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On Being Indigo

On Being Indigo

One day we will all have these abilities …

Oh, dear friend, in these dark times, it is “easy” to want to call ourselves the Indigo children, so I do not say what I am. I believe that as a twenty-one year old that I am too far out of “the range” to be amidst this particular classification. Here are some things about myself that I wanted to share.

I remember nearly everything back to my birth, but in those memories, I also remember “secrets” or things that maybe I should not “remember.” There have been visions throughout my adolescence to confirm these early memories, and from those, I draw the universal conclusions (if I can answer yes to three questions: “Does Nature confirm it?, Does the Law confirm it? Does one thousand years of wisdom confirm it?”)

Well, I have graduated high school, and I have broken away from my parent’s religion of Catholicism, and I have bloomed. I have begun to learn the beauty of Reiki. Oh,my, to step aside- show the Divine that my ego is false- and then to step aside again completely, have the back of my head and – third eye- open in amazement to the Universal Flow of Spirit- and to see another woman, man, or animal respond to it and benefit from it- what greater feeling is there? One of my favorite things to do now is to go to the zoo and to work on animals (even animals give a consent). I wanted to share a recent visit to the zoo!~:)

A few weeks ago, I went to the Memphis Zoo, and “I” started doing Reiki on various animals. It took a while to understand what the Spirit was asking of me,- “Have Faith- for without Faith is Failure.” I think, maybe I felt a little weird at times (I have a hard time doing Reiki when people are walking around me with cameras- and not understanding what a young man is doing with his arm outstretched and they usually begin to judge me (I don’t want judgement around me- for judgement is not intended for woman or man- and the Spirit leaps away- so I purposely veil myself). I walked up to an African display setup, and there were a type of African Antelopes way in the back of the display. What I find so amazing is that when you have given up your ego and you fall into “the mindset,” every animal can sense you- and will look to where you are- because they too, are without ego and in the grace of Life, and they sense a brother in Spirit.

I sensed something odd in this “pin” because my feet started to tingle. I ask the Antelope through my mind, “Who among you is in need of healing?” And the eldest with the longest horns, along with the rest who were looking at me, turned and looked at an Antelope to the rear. I then said, “Step forward to this spot if you wish to be healed.” Sure enough, the antelope walked forward with it’s head lowered to the spot in front of me that I had marked and addressed- about 100 feet from where it was and stopped.

I must tell you that I have never felt every orifice of my body open up – until this day. So much spiritual energy was flowing through me. Do you know how it feels – when your Truth bumps go up- or if you get a shiver up your spine? It is like that, but all over your body and in it – for about two minutes solid. You must be silent in every aspect to feel the transfer from ‘above’ to another, but it is odd in the least because the energy comes from everywhere! Another confirmation that, indeed, the Divine is all about us and in us.

After the Spirit slowed, I said a prayer to close over the Antelope and to thank the Spirit, for I knew, that the animal was fully healed. It stood there, and the rest of the Antelope approached, and it was like a big thankyou- and I smiled, for it was NOT me.

I went back by the “pin” because I wanted to tell my Reiki Master what happened in specifics, and the specific name of the Antelope, but over the name was a sheet of paper that someone had taped down, “We are aware of the buldge in the leg. Zollogists and Veterinarians are looking into it. Thankyou.”

I have discovered a truth as of recent that I feel needs to be shared- “Do not focus on the Now, Live in the Mystery.” I spend my time as a student in Psychology- basically because my calling is to benefit humanity in a specific area, and I cannot share what that is until I am fully practicing it. I spend my free time pulling individuals out of the darkness, and it can be very lonely at times- for the Spirit is only alive to those that allow breath to flow through and nourish it with Love. And to unveil yourself to someone on the ‘other side’ is more than a risk, but it can be worthwhile if they come about. I call all those who make the claim as “Indigo Children” to do the same- when you are ready. We must unite the Grace of Peace with the body- and silence the “TV Channel-Changing Mind,” which evil dwells in and thrives upon. Best to you- stay attuned to the Light and Life. In the Love and the Light, Timothy

