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Indigo Children: The Forerunners

The Indigo Child:
Indigo Forerunners – A lost generation finding themselves?

Wisdom and insight beyond their years…….
Here we’ve presented the best of the questions and answers…..
If you have a story of a young psychic, someone who seems to be an Indigo child or an entire community of magical Indigo kids, email us .

I’ve just read your web site for the first time; the fascinating page on psychic children. I was wondering if you could assist me in my journey… What are the children born in the 1970’s called? People of my generation who are now in their early 30’s or late 20’s…….?

I identify so much with the stories of Indigo children, star beings, etc., yet I have never read any accounts of the “lost” children of my generation. Who are we? Where are we? How can I, as an early 30’s adult, get the support and nurturance I need, given the gifts I have?

I have wondered for many years where the lost children of my generation are and how come we never read any accounts of their/our special abilities. Derided by the press as Gen X, we never got the attention these younger children are getting, yet I know there have to be many more psychically gifted adults from my era….

Can you help me? I would really love get in touch with others from my age group, and get help to direct me to resources that would support me in finding the community I would need in order to process some of this material. After reading your web page and the accounts of young people on it, I felt amazed that I “know” the same things as these young people…. Yet no one is out there guiding us older ones….. Thank you. PEACE. Namaste. Al

Al, you’ll find a note following from Sherie, but I wanted to add some notes of my own… As with every shift in consciousness and energy, the Indigo children had their forerunners… they can’t really be defined by a specific age group, and therefore it is very likely that you are one of them, simply one of the earlier ones… unfortunately many of your generation were lost… their parents, reeling from the 60’s, were some of the first real druggies, and so some of them were lost to chemical problems of one sort or another, another group was lost in a sense to capitalism and the world of big money, whether in sports or entertainment or business – there was an economic boom in the works….

It really wasn’t cool for your generation to explore their spiritual selves, to think too deeply about life, or to be generous and thoughtful of others… your generation is among the least giving when it comes to charities or anything where others’ needs must be considered… Gen X really was the first ME generation, or at least the products of the first, and so they have encountered many more challenges than previous generations or subsequent, I think… for example, sexuality, whether homo or hetero or bi – yours was probably the first generation to have that choice presented and even encouraged… so with all of this heat on a very physical level occurring, it became extremely difficult for folks of your generation to tap into their deeper selves… not only wasn’t it cool, but there was a lot more going on… a lot more toys available because of the general prosperity… and so, many of you were “lost”, at least for awhile… as you enter your 30’s now, you will find yourselves questioning the values that you adopted though, and many of you will kind of wander back to your soul-selves and reconnect with your Indigo energy….

I can’t think of any groups though and can only suggest that you use the web to reach out to others, join some discussion groups… don’t be concerned about the ages of the folks you are connecting with – my friends run the gamut in terms of both cultural backgrounds and age groups… and I learn from all of them… if you just start reaching out to others who share your interests, you will find others in your age group. Hope that helps, now a note from Sherie… Lotsaa LLLove, Danielle

The Forerunners Reconnecting Now

Al, if you were born in the seventy’s you had the best chance for worldly success – no draft, much financial opportunity, and the computer to access information so you should not have been trapped in survival mode, lower chakras! Moving through second chakra could get you stuck for awhile in the drugs most of your generation certainly did their share of experiencing. You had large groups of young people facing broken homes as women were able to support themselves and make more life choices. FEW were FOLLOWERS – MANY FREE THINKERS DEVELOPED. Now you’re ready to dive inside with reflection and meditation. Allow nature to be your guide, look around, she is always showing you your next step – relax, rest and trust from inside. All higher mind bodies guide from within – Reiki is always a big leap simple and profound. Sherie

The Indigo Path Isn’t Always Easy….

