and causes an economic collapse. That’s why the world declares war on Israel. In World War 3, there is a president that is the leader of the European Union, (Europe is heading in that direction right now!) is killed, and resurrected. He is the antichrist. At this present time, The United States and Russia are best of friends as they ever were. But they stab us in the back. Taking advantage of the Israeli nuclear war, they plan they’re own nuclear attack. Russian submarines, along with Arabian and Chinese troops plan an invasion of Canada and the United States. Here is how it works, God showed me the most detail on this: Right this second, Russian secret agents are coming into America disguised as tourists, cops, immigrants, etc. Up to 50,000 will be in America by Jan 30/31, Feb 1/2, 2006, (the date of the Russian attack, if I understood correctly.), once the Russian subs get close enough, the agents draw their weapons. They target water and electric capabilities. All of them are either killed or captured. That’s the first step. The objectives of the invasion are to capture Alaska as a stepping stone into Canada, to make a Chinese line on the West Coast, to make a Russian force in Maine, and to make an Arabian force in Florida. The Chinese objective is completed, but never gets farther than the mountains in California. The Arabian objective fails, and the Russian objective is completed but hurt terribly. God even told me where the nukes land! The two states hit the worst are Florida and New York. New York City is the daughter of Babylon. The nuke objectives are these: New York City, Washington D.C., Pittsburgh, Cape Canaveral, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Las Vegas, and Seattle. A lot of Florida will be destroyed, and all military in southern Florida are destroyed. Another attack God showed me on the U.S. was a suicide truck bomber. He kills himself in the Lincoln Tunnel destroying it. The nuclear attack on Canada includes Toronto, Calgary, Quebec City, St. Charleston, Yellow Knife, and a few more are destroyed. The Middle of both Canada and the U.S. is never touched. Afterwards, left over nukes attack what is now Great Britain of what will be, the European Union. After the attack, many countries become allies against the Arabs and communists. Japan, the European Union, Australia, the United States, Canada, and New Zealand declare war on them. Many, many other countries follow. In scriptures way below, I explain certain battle strategies and battles. Even right now, there are things I saw that I don’t know what they are. This is how we defeat our enemies. The war never goes to one side until this. The presidents of Canada and the United States go on television and make a national prayer to God to make peace, and will leave it to him. About 30 seconds after the prayer, storms, lightning storms, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, and massive earthquakes destroy the Chinese West Coast line. Then the U.S. and Canada team up a bunch of submarine squads, and nuclear attack China and Russia just as heavily as they nuked us. Then a storm comes over China, and we launch nuclear missiles with biological, germ, and chemical gases in them over China. The storm carries it all over the country. China then surrenders and joins the war against Russia. Russia is defeated with a new invention. It’s like a traveling fireball.

By the end of the war, only one-sixth of the Russians would be alive. Five-sixths would die. Now I’ll get to the war in the Middle East. Towards the end of the war, Iran and Iraq have an argument. Iraq and Iran go to war. By the end of the war, Iraq is literally flattened. You might see that Jordan, I never mentioned being part of the Arab alliance. When Jews get massacred by the Arabs, they “flee to the mountains”. This is in Jordan. They overwhelm Jordan and civilians begin fighting them. That’s why Jordan declares war. Of the Arabs, Libya is the fist to use atomic weapons. Libya is the first country have troops launch them, and Israel is the first country to use short-range nukes. The Arabs are defeated when the U.S. teams up with the E.U., (yes, the U.S. teams up with the antichrist.) and we nuke Egypt and loot their cities. After the war, the U.S. and E.U. become one. Antichrist captures the world after the war when he creates miracles restoring cities that were destroyed. Also, Israel is defeated in this war during the third major invasion and we overrun the temple. To help the economic collapse, a new electric money unit is made. This is the mark of the beast. This was 3 weeks ago.

5th Dream: 3 days after my World War 3 vision, I actually got another! I’m very grateful. I prayed I could help Christians get through antichrist’s reign. That night I saw an aerial view of a large prison. Christians go to prison for faith for 10 days. But not all do. I saw a lot of people I knew in the prisons, including my cousin. I’m not sure if I should saw who else though. Missiles were being launched over the prison. I did see the antichrist, or maybe his “officer”. His face was blocked out by a shadow. He was saying he loved me. He even created a miracle for me. I denied him and gave evidence he was evil, since a large crowd was nearby. At the end, he hit me in my ribs with a gun. I was put inside a cell. A few hours later it seemed, like that, he took me out of the cell, and a guard loaded his gun. The guard threatened to shoot someone I knew unless I gave my life to him. I said to him, “You know the true Messiah loves everyone. You know he wouldn’t do this. Look at all this.” He unloaded his gun and walked away. I also saw tons of people taking the mark of the beast. His praise was everywhere, in newspapers, magazines, books, Cds, television, etc. Everyone was also burning New Testaments. After the 10 days, everyone I knew came out of the prison, but skinny. A few years later, if I had to pick a year, it’d definitely be 2010, in early August. (Please note, the bible says you won’t know the day of the Second Coming, and the Rapture isn’t the second coming, it’s hard to explain, but I got a lesson on it online.), is the Rapture. It was beautiful. God also told me that the 7 bowl judgments are only on antichrist followers, and that this is the one time he protects his children fully. I saw a building collapse on a Christian, and he just got up and walked away. After the Rapture, is the Armageddon War. Jack Van Impe got this mixed up with World War 3. The details got mixed up. But it’s hard, until its flat out in front of you. The Armageddon War will be named, or nicknamed, the World Civil War. The One-World Order stays even after the war, but with a new leader.