My name is Lance Winters I am 14 years old and I have not come across your site by accident I believe it to be more of a sign. For years now I have been able to do a lot of unordinary things. I have been able to close doors or turn on a light from another room without even moving. I have also noticed a lot of younger children who can do a lot more stuff. I am close friends with a girl whom I think is about 6 or 7 years old who can do amazing things. She had thrown me against a wall without even touching me one time all because I had beaten her in go fish. I’m sorry to have written such along letter but my friends and I have a decent psychic ability and I thought you would want to know. I am not sure of this but I believe the girl I spoke of to have Geokinesis I have Cryokinesis and My friend has Pyrokinesis and his little sister has Geokinesis also. If you would e-mail me back and tell me some books or webistes I can get more information I would be very much abliged. Thank you, Lance Winters

To all who would listen, I have been affected by psychic energy for it would seem my entire life, though I only discovered it a few years ago. When I say discovered, I mean acknowledged. I was given a vision of the devastating September 11 th attacks (which coincidentally is my birthday). September 11th was my 18 th birthday, one that I thought was a coming of age for most men. It meant freedom for most, but my journey is just beginning. It was August, and I was asleep and dreaming. I stood in a low-tech town in the middle of an arid desert, with a low mountain range in the distance. I was assembled with two other companions and another who was not really connected with us. We (meaning the 3) were discussing and preparing for something to come, thought I did not know what. My spirit then ascended through the roof giving an astonishing view of the city. There were several hundred buildings or more, which resembled Hopi style (cement or mud looking structures) with that amazing mountain range in the distance. Next I appeared in an airplane as a passenger. I was seated in the forward section of the plane on the left side window seat. I believe it was the first class section because the view was from above the cockpit entrance. I was carelessly looking out the window for a while when all of the sudden, the vision cut out and all was dark. I felt heat and utter terror as I felt my body jolt from the fright.

I stayed in that state for a while and suddenly came to. Though I did not know it at the time, I was given a vision of the September 11th attacks. It was proven when our troops entered the region of Afghanistan and the news showed what it looked like. amazingly it was the same place I visited in my dream.

My life is given new meaning when I accept my gift. I have learned to trust in my perceptions and have come out knowing many things. I have seen my past existences and traveled into other lands, visited friends in other places and performed many miraculous events. One of my miracles happened one afternoon as I returned home. I walked in and saw my cat laying on the ground near the door. His mouth was open and his tongue hung out of his mouth, he was meowing a horrible moan of pain as I gazed on him. Instantly I crouched down and felt his body, he was still breathing and his heart was working fine, but his eyes were somewhere else. Then he stopped moving, I was so scared for him, I didn’t want him to die. I felt his neck and his body and there was no pulse, no breathe. I calmed myself and channeled my energy into my hands. I put them close to him but never touched him and put my energy into his lifeless body. A few moments later I heard another meow, this time his mouth did not move, and it was as if it came from another place, echoing inside my ears. I kept channeling this energy and soon after he jerked to life( keep in mind I never touched him) his eyes dilated again and he was full of life. I grabbed him up and brought him to the vet. They said he had suffered a diabetic seizure (he had been diabetic for sometime). The weird thing was that after this he no longer needed as much insulin. We used to give him 10 cc’s but now he only needed 1cc. There was another time, when I used my energy in such a way.

My father had suffered some kind of an affliction, he thought he was dying. He was in much pain and was stiff and paining near his left arm. Most likely it was a heart attack. I tried to take the pain into me in a hope that if two split the pain then the one would survive the attack. I felt a horrible pain envelope my left arm as I imagine he felt too. It was almost unbearable, but I kept up because I could not lose my father. He and I felt better in almost an hour.

