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On Being Psychic

On Being Psychic

By M.L. Danielle Daoust

Being psychic is as natural as breathing

I used to avoid saying what I do for a living because it can make people uncomfortable. They think I can see into their lives, what they had for breakfast that morning and what they’ll be doing tomorrow. I can, if I want to. But to look inside someone’s life without invitation is trespassing and I prefer not to break these universal principles. Besides, what value is there in filling my head with the intimate details of others’ lives? I’ve got enough to think about, wondering what *I’m* going to be doing tomorrow…

When I worked the phone lines I was always amused at people expecting me to give them the winning numbers for that night’s lottery… If I could predict the lotteries consistently, do you think I would have been sitting on the phone? The truth is that some of the numbers I’ve given people as ‘lucky’ have indeed been winners, but there was a lot more to each winning than just knowing the lucky numbers. And there’s a lot more to being psychic than predicting the future.

Being psychic is about learning to live in attunement and harmony with your world, in love, accepting, willing, allowing…

It requires a deep understanding of oneself, a release from judgment about what is considered good and bad and a willingness to notice and then listen to ALL the shifts in energy around you, including the subtle signs, the fleeting images and inner knowings… Being psychic requires that you actively participate with the whole of your world AND your Self. It demands daily attentiveness and real spiritual discipline.

For example, since our outer worlds reflect our inner worlds, as a psychic, I must be prepared to translate outer events to inner shifts. So, when my son had an accident with an ambulance, I needed to look more deeply… He was on the job at the time, driving a company vehicle… and he was very unhappy with his job, feeling very stressed, used and abused, kept getting sick… guess it was time to quit! The value in this deeper seeing is that it can avoid a lot of heartache… Pat is much happier now that he decided to make the break…. I could have been angry or upset with him over this incident, but the seer in me saw the purpose, and chose instead to notice what shifts the universe was signalling with this accident.

Being psychic means that I work with my world in a very different way than a lot of folks would… when I garden, I talk to the earth and my plants, I actively love them, I tell the garden how much we appreciate its beaurty, how grateful we will be for the good vegetables and fruit it provides… I talk to the trees about how they protect us, and take time to give them a hug once in awhile – what a rush! A client was surprised the other night when our less than 4-month old kitten came home when he was called ( a regular escape artist that one)… but I connect psychically with all of my animals and as a result every one I have ever had the pleasure of owning/stewarding has always come when they are called. I talk to my car and call on the space buddies when I have a problem with it – invariably I will find an answer simply by tuning in… last summer my car was overheating terribly. I had put $100’s into repairs, but the mechanics couldn’t source the problem. My space buddies kept telling me that it was a small problem, a specific part was not working… but not being very smart about these things, I couldn’t identify what they were showing me to be able to tell the mechanic… just when I had the money finally together to put in a new radiator, my friendly local mechanic stopped in to suggest that we call our dealership and ask if there was supposed to be a “widget” on the radiator – we didn’t have one there – as it turned out – anymore… Mike was right, he installed the little widget, a $50 part and finally the car was no longer overheating… the widget it turned out, served the same purpose as the cooling fan the space buddies had been showing me… I have repaired vacuums and fixed telephone lines that had gone out, simply by tuning into the equipment and seeing where the blockage lay…

Being psychic has given me a lot more control, more power in my life… I am not so afraid when things break down, despite not having a Mr Fixit in me, I can deal with most smaller breakdowns myself, and am usually very accurate in at least diagnosing the larger problems.

There are other values in being psychic – my son soon learned that it wasn’t easy to get one past me. I can tell when there’s trouble in the family, why and what to do about it – often before it comes to the surface… and as a result, we tend to have a smoother ride in life…

The word ‘psychic’ conjures up all kinds of images – of ghosts and spirit-talkers, magic and rituals, tables that move by themselves, spoon-bending, Out of Body or Near Death Experiences (OBE/NDE), channeling and mediums, gypsies, fortune-tellers and curses, even UFO’s and abductions. While every psychic invites and will have some of these experiences – so does everyone else!

Being psychic is as natural as breathing. We’re all psychic. If you can learn to add and subtract, you can learn to sense, to see, feel, hear, smell, taste ALL of the energies that affect your life – and then you can learn how to move the energy around you to get what you want from your life. All it takes is a willingness to notice – and to act on what you notice.

Time and again, my dedication to applying the art of noticing in my own life has literally saved the day. A few years ago I neatly avoided a pickpocket – felt the dark energy coming at me and reacted to it in time to save my purse. We recently caught a very unusual and apparently difficult-to-detect fraud through our web site. The credit card companies were shocked when we reported it – “No one catches these things on just two transactions! How did you do it?” Simple, we noticed our reaction when the first order came through and when the second came in, it stood out like a sore thumb – to us.

We allow ourselves to be all that we are, all the time. And we are psychic.

So are you. When you allow it.

Being psychic is in all of us. Living psychic requires a little practice and a big change in personal beliefs. It all starts by accepting that being psychic is as natural as breathing and living psychic is worthwhile.

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