Antichrist shows his people, (this is after the Rapture.) what he did to the Christians. People, even though they like him, are mad. They get tired of his strict order, and his rules. The whole world plans a revolt. This is when the army of 200 million team up with other armies and defeat Israel, and the antichrist.

Both in WW3 and A.W. all countries battle Israel, but this is strictly against the antichrist. As he is thrown out of office, Jesus comes down. People still think antichrist is God. He says Jesus is Satan. The world take all the nukes, grenades, etc. and attack Jesus. They all deploy on themselves and kill antichrist and his armies. This begins Christ’s 1000 year reign. This is the Second Coming, the Rapture and Second Coming are different. I woke up after knowing this began his 1000 year reign. Jack Van Impe mixed up this with World War 3. The world defeats antichrist and destroys his temple. During the 1000 Year reign Jesus is the leader with justice, and everything is nice. However, the world will revolt do to Satan’s temptation. The rebellion is crushed. I didn’t see this, I just know it from scripture. Here are some scriptures supporting my World War 3 dreams:

Ezekiel 32:22: “Assyria……………….” – This is what is now, Syria. It even says Syria is one of the Arab and Russian allies!

Ezekiel 32:24: “Elam……………….” – This is what is now, Iraq, right again!

Ezekiel 32:26: “Meshech and Tubal……….” – This is in what is now, Russia.

Ezekiel 32:29: “There is also Edom……..” – This is what is now, Jordan

Ezekiel 32:30: “There are also the chiefs of the north………” – Through other evidence, (too long to explain) this is most of the countries of the former Soviet Union including Kazakhstan!

Ezekiel 32:30: “….. all of them and all the Sidonians…..” – Sidonia is what is now, Lebanon

In Ezekiel 38: Here is mentions “Magog”, “Meschech”, and “Tubal”. This is Russia. Even when the Soviet Union was live, it was still Russia. “Meschech” is what is now, Moscow. Moscow is the Russian capital! “Tubal” is what is now, Tobolsk. Tobolsk is another city, in the Ukraine. “Persia” is what is now, Iran. Cush is the nation of Ethiopia and also includes what is now, Sudan and Somalia. These are Russia’s allies. Here are more allies in Ezekiel 38. Cub is Libya and includes Arabs of North Africa including lower Sudan, lower Libya, Tunisia, and Algeria. Next up is Gomer. Gomer used to be a huge country. Its in land that would border the European Union, as the European Union forms now, these are countries that won’t be part of it, but will in future years after it is formed. World War 3 occurs right in that time space. It includes the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Croatia, the Ukraine, and/or Bulgaria, Romania, and Serbia. The only country around here that is part of the E.U. is Germany and that is because they are part of NATO. The bad thing about Gomer is that it got divided, and that’s why I put that and/or there. Beth-Togarmah identifies the Cossack countries formally part of the Soviet Union. This is mainly Georgia and Armenia. In other places in Ezekiel, it states that a lot of Muslim nations will become Russia’s allies. This is Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Chechnya, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kirgizitan, and possibly, Turkey. Even with all these allies Russia fails. If you look at a comparison of World War 2 and World War 3, you’ll notice, its actually the same size about. All of Asia and the Middle East vs. Most of Europe and North America.

Daniel 11:35: “Some of the wise will stumble, so that they may be refined, purified, and made spotless until the time of the end, for it will still come at the appointed time.”

This scripture shows that the war(s) just mentioned are different than this next war. The wars just mentioned, have happened already and are well-documented in history.

Daniel 11:36: “The king will do as he pleases, he will exalt himself above every god and will say unheard-of things against the God of gods. He will be successful until the time of wrath is completed, for what has been determined must take place.”

This scripture proves the antichrist will be involved in this war which is World War 3! These are clearly the actions of his.

Daniel 11:37: “He will show no regard for the gods of his fathers or for the one desired by women, nor will he regard any god, but will exalt himself above them all.”

This shows that this man, the Antichrist, will make a totally new world-wide religion.

Daniel 11:38: “Instead of them, he will honor a god of fortresses; a god unknown to his fathers he will honor with gold and silver, with precious stones and costly gifts.”

Daniel 11:39: “He will attack the mightiest fortresses with the help of a foreign god and will greatly honor those who acknowledge him. He will make them rulers over many people and will distribute the land at price.”

Antichrist of the European Union will favor those who worship them in wealth, and use their greed.

Daniel 11:40: “At the time of the end the king of the South will engage him in battle, and the king of the North will storm out against him with chariots and Calvary and a great fleet of ships. He will invade many countries and sweep through them like a flood.”

This says WW3 is at the time of the end, the tribulation! Egypt and the Arabs and Russia and her allies combine forces again and attack this “him”, him is the antichrist. They will invade many countries but still be fighting “him”- the antichrist. So it proves its the European Union! Countries under one leader!

Daniel 11:42-43: “He will extend his power over many countries; Egypt will not escape. He will gain control of the treasures of gold and silver and all the riches of Egypt, with the Libyans and Nubians in submission.”

Antichrist will battle and defeat many countries, including Egypt. This shows Egypt as the king of the South! Plus, Lybia is their ally.

Daniel 11:45: “He will pitch his royal tents between the seas at the beautiful holy mountain. Yet he will come to his end, and no one will help him.”

Eventually people will come to hate the Antichrist. That is why they revolt! This scripture even says how he lives in Israel. Here are the scriptures I found supporting my dreams from God.

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