I have performed many such miracles, as they should be called, and have seen many things. My life now is troubled by our future and it seems pretty dim for mankind. This new war cannot come to be, for if it does we shall all pay for it with our lives. This is my word and it is all true. I seek to form a new understanding of our lives and the energy which unites us. John Ethan Maksuta

I think you might find it useful to read our section on psychic children and specifically the pages on the Indigo children… you have some real ability… you may also find the works of Carolyn Myss and Barbara Brennan on Hands of Light very helpful in giving you some encouragement and also some tools… and perhaps some resources… I hope you are meditating daily and also keeping a journal of your experiences… Blessings and Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

To whom it may concern. This is the first time I’ve heard about the indigo children and what you guys describe matches very closely to me. Except I’m 18 years old. Is this too old for the category and if so is there a name for people from 1985 and before. Ever since I was a kid, even before primary school I have always thought of myself as different. Even to this day I find it very hard to find other people who think the same way I do or share my feelings. From an early age I always used to see things around me that others couldn’t see. I also used to spend hours just talking to voices within my mind. I know it sounds a bit crazy but they have always been there ever since I was little. Actually I never have thought of it as crazy to tell the truth. Calling things crazy is just a habit I’ve gotten into because of society in general. It’s just a defense mechanism I developed so that I could be perceived as normal and accepted. But when it comes down to it, I’ve always known everything I saw and knew were true.

All through my schooling I always had trouble dealing with it. Not because of learning difficulties but just that I found it to restricting. I hated being forced to do thing in school and would always recoil against such actions. It got to the stage where I’d simply daydream in the middle of class to ease my frustration. Nevertheless I flew through the schooling system.

Not to sound like I’m bragging but I just found it very easy and it always confused me that others couldn’t see conclusions as easily as I could. I’ve always excelled at the creative subjects like art, music and English but have hated the more regimented subjects of maths. I’ve always had a fascination with the unknown so science also attracted me. It got to the stage where i used to spend my free time reading non fiction books to learn as much as possible. Nevertheless I finished school and am now studying at university but even this makes me feel trapped. I’ve always had a hate for being trapped or caged. I don’t fear it. I just despise it. What I’d love to do is pack my bags and explore the world. I want to live and experience every place and every culture. I don’t want to stay living in this one place for the rest of my life. I especially feel a calling to the ruins in South America and South East Asia, as well as Antarctica . But unfortunately jumping from country to country is not an easy economic venture and I need to earn a living. But that just makes me feel more frustrated then ever. Ah well that’s a fair deal of background info.

Someone once viewed my aura and it actually shocked him. For some reason he was very surprised. He described what he saw and this was it – An almost stormlike chaotic swirl of blacks, dark blues, dark purples, and occasionally silver flashes that lit everything up and made the other colours much brighter. He didn’t get a chance to explain what it meant and im curious. Any opinions?

I’ve always known I was special. There was a stage through school years 7-10 that I lost my direction but it came back stronger then ever. Ever since kindergarten I’ve been questioning reality. Whether life was just a dream, why are we here. I used to have extremely vivid dreams before primary school with recurring people. One of them I’ve learnt is my future incarnation as odd as it sounds. Ever since 2001 I’ve had a massive surge in my spiritual growth including a bombardment of images from my past lives and my future life. I’ve been lucky enough to have met people whom I knew back in the past and in the future. I’ve been extraordinarily lucky in that sense. It seems I tend to attract or am attracted to other psychic individuals. But even with them I feel an inability to connect. Yes there is a small degree I can share but despite that I still feel alone and separated like no one understands the feelings I have about this existence. I’ve always been fascinated with the notion of magic and how reality is only limited by our imaginations, if anything I feel a calling towards exploring it and currently I am trying to learn how to alter reality. However I feel no particular connection to any religion or belief. I feel instead that my path lies through what I discover through my soul and myself. Not some external deific agent. Even a lot of new age beliefs feel foreign to me and my soul just wont let me accept them, telling me that the ideas are valid but there is more to it. Instead I find I tend to appropriate what i feel is right from countless beliefs around the world. I’ve found that no one belief group can show me what I need to know and that in the end although other people and texts can show me information that it comes down to me to find what is correct and move from there to my own development.

