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Managing the Downside: The Sensitivity of Young Psychics

Managing the Downside: The Sensitivity of Young Psychics

I found your website whilst searching for information on psychic children and wondered whether you might offer a few basic guidelines regarding my son, who is now 16. There is little doubt in my own mind that he has considerable sensitivity and is very impressionable; in fact he is exactly what one would expect in someone born under the astro-sign of Cancer, both in looks and behaviour. He has a long-abiding interest in rocks and gems; loves birds and most other animals; and has a great talent for sciences, specially those of the new hi-tech and space-age sectors. He is currently noting his dreams (when he can remember them) and says that several have come true, although they are not marking any great event.

The downside, especially during this year, is his extreme sensitivity. It has caused problems in his school-life and he is currently having counselling…much of it is to do with how he handles relationships with his peers. He has no personal protective “shell” and seems vulnerable to lots of “waves” coming from other people. He feels different and finds it hard to understand how to react and behave with his peers. He has also been very secretive in his behaviour at home, in various ways.

Both my husband and myself are, thankfully, aware of other worlds and existences. There is a modest thread of psychic awareness running through both sides of the family, so my son’s behaviour isn’t really a surprise. My husband has had numerous “hunches” about things that have often come true; he saw his dead father recently; and I have also seen one or two ghosts, had several out-of-body events and have a slight leaning to clairaudience. So we are pretty well aware of things non-material!

My question is really, what approach should I take with my son, at this time? I do not want to stifle his inner development, but also I do not want to allow him to “experiment” in a way that might unsettle him mentally any further than he is now. I’m aware that very sensitive people can be vulnerable to unwelcome negative forces. He’s still having counselling, which is aimed at helping him to “discover himself” as a young person and learn some of the basics of social interaction which he is poor at. Complicating this with spiritual development seems unwise… what would be suitable “middle ground”? Chris

You’ll find a very useful note from Kathleen following… I would add keeping his diet as natural as possible and his environment also, focus on natural foods, lots of fruits and veggies, whole grains, nuts and seeds… minimal sweets, no simple starches, avoid caffeine, alcohol and even simple medications like a cold tablet could put him off his game… for example, I too am extremely sensitive… last winter I got a terrible flu and took two flu tablets, one in the morning and one at night… and by the next day I was so sick from the pills that the flu dug in…I also find that I need a quiet neighbourhood, could not live in an apartment building, too much energy flying around… getting him into a lot of good physical activity is very grounding and nature has a way of healing and communicating with sensitive souls, so things like long hikes, swimming, biking, skiing will help him a lot to ground out…

Also, I suggest you look up information about the Indigo Children… it is said that a new breed of humans is being born now – hypersensitive, many of them struggling with the current environment… Hope that helps some, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Namaste Chris

Your son does sound like a special guy indeed (and a fortunate one to have such a wonderful mom!). Psychic ability does typically start to bloom in adolescence – this is when it becomes much more obvious and the veil between the unseen world and the seen world gets very thin.

A couple of thoughts I did have reading your email…

Duke University has a research (Rhine Institute) which has a 40 year history of working with psychic ability. They might have some very helpful resources for you.

There are a couple of things that can be done to help your establish some psychic boundaries,

· Rituals which are designed to mark the boundary between the seen and unseen world.,
· The changes your son is experiencing (initiation rituals- passing through his stages of development) might also be extremely helpful ( look up “vision quests for adolescents in your web searches)
· Protection – there are symbols and objects that aid in psychic protection (purple plates – various rune stones, crystals etc) and he should have these close to him at all times,
· Physical discipline is extremely helpful! Ensure that he is getting his exercise – ie. Swimming classes, or better yet a martial arts class – this will help him to feel more confident, strong and in control. His psychic power needs grounding and the best way to ground it is in the body – spirit into matter is what we humans are !

Hopefully you’ll find some of this helpful. Look at your local community college for night classes on “developing your psychic senses” or a group that might meet regularly in your community. Blessings Kathleen

Is My Child Possessed?

I have a 2 year old boy called Tyler – could he be possessed or psychic? A few months ago one of my close friends fell pregnant, she came round mine and we were having a cup of tea and Tyler (out of the blue) said to Emma ‘baby’s dead baby’s dead’, we all couldn’t believed that he’d just said it. Anyway 2 months later my friend had a miscarriage. Is he Psychic or Possessed?

I doubt that Tyler is possessed, but it is very possible he is psychic, certainly very tuned in… it is actually quite normal for kids of this age to tune in so unconsciously… I’m sure Tyler didn’t really consciously recognize what he was saying… but just kind of zapped into it as a knowing… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

How do I Say What I See?

