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Past Life Meditation

Creating Ourselves Anew with Past Life Support

by Barb Huning, MA

Have you ever been working hard to heal something in your life, or change a habit, or strengthen a quality in yourself that you want to have more of? There are lots of ways of doing this, of course- and one source of support is to REMEMBER a time when you did it well.

“Remember when I did it well?? I have NEVER done this well, that’s why it’s a problem!” you say. Well, I have found more than once in Higher Self sessions with people, that sometimes a “past life self” will come forward and offer their assistance or, to ask for assistance.

Imagine that all of our lives actually happen simultaneously, in a harmonious, multi-dimensional kaleidoscope of self-expression. What we do in one incarnation affects all of our incarnations. Using meditation and creative visualization, we can connect with other incarnational selves and share the wealth of our strengths to quicken the process of becoming who we truly wish to be.

I’d like to share now, a guided mediation for integrating our incarnational selves for mutual support, healing and empowerment. This meditation was given by the Higher Self of one of my clients during a conversation with one of her incarnational selves, and I gratefully thank her/them for permission to share it with you. It is a powerful energetic healing session. I hope you find it helpful!

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Incarnational Joining/Healing Meditation

Feel free to read this meditation into a tape recorder so that you can listen to it as you do this meditation. Or, read it over and imagine it first so that you can recreate it in your mind. This meditation may leave you feeling very energized!

Sit comfortably, and take a few minutes to relax, breathing full, slow breaths, allowing your mind to quiet and open.

Imagine your Higher Self as a huge cone that hovers above your head. The cone is the energetic field of the totality of YOU, feel this.

Imagine that sitting within this cone is another aspect of yourself- one which offers just what you are seeking in your life, someone who has already received what you desire, already mastered what you intend to master. See yourself sitting face to face with this person, right up together, knee-to-knee, and join your hands. Be one, feel your love and appreciation for each other and for your Higher Self.

Your Higher Self now brings the cone down completely around the two of you, lowering into the floor on which you sit, and locking into the floor. Running up the sides of the cone are crystals- glowing, luminous, almost electric crystals which you are sitting inside.

Now, you see that at the pinnacle of the cone above your head is a beautiful diamond which is lowered down between the two of you, resting between your hearts. The diamond amplifies the love you feel in the most explosive way, and it contains the energy of Grace, giving all of yourselves everything that you need, clearing away anything which has held you back, creating a field of clear loving power which blasts out to all of your selves, healing you all.

Now, imagine that underneath the floor that you are sitting on, another cone is coming. Its base is coming up to meet the cone on top, its point extending downward.

Now, feel the top cone around you beginning to spin counter-clockwise. It starts slowly at first, then gains speed and power. It continues to build in speed and power until it reaches a critical point, at which time the bottom cone begins to spin clockwise. The force of the cones spinning together creates PURE DIVINE LOVE.

Feel your strength and your love, and all possibility for both of you and for all the rest of your incarnations, just BEING in the strong, loving, successful, peaceful field of matter what happens, there is strength flowing through you both, and it is your rock.

Breathe in power. Breathe out fear. The spinning cones release what does not serve in love, and generates strength and love, and spreads this to you and all your incarnations. It eats up any fear, any disharmony, any illness present in any of your incarnations.

Now all of your other incarnational selves come to stand in a circle directly outside the cone. The force of the love, light, and power generated by the cones blows through them, like gale-force winds, blowing their troubles away, it dissolves in Grace. Feel your selves as a loving TEAM being cleansed in unison for the good of all.

As your other selves are cleansed they are drawn into the cone with you, taking your hands, creating a circle. Feel that you are your Divine Self”. Outside the cone, HUGE things are happening as giant chunks of what would have been reality are falling away, as the group of you becomes your Divine Self. You expand, the forms of you blur, and you meld together into one person. This is your SOUL SELF.

Stand as one person in this cone, feeling all of your other incarnations within you. The cones spin faster and faster, and you explode even bigger, with light shooting up into the source, and down into the center of the earth. Now, the energy of the spin is inside you, and it stabilizes to become this HUGELY strong HUM of life force in your body.

The cones fall away, and you stand as one. Now each of you comes back to your bodies, still feeling all of the others within you, beautiful, strong, courageous, loving, peaceful, and full of joy. Each of you opens your eyes into your physical world.

Sit quietly now, and allow yourself to settle and breathe as the energy is integrated into you.

Blessings! Barb

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