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Coping With the Night Terrors

Coping With the Night Terrors

One of the most common challenges faced by psychic children is the night terrors, bad dreams, disturbed sleep… Here we offer some insights and advice about how to make the nights more peaceful…

Lack of Sleep is Causing Real Troubles…

I’ve been wondering for quite a long time what is going on with my son. Recently he has opened up to me, and I’m not sure what to do. He is 13 yrs old now and I don’t even know how we got on the subject but he just started talking about deja vu and some things that really scare him, and concern me. He told me how he has deja vu all of the time at least a couple of times a day. He swears up and down that he doesn’t dream very often, he only gets deja vues of things that end of happening usually the next day, but he never remembers them until they are happening…then he knows whats going to happen next. Like for instance he had a deja vu of a boy from school handing him a paper, and the next day at school it happened and my son said that the boy had on the same shirt with the same number on the shirt as he had seen in his deja vu. Most of the deja vues don’t seem of big importance, some have to do with fights he is going to get into with other students, etc. But there are some that are scary to him.

He said that when he does dream they are nightmares…of blood all around and what he described must be the devil himself (the biggest Goblin you could imagine). I do know that he is awake just sitting up in bed a lot of times if I get up in the middle of the night…he will even sometimes acknowledge me when I walk by his bedroom door. He has had night terrors (or at least this is what I always thought they were), ever since he was a baby. He would wake up screaming (not just crying) a terrified scream, and he would also be trembling…I could never wake him up from these, all I could do was hold him and comfort him until he would settle down.

Throughout the years I would catch him walking in his sleep, and I would tell him to go back to bed…and he would go but it was like he was in a zombie like state. Sometimes if I didn’t hear him get up, I would just find him asleep on the living room couch. During our recent conversation he spoke of why he would go to the couch and sleep was to get away from the Goblin…he even said one time that while he was on the couch a man came up from our basement and walked over to him, he described this man in great detail (grey hair, with a fishing cap that had pins hanging on it, and carrying a large tool box)…as he described him all I could think of was my father that had passed away long before my son was ever born…he said the man looked down at him and smiled with twinkling blue eyes, and then my son said he wasn’t scared anymore…he then said the man walked out the front door and my son went after him to say goodbye but when he opened the door that the man wasn’t anywhere to be seen.

My son also talked about seeing people or shadows all over the house mainly in our hallway…I do have to admit that there were strange things that seemed to happen there…things that I pretty much just tried to shrug off with some kind of logical explanation. He also spoke of a green light in his closet and a long tongue coming out of it….though I don’t know what to think of all of that.

My son has always had behavior problems from preschool on, we were told he was ADHD and put him on Ritalin in the second grade. I never really agreed with this but it seemed the only way of him not being suspended from school for fighting all of the time. He was tested by a psychologist for ADHD due to the school’s insistence of the problem. The doctor gave us a full report of his results which showed him as a highly advanced borderline gifted child…also stating that his best environment would be a one on one tutor (but that wasn’t an option we could afford).

He has never gotten along well with children in groups (one on one is fine), he generally has always gotten along well with adults unless challenged…i.e. he thinks he knows all and therefore will tell his teacher that isn’t how it is with a logical explanation as to why he thinks this. His elementary principal seemed to understand him very well, which helped him get through some tough times of school. He was always easily bored during class, and still is even though he’s in the top level in his classes. He doesn’t really like any kind of competitive sports, but does like swimming, biking, etc. He is very sensitive to touch, and doesn’t like to be even tapped on the shoulder. He is a very loving child to little ones, and most of the time to me…but can easily get angry or frustrated especially if he feels no one understands him or iis listening to him. Which might be from a lack of sleep…ever since he was a baby it seemed like all he would sleep was a couple of hours a night.