My name is Maiki and I’m 12 years old. I’m having a hard time telling my family I’m psychic.Okay see a year ago my mom was mad at me for asking to go somewhere, and grounded me, so sadly I ate my dinner and went to bed. That night my dad woke me and my brother up at 2-3am and took me an him to my grandmothers house. I woke up and had a horrible dream that my mother was going to have blood clots in her liver and pass away. I went back to sleep without telling anyone because, I thought I may be called a freak. So the next morning the hospital called us and told us to go down there. We were sitting in the lobby and my dad came out an said “Your Moms heart stopped beating” I was shocked, and kept praying “dont let my dream be true, please!” over and over. A few hours later she passed away from blood clots in her liver. I didn’t tell anyone about my dream because I might have been blamed for her death I just need to find out a way to explain, my dad has caught me talking to the dog before, and thinks I’m lying to him about stuff, and saying I need counseling. I’m to afraid to say anything because, I’m afraid of his reaction.

Following you’ll find a note from Barb Huning, a psycho-therapist, but I wanted to add a few notes of my own. First of all, just because you had a dream of what could happen to your Mom, doesn’t mean that you can be held in any way responsible when it actually happened… the dream came because your guides wanted to warn you, to alert you so you could be a bit prepared emotionally when you got the news, this kind of thing happens a lot – way more than you think – – and of course, to alert you to the fact that you are more than your physical body, that you have more ways of knowing things than through your mind..

But as Barb explains in her note, you don’t have to talk about what you know inside… in fact, a good thing for you to do would be to keep a private journal of your psychic experiences and dreams… this helps you to develop them, begins to act like a bit of a reference tool for you – and if you will date your entries, it also helps to validate what is going on for you.

The next thing is that it’s important to try to relax with who you are – some of the reason you want your Dad to know is because you want him to approve of you – maybe even to think you’re kind of special – that’s normal, every young person wants their parents to feel that way about them – and when something like this comes up, you get to feeling a bit ashamed even, scared certainly – because you know he won’t approve… and Dad thinking you may need counselling, well he’s just being a really good dad – knowing you’ve all been through a terrible trauma, he wants to be sure you’re OK… and you ARE!

So, if you can learn to quietly go about the business of being the most you can be – and that includes developing your psychic ability, I think, in time that your Dad and the rest of your family will accept that you can see and know things from inside.

What I am saying is that your Dad just wants to be sure that you’re OK in life – so be the best young man you can be, show him that being psychic isn’t about being weird, it’s about using ALL of your smarts to do well in life, and I promise you he’ll come round…

If you are pretty good at everything else and pretty normal in most other ways, then it’s a whole lot easier for folks to accept that you have some other pretty special gifts too.

An example from my life… I had been working as a psychic for almost 10 years, but had been afraid to tell my father what I did for a living… I was a grown woman with a grown son, and I was still nervous about him knowing… I knew he’d think I was crazy… but then the day came when I had this huge web site and this work was taking up every ounce of my time – and had begun the sole source of revenue for me… and at the same time, I had a pretty good life, had bought a little car, a nice little house, my handicapped son was doing very well – my life looked pretty normal in every way except in the type of work that I had chosen… that’s when I went and talked to my Dad… I should have figured, I get my psychic ability also through him – he’d pretty much figured out that I was doing something kind of different – but more importantly, he was so happy to have someone to talk with about his experiences that he didn’t even think to ask whether this work actually could support me… I was shocked.

For my dad, and probably yours also, all he really cared about was that I had a good life and was being the best person I could be…

Communicating with animals is an excellent way of developing your abilities so I hope you will keep it up, There’s are some very good books on animal communications – you should be able to find some at the library… try reading – and also the Harry Potter series.. Hope that helps some, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

You are afraid that your family will be afraid of your ability, and that it will harm your relationship with them and perhaps result in punishments also for you. My best advice is to find other people whom you can talk to about this, and keep it confidential with your family for now. Meet your own needs, and understand that your family truly might not be able to handle it. Later on, when you are older, you will be stronger and more independent and you can play it by ear in deciding if, and what, to tell them, and how, and you must do it when you feel fully prepared to handle their reactions. You can find people online like this to talk to, you can read, you can look for other psychic friends. Know that your gift really is nothing scary, but that some people will feel scared by it, and as time goes on, you can look for ways to share it with people in a way that they can understand without fear- and help them with their fear. I have been living with this situation for 43 years now, and many people in my life do not have any idea that I have psychic abilities. I do not burden either them or myself by telling them- and I feel OK about it. For a long time it disturbed me a great deal to have such an important part of my life be kind of a secret. What helped me was finding other people who are familiar and comfortable with it. I have my “weird” friends, and then there are the people who just know me as a regular person. You will be OK! Warmly, Barb Huning

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