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Born With Memories of Their Past Lives

Born With Memories of Their Past Lives

Along with easily seeing spirits, being able to see and move energy, a common characteristic of this generation of awesome young people is soul memory – the ability to remember past incarnations, an inherent understanding of the choices we make between lives and of reincarnation…. here are some fascinating stories….

My daughters name is Melissa, she is 5 years old. I believe that she has psychic abilities. She has informed me that I am one of her nicest mums, the one who lived in the castle was also very nice she says. She lived there with a mum and dad and one brother. Another mother that she has recalled to me lived in a house with her dad and brothers and sisters. The house caught fire and she said “Mum and Dad died and I was very sad” Her brothers and sisters also died and she had to live in another house with lots of children. I was wondering if this is past lives that she is recalling? She has explained the theory of gravity to me which really blew my mind. My father died just over a year ago and she said she can see him “in her mind”. He has moved her when she has been sleeping she told me. About 2 months ago she said that God took away her gift to see her grandad (and other relatives one being a grandad she never met and can describe in detail!). 2 Weeks ago she informed me that God gave her the gift back and she can now see her relatives again. She is the type of child that everybody gravitates towards. If we go shopping , doctors etc, people always notice her its uncanny. Could you confirm my suspicions that she is psychic? Thank you Annette

So, you already know the answer… so many of today’s young people are being born with very special abilities, and memories of previous incarnations. And they seem to be so filled with light and love that they stand out in a crowd… people naturally are drawn to the higher vibrations they are emitting…I am not surprised she thinks of you as one her nicest moms…. I am sure you are helping her a lot to get on with her purpose in this life…. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Grandmother Connections

Hello. I have a 4 1/2 yr old daughter that since she was born has been special, as are all children I know. But the past 6 months she has become more able to express herself. It started with her talking about her “white” grandma who wears a lot of jewerly and was her Poppop’s. My grandmother passed away almost 2 yrs ago but she adored my daughter. Then she started talking about her other mother and father, with names and that they lived in the mountains. She will cry while she speaks of them and her other brother and I suppose other animals. This evening she told me they saved her life when a house burned down? Needless to say I was shocked.

On Feb. 26th I gave birth to her brother and 2 days later my father passed unexpectantly. We were not close and my daughter had not seen him for almost a year and did not know him too well. She now keeps talking about her boyfriend Ed who loves her very much, he is her best friend and she said I can’t see him. She says he is dead. We did discuss that my father had died but she did not really know him. She also talks about him giving her a toy airplane and dolls. She says she wants to see him at her Old home.

What shocks me is that my dad’s name was Edward, nicknamed Ed and he was an airforce retiree who of course LOVED airplanes.

I don’t know what to do. I have just been reassuring her that I am her mommy and I love her very much. That she is ok and that she is our daughter. I don’t know if this is just an overactive 4 yr olds mind but this has been going on for awhile now so I have become concerned and luckily found this website. I read a message from an Elizabeth in Ca that mentioned just about the same thing my daughter did about her other mommy and daddy and I had to write. Thanks in advance for any insight. Melissa in Wa

and again….

My daughter is almost four years old and she seems to be able to read our minds. I’m not sure if she is psychic or if there is another name for it and was wondering if you could help.

Often either my husband or I will be thinking about something, sometimes even of things or people she wouldn’t know and she will ask about it like we were having the conversation with her meanwhile we were just thinking to ourselves. Sometimes one of us will be starting to say something and she will interrupt and answer or speak about what we were about to say but never got the chance. She does this mostly with my husband. She will start to talk about someone and then phone will ring and it will be them. I also have a 14 month old and since he was born when he would cry she would tell us what was wrong with him, he is cold or he wants a book or he is thirsty and we always follow her suggestions and she is always right and he stops crying.

She talks about the ghosts in her bedroom, she refers to them as the two girls and a boy and says they come from the walls. She tells us that she plays with them and sometimes will say she is tired in the morning b/c they kept her up last night. Since moving into this house my husband and I have noticed that the children’s toys will start to go off when no one is near them or if we are in the other room. Once a toy that you have to very deliberately press a button to get to play started going off in my son’s room while he was napping in his crib, it was on the other side of the room on a shelf. My daughter talks about them very mater of factly. We noticed the toys going way before she started mentioning about the ghost in her room and we were very careful to not mention anything about ghosts in front of her b/c we thought it might scare her, so I know it is not her repeating anything she heard but we always wondered if there weren’t ghosts in the house that were children.

She has always seemed old for her age and everyone always thinks she is much older than she is. Oddly enough my entire family always says that she has mannerisms of my grandmother who passed away years before Samantha was born. She has my grandmother’s name as her middle name.