I may not be the most powerful psychic out there but there are things I can do (I’ve always been curious as to how powerful I actually am). I can see my past lives as I’ve mentioned. I also have a bit of prophecy but it’s always been about the distant future which leads me to doubt whether its true or not as it’s events that won’t happen for a long time. The one event that has happened that Ii knew about was the war with Iraq and Afghanistan . Although there are some true motives behind the war the largest motive is perhaps the Americanization of the Middle East . By that I mean the placement of select and key figures within government ranks and a build up of trade ties etc. We can expect similar actions against other Middle Eastern countries in future. Many of which wont involve war but simple economic action between nations. I think Syria or a nation next to it may be a key figure. From that America develops a key stronghold in the middle east which will play a great role military-wise in the world war that will occur in a few decades. I have seen further things into the future but too much to mention in one email.

I also have a propensity for daydreaming. It’s my way of meditation I guess and works wonders. People talk about breathing properly or clearing the mind but the way I see it trying to clear the mind only causes more thoughts. Afterall you have to ‘think’ to actively try something. Me, I just relax and let my mind wander wherever it wants to take me, often its fantastic worlds or just playing out events in which things may have happened differently. I also have another form of meditation where i just relax and let my mind expand and my awareness open. Really hard to explain but i can do it very easily. I tend to alternate between the two forms as my mood depicts.

I have an ability that I don’t quite understand yet use it I do – Whenever I talk to someone after a few moments of conversation I can usually tell exactly what the persons personality is like and also key generalized events in their past. Although I can’t see the exact events I can tell the person exactly what has led to their current personality including family, friends, childhood trauma. This has led to me being able to help people easily which I have taken pride in. Though it occasionally frustrates me that people can’t see the answers to their own problems that I can see I remain helpful. People are always coming to me with their problems, even complete strangers. I don’t let it bother me. Though sometimes I can’t help but be true to my inner nature and feel frustrated at the responsibility I impose upon myself.

I also can see things simply by hearing someone describe it. Even if I’ve never been there. I find it hard to do without some form of pointer. But all I need is a small mention of even one feature or even an event that happened there and I can describe the rest of the situation in full. For example my friend mentioned a spirit in his hallway. From just those words I fully described the spirit and went onto describe not only the hallway but also the light conditions in it.

I feel a strong connection to nature, especially mountains and forests and I have crystals through my room. I know that many people believe that certain crystals hold specific energy qualities but I do not follow that. I’ve found that each crystal is an individual. Each has its own unique field of energy. E.g. I have 2 amethysts – one feels peaceful and complacent but the other radiates an intense aura of dynamic urgency.

I can feel the energy in things. Although I can’t see who or what owned them etc. I just find I can feel the energy within objects, around me, in people. I have a talent for sniffing out areas of high energy levels or always knowing how to get home from anywhere. I’ve spoken to many psychics and in this area I feel different from them. All the ones I know speak of specific events, people, chakras etc. They hold an object and see its owner, past etc. Whereas for me everything is always about energy. Always about the fact that I can feel the flows in an object, the flows in the air, the energy of a sound or music, the emotional energy output of a person, the energy build up signifying an important event. I feel the energy of spirits before i see them etc. I remember I was with a psychic and she asked me to read a ring she had and if I could tell its history. I couldn’t do it. And she said it was her husbands. I then had an inkling of something as when I was holding it I felt an energy tug so I pointed this out and told her the ring wanted to go up into the mountains. She then said that’s where her husband was. Nothing special but an event I decided to mention anyway.