I hope this gives you some kind of insight as to what he’s like. I do know that it took a lot for him to finally talk to me about all of this, and he was very emotional at the end of our conversation. All I could really tell him was that the deja vues were probably a gift and that maybe they could be useful to him one day, I didn’t know what to tell him about the nightmares, because frankly I don’t know why he has them and he says it always the same just lots of blood and a huge Goblin. Please email me a response as to some kind of advice, I don’t really want to take him to a therapist who might think he’s absolutely crazy…because I know that this isn’t the case. Oh I did forget to mention that I only had him on the Ritalin for about a year. . I appreciate your time and any assistance that you might be able to advise me. Thank you….a very concerned mother, Sharon.

Well, dear, this isn’t an easy one… the first thing I want to suggest is that you learn as much as you can about spirituality, dreams and being psychic so you will be better prepared to answer his questions and help him to make good use of his gifts… chances are he is one of the Indigo children… we have had several letters recently from Mom’s with kids like yours who are also suffering with night terrors.

The next thing is to urge you to keep his diet and life as balanced as possible… your son is running on a very high energy level, he risks “going over the edge” as an adult, in a sense losing his mind, if he is not able to get a grip as a young man.. teaching him to eat naturally – ie no processed or fast foods, minimal sugars, no sodas, or simple starches, and minimal dairy, instead mostly fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds and grains will not only make him feel better, but will help him to put some of the night terrors at bay.

Next is to use some natural remedies like aromatherapy – Lavender in the air, on his pillow, amethyst in his room near his head, clearing with sea salt (pour it around the edges of his room at night, and all around the house to keep the ghosts away…) make sure he gets lots of fresh air and some physical exercise, especially late day, early evening, soothing music, a healthy snack before bed,… and finally prayer and meditation before he goes to bed, visualizing himself surrounded in a beautiful bubble of pink and green light… these are the colours of Divine Love, and actively invoking this energy around him will help him find a balance… tell him to call on his angels and guides for help when he is frightened. He has a number of powerful beings around him, waiting for him to call on them for help, all he has to do is ask and they will come and protect him.

It is hard for him to speak of what goes on for him, hard for him to verbalize because his mind processes so much information in images… you might suggest that he start keeping a journal of his experiences, and to draw pictures of them… this will help him to process the information that comes to him in this way, and to ground himself in this dimension.

The other thing you need to understand is that his world moves much faster than the average person’s, he is responding to a lot more subtle stimuli that most folks have been conditioned to screen out… this is rattling and mind-boggling for him, and I am not surprised that he sometimes loses it… it is important that your home provide a soothing space for him to retreat to, his bedroom should be in soothing colours and, simply furnished, less is more for this young man…he should not have too much stuff around it in order for him to be able to find a place to settle… if he doesn’t have a pet, I feel this would be an important addition to your home, would help him to calm down more easily and focus.

You’ll find following a visualization that may help him at night… but the most help of all, hon, will be your digging in and learning as much as you can about what is going on for him, learning about ghosts and spirits will help him a lot… and teaching him that he is not a victim here, that he can control these spirits and send them away… tell them to go to the light, pray for them, send them love and light – they are showing themselves to him for a reason… and teaching him also that he can make what seems like a disadvantage right now work as a real asset in the future, that he can gain control over his body and mind… and channel all that energy into a highly productive life…

I want to say that even though it is hard for him to talk about these things, try to keep the door open now that he has begun to speak of these things… there are some very good books on spirits and spirituality geared to young people like him – get one and just leave it in his room for him without comment… next time you are having a quiet time together just comment “if you get to feeling really scared, you know you can just come and sit with me, we don’t have to talk about anything”… or, “I know you have some experiences that a lot of other folks might think are weird, but I want you to know that I don’t think you’re weird, and I will listen any time you want to talk about them.” tell him to call on those angels and guides around him for help whenever he needs it…

