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Have you noticed the many magical kids sprouting in your neighbourhood? They stand out from the crowd, lit from the inside it seems, with light and love, and they KNOW…. They’ve become known as the Indigo Children, Children of the Blue Ray, Rainbow Children, Star Children, Millennium Children, the Crystalline Children… whatever the name, the stories are amazing – even shocking!

Here you’ll find some of the most fascinating stories – and some useful insights and resources to help you cope with being a young psychic – or parenting one

In the days since we first began publishing stories of psychic kids, we’ve received some truly remarkable stories from young psychics and their families. Whether we call these kids indigo, rainbow, crystal or children of the blue ray, they are all gifted and having a shocking effect on us. It soon became obvious that young and old alike are looking for the same thing – affirmation, advice and direction.

We’re born psychic and children are especially open to seeing and hearing the subtle signals and energetic patterns that emanate from other dimensions. Sadly, we’re conditioned, fearfully taught to ignore spirits and psychic messages, so that as kids are increasingly socialized, they quietly shut down their innate psychic senses. By the time they’re in their early teens, it’s too scary to deal with any kind of paranormal phenomena, life itself poses enough challenge… So, it’s often not until folks are in their twenties that they begin to actively explore their psychic abilities… at least that’s the way it’s been through most of the last many centuries… something seems to be shifting now.

Now, almost daily, we’re receiving letters about or from psychic children. While it’s easy to get excited about the possibility that our genetic structure is changing and our progeny will be even brighter and more prosperous than we might have imagined, there are some serious ramifications – if this is true…. and even if it isn’t, our psychic children deserve the opportunity to grow up naturally, and to discover their abilities at their own pace, with loving guidance. This same philosophy applies to raising any gifted child, no matter what the gift…

The Global Psychics team shares a strong bond in our interest in family and family values. We feel so strongly about the need to be gentle with our young psychics, that we are dedicating an entire section of our web site to responding to your concerns about gifted psychic kids. Email us today with your questions.

A Familiar Story Now…

Hi my name is Deandre and since I was twelve I would know things before they even happen. Now that I’m 14 I predict things basically everyday. I was come to learn that my eye sight, hearing, touch, and smell beyond what they should be. Like I can see the electricity in the electric poles, I also can see an object from a distance. but for my psychic gift I predict things like music on the radio, a movie going to come on, people coming over to my house and etc. One time I was with my grandmother in the car and I knew it was going to be an accident. Every year my gift grows even stronger. I want to use this to advantage and help others like me, because I truly believe the future is going to get even weird. Also people will start doing things besides being psychic and there are people who can do telekinesis and etc. If you think about after the early seventies racism was going away now there is prejudice against gays, but after that what will be next. I just want to make a point. I want to know do you know any where i can get some help to develop my gift write back.

At this time I don’t know that there is anything specific I can suggest for you except to take a class in meditation and to keep a journal of your experiences… and perhaps to keep browsing the web, check our material on psychic kids, there are lots of good resources and connections for you to make… that said, I have a sense that you have some very good guides and angels helping you right now, so if you will call on them to help you, you’ll get what you need… there is so much else that you need to learn about right now that I hesitate to suggest that you make developing your seeing and knowing abilities further… my feeling is that this will come naturally as you develop in other areas of your life…. for the moment, you could study quantum physics to get a better understanding of the dynamics of energy and how our thoughts and feelings impact our world… and learn about the meaning of the many universal symbols like colours, numbers, astrology, animals, plants and stones… all of this will help you to stay connected, and to understand and work with what you are knowing more effectively. Hope that helps some, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Parenting the Psychic Child

I’m anxiously seeking as much information as possible regarding the Indigo children. My 4 children, especially my 2 oldest children have been telling me things for years now that my own imagination is quite limited to understanding. In the past as most parents, I simply discarded their statements as over active imaginations. I feel that is no longer the correct means to support my children, whom are so admit regarding the events that have occurred in their lives. Totally in shock at this all, I am now looking for research to help me as well as my children into a higher understanding. What do you suggest? Sincerely, Tina, Mother of Four

There are a number of good books on the market about Indigo Children; two are The Care and Feeding of Indigo Children by Doreen Virtue PhD and Jan Tober ISBN: 1561708461 and The Indigo Children: The New Kids Have Arrived by Lee Carroll, Jan Tober ISBN: 1561706086. Both of these can be very helpful. You’ll find lots more listed, along with links to other useful sites on our Resources pages.