I have started documenting things that happen since they seem to happen so frequently. I was hoping that you would be able to give me some suggestions about where to get more information, what you think about what I have told you, is she psychic, is that the right term for it, and what can I do as a parent to help her understand and grow her abilities? Thank you for your help, Dana

Well, you have a very special little girl there, and I suspect your son will also exhibit some of the same tendencies as he matures… I am so glad you trust her insights… about the ghosts, tell your daughter that she is the boss in her bedroom and that when she wants them to go away, she can tell them to and they must listen to her… tell her to tell them they must disturb her little brother when he’s sleeping, so they can only come to play with her and the toys when she invites them… explain that this little ghost is lost and that she can tell her to go to the light where she will find her Mommy and her own toys… and then together say some prayers for the little ghost… ask God and Mother to help this little one back home where she belongs…

She could very well be the reincarnation of your grandmother, but realize that she will be different now, having gained some insight on the other side…

You have already started journaling, and that’s important, otherwise, the best suggestion is for you to learn as much as you can about being psychic, mediumship and so on, so you can understand more of what your daughter is experiencing… talk to her angels and guides and your own, ask for help in doing the right thing for her…. Hope that helps some, enjoy! Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Past Lives and Flying

My daughter who is now six has been speaking of her “Other Parents”, since the age of three. I take what she says as real, and she will often talk of praying to them since she misses them so much. Another thing she says is that she flies at night. When asked where the goes, she says all over the world. Astral Projection???

She used to have bad nightmares and as a baby had night terrors. The night terrors have passed and the nightmares as well since I got her some crystals. Any ideas of any of this? Would truly appreciate any answers you could give me. Thanks Karyn

Well dear, she is certainly a very special little girl… given the night terrors and the anxiety over her previous parents, I have a sense that things ended abruptly in that life… From the sounds of it, you are handling this very well… the most important thing is to honour the memories… if you haven’t already, I think it might be useful to ask her some questions about these memories… examples, does she remember her parents’ names, where she lived before, what kind of house she was in… you could also talk with her about reincarnation.. tell her that most of us have lived before, but not so many of us remember like she does… you might also encourage her to draw some pictures of what she remembers from then… I have a feeling that there is some old trauma eating away at her… you did well putting the crystals around her. I think she is very sensitive to energy – you may also find that she has some environmental allergies… My best suggestion is to listen actively, perhaps even keep a journal of her memories and experiences – and be very noticing… there is more to this little one than meets the eye. Hope that helps some, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Thank you so much for your reply. Gives me a boost with regards to raising my daughter. Now one more question if I may? How should I deal with the nightmares she has most evenings. The crystals seems to have helped for a short period of time, yet no longer. Also she now seems scared of so many things. She does not want to go to bed at nightand she says she sees something green shining in her room at night. (There is nothing there). I have never had problems with putting her to bed before, but now it is a struggle most evenings. And then when I do get her to bed and asleep, she will awaken crying and scared. It is very difficult for her as her nights are not a full night of sleep and she gets up so tired in the morning. Any info you could send would be most appreciated. Hugs Karyn

I haven’t had all of the replies back, but the general consensus is that there may be something more going on here, if you haven’t spoken with your family doctor, I would urge you to do so… also think about moving her bed – her head should be at magnetic north. Tell her that because she has a body and a room of her own, she’s “driving the bus” with these spirits, that she can take control and tell them to get lost… teach her to say a prayer, to call on God and her angels and guides to send these spirits away when they bother her… to surround herself in a bubble of pink and green light, the colours of Divine Love, tell her she is the boss of her space… then be sure there is nothing else going on for her, get her in to the doctor for a check up, rule out any allergies or chemical imbalances that could be kicking in at night… Get her a beautiful angel figurine that she can see from her bed and tell her that it is a reminder that she can call on her own very special guardian angel to help her and keep her safe… hope that helps some… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Kids With Past Life Memories

Hello, maybe you can tell me if it is normal for a four year old boy to talk of having a past life? My son often starts his sentences using past tense, such as when I used to be , or before I died, and talks much about before he was born and how he died and about his mom and dad. These parents are from a previous time, he says they are his other mom and dad. Help. Thank you. Elizabeth in Ca.

Some thoughts from Danielle… obviously your young man has come into this life with his memory intact…however, he is only four and he needs a chance to grow up and mature in this life… and in present time…so you will need to help him… I suggest that you accept his memories as valid and then remind him that he is now with you, that he has a new life to adjust to and get familiar with… try to keep bringing him back to present time… it might be useful for you to encourage him to talk about what he knows, to draw pictures of his previous life, or to use dolls to play act that life… (you may discover over time that he remembers more than one life…) and then get him to do the same thing with his present life…

I am treading on thin ice here in the sense that I am not a specialist, but my sense is that he has returned with his memory intact for a good reason – there may be something he needs to process yet from that life, or… there can be a lot of good reasons, including the possibility that your son has a significant purpose in this life… however, it won’t do you – nor him – a lot of good to focus too much energy there… he is just a little boy and needs to be given the respect and understanding that a 4 yr-old deserves without getting him to thinking that he’s somehow different or special… That said, this seems to be a pretty big thing, and it might be useful for you to seek out some professional help so your son can more easily center himself in his present life… You are looking for someone kind of special though… many mainstream psychologists will not understand what is really going on here… so you need to find someone with the professional training who has also taken time to explore and open up to things like reincarnation… there are quite a few credible people out there with experience in past life work who could be very helpful – but again, you need someone special – also someone who can work with children…. at the moment I don’t have any names for you, but we’ll see what we can do. Do keep in touch! I hope I will have some more comments for you soon. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Absolutely! Have met many, many children that have these memories but they do fade with age. Would be wise to write some of the memories down for later when the child becomes curious. This is not unusual at all. Victoria

from Ken: I encourage her to document “everything” as thoroughly as possible, video and auditory recordings, drawings, things he picks out of books and magazines. Also a journal of observations, thoughts, feelings of family members. Send Global Psychics copies.

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