Finally, your son does not get enough sleep and this has a real physical affect on him… please yourself call on his angels and guides for help there… this is a common problem among the Indigo children, they just don’t need the same amount of sleep and may be wired somewhat different so they don’t need quite so much… but your son definitely needs more than three hours at a time… this lack of sleep will have a powerful affect on his abilities and is at the root of the night terrors… I urge you to find someone who can do a little energy work on him, even reiki or reflexology would help him to balance somewhat… read about aromatherapy – he will respond well to vibrational healing modalities because he is so “high” on the electrical frequency scale… mediation would help him a lot. Teach him to work with his breath, to breathe in deeply, visualizing his own highest energy coming into him from a big gold sun, seeing himself in a pink and green bubble calling on Divine Love when he’s scared… it is important to teach this young man to get control, and to feel some control, to recognize that there is a purpose in all that occurs… he will be able to conquer the night terrors when he starts feeling his power… Hope that helps some, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Afraid of the Dark

My son Matthew is now 12. The doctors have said he is ADHD, ODD, and Hypertension Explosive Disorder.

Matthew has always been afraid of the dark. When he was little he would call them monsters… as he got older he would call them shadows. It was hard to get him to go to sleep… bedtime always became a fight and it still does.

We lost Matthew’s brother almost 3 years ago… this really set Matthew off. Right after Ashley died, he would wake up screaming get away from me… there where alot of time he would not even have a chance to fall asleep.

One night right after he laid down this happen. My father heard him first. He leaved back behind our trailer. But then he woke me up… I had took some medication because I had became very depressed after my son’s death. My husband also was a sleep. But he woke us up. I jumped up and ran to him, as did my husband, and father.

He was shaking very bad. He said that there was a person coming towards him. He said it had a robe on that covered its head. He never saw the face. Plus it had a blue light around it. It always started from the livingroom at the place where his brother died.

Later about six months later, we where at my son’s grave. I was crying asking Ashley to forgive me. (The doctors left the operation up to me. Ashley had been very sick 2 years before hand and had 49 operations on his head during that time. He had started getting sick with his lungs and the doctor said that it was only a matter of time before that killed him. So when his shunts, tubes to drain the fluid off the brain, malfunction, they said it was up to me. Ashley wanted to be with the angels he was seeing. So I took Ashley home to die.) Matthew told me that Ashley asked him to give me a message.

He said that he was happy… that me not having the operation gave him more time with us. That if I had the operation he would have died on the operating table… that he did not blame me. Matthew then told me he sees dead people… that sometimes they even have blood on them… this scares him.

I told him that he had control and he could tell them to leave. I also told him the angels where also there to help and protect him… he is getting better but we still have a hard time at bedtime. He will find one excuse after another to get up. He is on medication to help him sleep, along with ADHD medication… the only time he goes right off to sleep is if he takes his medication at least an hour before he goes to bed.

So this is our story so far. By the way, I also have dreams that come true and it has been that way since I was a child… it doesn’t happen as much now, like it did when I was a child. My grandmother told me I had ESP, she told me when I was Matthew’s age. And from what I found out she and my mother did to. Thank You. Tabatha

I can completely relate – I too had just a few “bad” experiences as a child. And now my one young daughter is experiencing the same.

What I have done, I found this wonderful visualization technique for children that seems to work extremely well for BOTH my daughters (they are twins – and both are nervous sometimes at bedtime – much like Matthew). I have a feeling that maybe it would also work wonders for dear Matthew – for many things … not just “the dark”. Here is the technique that is used with my daughters:

Afraid of the Dark Visualization (for children)

To help a child who is afraid of the dark, add some lavender scent to a spray bottle of water. When the child has gotten into bed, spray an arch of fine mist from the floor up over the bed, and down to the floor on the other side. Have your child visualize the mist turning into a rainbow arch of brilliant color. Let the child know that the rainbow and its energies will still be there when the light goes out.

I really hope that works for both you and Matthew. He does in fact feel – much like yourself – to have very strong abilities, a lot of which he can’t quite understand (as with my own daughter). Abilities can in fact be passed down from generation to generation. But interesting to note is that not every sibling within one family will carry these abilities. For example, my son doesn’t really have any abilities (that he is aware of – everyone has abilities – just within some people the “veil” is much thinner than others), and neither does my other daughter (twin sister of the daughter who does).