There are also a number of sites and discussion groups on the web for Indigo kids and their parents, so keep shopping and you’ll find some other resources. In the meantime, my best suggestions are:

  • be an observant, aware and alert parent – keep a journal of what you notice coming from your children – record their dreams and thoughts, any unusual experiences – and review the journal regularly. This will help you to tune into their symbology and also help you to figure out how to help them… over time you will notice patterns and so on that will be meaningful and then you can help the kids to understand what is going on for them…
  • Be an active listener for them – what I mean is, when they come to you with a story or an experience, ask probing questions to help them assimilate and understand what has happened, eg start by saying something like, “isn’t that interesting, and who else was with you? what time was it, did you get a sense of the season? where were you? did you smell anything? what colours did you notice? How do you know that, dear? where did you hear/learn that? what makes you say that? what else did you see, feel, notice?” questions that express interest and acceptance and at the same time help you both to dig a little deeper into what is going on.
  • Avoid “performances” – ie don’t put your kids on the spot by asking them to make predictions, do healings or see past lives, or whatever for your friends, guests or whomever…. And if they should see something spontaneously, teach them to be respectful about their gifts – one way this manifests is that we don’t tell folks stuff or do any work on them without asking their permission… anything we do in the spiritual realms must be “for the good of all, according to the free will of all” – the only exceptions is when there is some danger, and then we have an obligation to speak to help someone to avoid harm.
  • teach them to eat naturally, and to live balanced lives – lots of sleep, healthy play, lots of good time in nature, with animals and peers… connecting with nature and with animals will help your kids to stay grounded – and will also help them to connect with their gifts and even practice in ways that are easy and fun… teach them to talk with the trees and the rocks in your garden – they probably already are talking with them, but may not understand how closely connected they are with the elements of their world. Eating natural foods – no processed stuff, low on sugars and simple carbohydrates, little soda or junk food, lots of fruits and veggies, whole grains, this will make sure the kids are strong physically and can handle the energy they are running – as we raise our vibrational frequencies, we need to be very careful of our diets, some foods just don’t agree with us… in fact you may find the kids have a variety of allergies… you can avoid some of these problems by eating right and staying with natural foods, whole grains, fresh veggies and foods, home baking instead of store bought treats… Avoid drugs, as much as possible, seek natural remedies.
  • teach them to ground – Try to keep the environment happy, lots of colour, plants, living things, except around the sleeping area where they needs tranquility… try also to live close to the ground, this will help the kids to stay grounded… keep the environment natural, warm and comfortable and organized – have some stones and crystals around…. that may seem like an odd suggestion, but for these extra sensitive kids, an organized home and life is comforting… and the stones help them to tune in… their minds are absorbing a lot more information than ours may be, and they are sensitive to the energy associated with confusion… having things organized around them also helps them to organize the information they are receiving more easily. Sleep is also very important to these Indigo kids, but they may not need a lot… what they need is quiet time, a space to chill out and sort out all of the energy they have been exposed to in a day… if they can’t sleep, they can read quietly, listen to some good music, draw… any quiet contemplative task that will enable them to relax and process some energy. I urge parents to insist on at least 10 hours of down time every day for these kids… if they don’t want to sleep, then they must learn to meditate and relax in this time, to read, write, draw, sing – yes, sing, that’s good for the soul and can help these little ones to focus their minds so they can finally relax. But they must stay in their rooms for this time, no radio, TV or other toys… (I exempt dolls and cuddly things from the no toys rule in this quiet time) they need this quiet time desperately to recharge, and also to assimilate what they are sensing and feeling in a day.
  • Be knowledgeable yourself – invest some time and energy in learning about the psychic realms, creation philosophy, mediumship, interdimensional communications, astral travelling, out of body experiences, ghosts and spirits. Be prepared to answer questions honestly – and even more improtatnly, to be able to relate to your child’s experiences and help them to make the most of their gifts.