Hi. I just heard about indigo children recently and I must say I am completely….well, it’s taken my breath away. Everything about these indigo children that I have read so far describes me to a “T”. I’ve always felt extremely special and important during the course of my life, yet I have no traits that allow me to function normally in society. I’m very psychic, I have actually developed those “powers” over the years, learning how by ways other than reading books about them. I’ve always felt a powerful connection to the earth, and an intense need to protect it. I am VERY spiritual, yet I follow no system of beliefs. I cannot. It’s not in my nature. I’ve learned how to listen to the earth, and will things to happen in my life. My pattern of thought is completely different from anyone else that I have ever met, I feel I can see how everything fits together. I have always thought that I was somehow an “evolved” human, part of the beginning of something special… like when trees first blossomed millions of years ago. I’m very self realized, I have been since I was very young. I actually started questioning my existence before I started kindergarten. I’m 19 years old, yet I still feel and think like a little child, although I feel as old as time. I can actually remember coming into existence into this body, and it has haunted me my entire life. I lead a very very strange life. The thing is though, what I have read so far about indigo children, I don’t fit into the “time period” that they say these children have been born in. I was born in 1982. Does that matter?

Also, about what you said about parents feeling that their children are “wrong”, my mother and I have always had problems. She would always try to direct me in a direction I didn’t want to go, and when I refused it, she would try to control me, and eventually she just assumed I was crazy. I cannot stand being controlled. I dropped out of high school because I disliked the learning system with a passion. I learned alright, but I refused to do my work (actually, I think I understood the material much better than my fellow hard working students). I would write essays to the teachers about what I thought about their teaching methods, and what I thought about the material. All of my teachers felt I was really intelligent, but I frustrated them by not applying myself. I challenged authority. I didn’t believe anyone was my “authority” unless I gave them that authority. I refused to have boundaries. I was a loner. Finally I just said, “XXXXX it. I’ll get alot more done and learn alot more in life if I go out and experience it.”
So, here I am. Life is a struggle because I cannot do the things other people do. If I do, it feels like I am dying. I cannot be in a stressful work environment. Currently I work as a “go-go” dancer at an S & M club, and I love it…..but it doesn’t pay nearly enough. I don’t know. Sometimes I just want to live as a hermit out in the woods and be the natural mystic I am.

Anyways, I would like to know what you think. Maybe all this babble was interesting to you.

Please write back, I’m an indigo child? (oh yeah, on a second note….I never went through the normal stages of a child.) thank you. Memory Collins

It sounds very much like you are one of the new breed of especially sensitive folks… I hope you are keeping a journal of your knowing and experiences and practicing some daily meditation – will help you to stay balanced with it. Reach out to others in your peer group who share your inner knowing. While you are older than many Indigo children, there are many also around your age and even older. You fit the profile, you also fit the profile of someone with a very high IQ.

Listen, hon, I can relate to much of what you are saying, but if it is also true that you are an Indigo child, then you are specially gifted in many ways and you must find ways of expressing these gifts or you will find the gifts disappearing and be very unhappy in life. It would be far better for you to head for the hills right now than to be working as a Go-Go dancer… please understand that I have little opinion in reality about this work, but I know the energy that is around it and for someone who has a spiritual calling, this energy will ultimately start causing you some problems… we each need to see and experience life on our own terms in order to decide for ourselves what our real values are, and the world you are working in will give you a bird’s eye view of who we are as a species, at least one aspect of who we are… but there is much more that you need to explore. In order for your gifts to come true, you need to live as natural and balanced a life as you can… your work attracts those who are imbalanced in many ways, people’s anxieties and pain and insecurities rise to the surface when they are drinking… and as an Indigo child you cannot help but absorb some of this energy as you observe it… so while I hear that you love your job, please consider another way of earning a living… something that is more in alignment with your true nature…

Despite your inner wisdom, you are at that stage in your physical life when you must rebel against your conditioning in order to find your own values… Do consider that your choice of work right now might just be a way of rebelling against your mother’s controls and teachings… poor woman, as many of her generation, she was completely unprepared for the likes of you! I am not surprised that you found yourself opposed…

So, in your mother’s place, I must ask you to treasure yourself and your gifts, to begin to really accept the specialness in you, and to explore it and embrace it… there are hundreds of excellent books that you can read to help you learn the basics so you function in your abilities… there are rules, you know, that we must understand… like basic chemistry and physics – these days quantum physics – that will help you understand how to work with your abilities… and what work to begin moving towards so that your whole self is in alignment with your deepest nature.

I hope I have given you something to think about… . Best wishes and Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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