Once again, I truly hope this will help out. As an added idea, perhaps consider allowing Matthew to carry a piece of hematite – or have it close to his bedside … as this stone acts as a grounding. :) Brightest of Blessings to you and your family, Lisa

AN UPDATE: A few months ago my one daughter – at the age of 13 – started to “flip out” so much come bedtime because she finally revealed to my husband and I that she kept hearing noises and voices in the middle of the night. She had been so frightened that she slept with a light on and constant music playing low in the background. To help her feel safe and grounded, I smudged her room with a mixture of sage, cedar and sweetgrass, and then placed an angel figurine at the side of her door – telling her that the angel is now “guardian of her room” and would not allow anyone or anything to enter unless she specifically gave permission to do so. Well, it has been approximately 5 months since I smudged her room … and so far she has had nothing to “report” to us! So yet another suggestion that folks can try (my intuition and wisdom I hold from my native ancestors obviously assisted me with the smudging “concoction” – as normally one would only smudge with either sage or sweetgrass. I however was “instructed” to use 3 of the 4 sacred medicines. Worked fabulously!). Lisa Caza

Check With Your Doctor

I have a 10 year old son named Joshua. Ever since his father and I divorced Joshua has had very weird experiences. When was 3 1/2 he had night terrors for at least 2 years. Every night he would wake up screaming that he couldn’t sleep because “the people” wouldn’t leave him alone. At the time we lived with my parents and they were even freaking out. The night terrors stopped eventually but he still says weird things. Like if someone close to him dies he says they come and see him to tell him goodbye and how special of a child he is. Joshua is pretty much a loner and the other kids his age are usually really mean to him for no apparent reason and this really worries me. It’s like adults are drawn to my son and other children are repulsed by him. He is a quiet caring little boy with a big heart and I’m just worried about him. He will not sleep in the dark, or even be out in the dark alone, also he is highly claustrophobic.

I also have a 12 year old son Zachary. He wakes up usually about 12-2 am saying really weird things like he can’t handle it anymore and that there is no way he will listen to “them” outside. Do you think that where we live that maybe something happened on this land years ago and maybe that could be the cause of a lot of this?

We also have a history of witches on my mothers side of the family. I myself get premonitions, really bad feelings that something bad is going to happen and when I do something happens. One day I was leaving to go Christmas shopping and I walked outside and everything looked kind of gray and hazy, so I came back in for about 5 minutes, to get more money and everything looked normal. 5 miles down the road there was a car flipped on its top with another car involved. Lisa

You must help Joshua to take control… you can start by giving him a good sized chunk of raw amethyst to keep near his pillow… the energy of the stone will help to protect him at night and give him some peaceful nights… then every night before he goes to bed, teach him to do a little energy work with his night prayers… tell him to call for his angels and guides to protect him at night, tell him he is the boss of his world, and he can banish these energies by calling for the light and Love when he is frightened… teach him to surround himself in a bubble of pink and green light – the colours of Divine Love before he goes to sleep, this also will protect him and give him strength… sounds like your son has some natural mediumistic abilities, but because of some deep fears, he is attracting the lower vibrational energies to him… so teach him to let go of the fear, that he can be strong in the light and he can deal with this…

That said, I have to comment that there are numbers of stories of these incidences being indicative of some other activity in the brain, some electrical malfunctioning, so I would encourage you to have him checked out by a doctor… my brother suffered from night terrors from the time he was a very small child… turns out it was the early signs of epilepsy which developed in a very mild form by the time he was 18. So, get your son checked out to be sure that everything is right electrically… then keep him on a natural diet, avoid sugars, simple starches, .processed and junk food and soda, lots of fresh veggies and fruit, whole grains – help him raise his vibrational frequency, lots of love and good living – outdoor play, a pet in the house, lots of laughter… this will help him raise his energy levels so the darker energy can’t get to him so easily. Hope that helps some, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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