From there it’s up to you… I would encourage you to get these kids involved in a meditation class – this will help them to work with their abilities, no matter what they are. There is a growing number of books targeted to the Indigo Kids, books that will help them learn some of the basics, the values that are necessary and also to explore their abilities.

In your shoes, I would be taking as many classes and reading as much as I could about being psychic and mediumship and metaphysics in general – study quantum physics especially and learn about how we create our own reality… And you will all need to study the symbols – eg the nature symbols and colours that come as messages… there are lots of good books on these… Ted Andrews’ AnimalSpeak will give you a good dictionary of many nature symbols, insects, birds, animals… by being knowledgeable and understanding yourself you will be a good guide for your kids.

You want to allow their gifts to develop naturally, at a pace that they can cope with… and at the same time, you must teach them appropriate values – compassion, acceptance and responsibility – in order for the kids to make the most of their gifts.

Otherwise, remember that these are kids still, special kids maybe, but ordinary kids all the same… what they need most is love and a nurturing environment in which to grow and build on their natural talents… no different from a talented ball player or a young musician… So, I do hope that helps. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

I am the mother of an incredible 3 year old. I’ve always known she was special, people are drawn to her. Her life has been in turmoil lately due to my separation and now divorce from her father. On a particularly bad day in July, our car broke down at the shopping mall and while we were waiting for a tow truck we met a very interesting woman. My daughter greeted her as she was entering the mall. The woman approached us and started to inform me that my daughter was an “Indigo Child” or “Child of the New Dream” because of the blue in her aura. I found this very intriguing. Because of what had been going on in my life I had been looking for a lot of spiritual guidance, signs, and meanings in the things around me. The most comforting thing she said was my daughter was put here to teach her parents lessons. This information was helpful to me regarding the decision to divorce her father. Because of the circumstances in our marriage, it would be a considerably b!etter for her if we did not live together, which I prayed and struggled with for a long time. I would love to find out more about “Indigo Children”, I have purchased the book by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober. Now that we are getting into a new routine, she is not so angry and returning to herself. I would love information on how to best parent and nurture her gifts. I do believe what this woman said, my daughter is quite perceptive, caring, and radiates from within. I wasn’t sure what to do with this information, it’s nice to just tell someone. Yvonne

Well my dear, you have a special little girl with you, and I sense that you are being guided in the ways of doing the best you can for her…recognizing the effect of your personal life on her is a critical first step in creating the right kind of environment for these especially sensitive kids… as you have discovered she will quite literally bounce off the energy that you are putting out… she loves you very much, I sense a very old bond and a deep trust between you – that also bodes well for your future. But it can make life difficult in the short term since she will invariably react to your moods, problems and issues… in the midst of a tough time, she will hold her own as her way of doing what she can instinctively to keep things together and to balance the energy around her, but then she will have a breaking point, typically when things are starting to settle out and it is clear what the new direction will be… as long as you continue to be sensitive to her, you can help her through them – just don’t get caught up in any guilt trips, won’t do either of you any good… and you must understand that this little one chose her circumstances, her parents and lifestyle very deliberately to help her achieve a specific purpose in this life… she has a purpose in experiencing this divorce with you… time will tell what it is.

Despite her brilliance, as my mother often reminded us (I am the eldest of 6 and have 16 nieces and nephews, several of whom are likely Indigo Children), you must remember who the parent is… do not let her specialness change the way you live with this little girl except in the ways of helping her to stay open and to grow in whatever gifts she may have… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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