As a last point I want to discuss a dilemma I have. I know this has moved away from the original topic but I’ve jest been letting this flow as it comes out. I guess this email was more a way to get thoughts off my mind and the indigo child aspect merely triggered a cascade of other questions. Anyway onto the dilemmas. As I’ve mentioned I feel energy in things and I believe the key to development is the learning of how to explore this energy. I have a strange occurrence whenever I try to channel large amounts of energy. I can do it quite quickly as well – a technique from my past life. To begin with all is fine, I can feel the energy flowing through my body and soul, it’s like an amazing rush of pure force. To describe it as amazing is an understatement. But I always hit this certain point where this little part of my mind clicks and i shudder and lose the control of the energy. I eventually realized that deep in my mind is a fear. Despite how strongly I feel dedicated to learning and developing my soul there is a hidden fear within me to take the next step. It’s like I’ve hit a wall with my development. actually a better description is I’ve hit a towering cliff face that I’m at the top of. And the only way forward is to jump down. But I fear to take that last step. And I don’t know why I fear it.

Argh well that went severely off the original topic but it just flowed that way. Ah well hope this isn’t too long a ramble. Search far and thanks. Peter

Dear Peter, there are many Indigos in your age group and everything you describe fits the description…. you will need to be brave and jump into the void… the reason for the darkness in your aura is because of the “negative” attitudes and beliefs that you have acquired, not only in this lifetime, but from previous lifetimes… but you have a tremendous advantage in being able to clear this old darkness so that the flashes of light you receive stay with you and continue to brighten your aura…. you can use your insight to look within and see for yourself what is blocking you and what you can do about it…

From the beginning, I have said that the Indigo children would have their own challenges to cope with… and you have identified them very quickly… congratulations… work with yourself to fill yourself with light and love, to notice your fears and angers and resentments… as you shed led on your own dark spaces, you’ll find yourself moving through whatever walls you are faced with, and being able to fly off the cliffs you may find yourself stuck on… Hope that helps some, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

My name is Ashwin and I had been seeking for information on the indigo children desperately over the web until I stumbled across this site. I just didn’t know how to bring my personality towards people to tell them who I really am. I am a very outgoing person, extremely confident but am strangely lonely. Not that I lack any friends. Its just that I have not met one whom I can tell who I am, well at least not without sounding conceited. Ever since I gained consciousness I am aware of something hidden in plain sight. I feel that I was born at the beginning of ‘time’. I am highly aware of the presence that guides me. I sometimes have a feeling that overwhelms and I know that the entire universe is contained within me and I don’t know how to exactly put that. It makes me feel like I’m going to explode. And the funny part of it all is that I somehow know that what I feel is perfectly normal.

I KNOW that I there is much more to me. I constantly probe to find answers. But I know that I need not search around for it. Rather I need to search within. I know that I am very different from others in my peer group. I am aware that it is when I find ‘MYSELF’ or rather ‘the self’ that I will know peace and love and wisdom and strength and I will feel one with all that there is. I know that everything happens for a reason and have this ability to sense distress. I also have this habit of going to people and telling that I think I know them. I don’t know why I do it but I somehow feel that I should let it out. I am not a victim of myself. I am familiar with myself but I can’t put my feelings in a manner that exhibit the control I have over myself. My age is now 17 and I have been seeking the answer to my life. Peace and love be with you.

I am not surprised by your note… the sense of being a step ahead somehow, at least out of sync with what’s around you… and it can be difficult to be around folks when you can see so much… I had to stop going to bars many years ago when I noticed that I came away feeling so depressed – the alcohol seemed to take folks’ defenses down and it was too easy for me to see their pains and dysfunctions…

The good news is that this will shift as you get more grounded in this reality. As you reach out, you will find some folks who share your space…

One of your biggest challenges in this life is to invoke the love vibration around you – visualize yourself in a gorgeous bubble of pink and green light, the colours of Divine Love – see this light filling you up, then filling up your room, your home, your school… your city… see it surrounding the planet… this will help you to attract some folks with whom you can share your true self… and it will also help to heal the planet…what you came here to do. Hope that helps some. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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