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Meeting Your Angel Helpers Meditation

Meditation – an Introduction

By Jody

Over the years I have read and tried many different types of meditations. Most I find you have to follow them step by step in order to reach the purpose your in meditation for. Meditation is a personal soul journey, it is a way to tune into your inner spirit and take it to another level of consciousness. It takes you to places that only you see and create. Not only is meditation a way to meet your personal helpers but it is also a soul awakening. It is digging deep inside yourself to discover who you are spiritually. This is also one of the best ways that we can develop and tune into our psychic abilities.

Meditation has no time frame. This is something that cannot be watched by a clock. No matter if you meditate for 5 minutes or for an hour at a time, you will be walking a glorious journey to reconnecting to your inner self once again.

To prepare for your magical journeys you are going to want to make yourself a personal space. It may be a whole room or a small corner, but no matter where it is make this space something that is personal to you. Bring things into your space that bring you peace and relaxation, such as candles, soft music, incense, anything that you choose, because this is your space. I have also found that another place to journey on some wonderful meditations is in a hot (or temperature that is comfortable to you) bath. For this fill the room with candles, soft music, and your favorite bath salts or oils as the scents aide in enhancing the experience. My personal favorite for bath meditations is Rose Oil and music containing water or nature sounds. The following are some meditations that I have written.

Please feel free to record any of these and play back while you soar on your journey.

Meeting Your Angel Helpers Meditation

First of all your going to want to sit in a relaxed position in your personal space, away from any noise or distractions. Always sit comfortably as there is nothing worse then getting into a wonderful meditation and having a leg cramp. Laying down for meditation is “never ” recommended as you will fall asleep. After you are totally comfortable close your eyes and take 4 slow deep breaths. Breath into the count of 4 then out to the count of 4. Do this 4 times until you find yourself totally relaxed.

In your minds eye picture a large meadow. Fill this meadow with flowers of all kinds and all colors. Notice how magnificent and detailed each Flower is. Breath in deep to inhale all the different fragrances that surround you. Bend down to take in scent of some of your favorite flowers and even to pick a couple to put into your hair.

As you walk slowly through your meadow filled with flowers you now notice the warmth of the sun on your face. It is a comfortable warmth and rejuvenating at the same time. You feel a gentle warm breeze as you walk along as well. As you are taking in the beauty of all your surroundings you then notice a few little creatures running around you. You see small fluffy bunnies that are munching away on the flowers and the grass, you see a couple baby foxes playing , jumping and running around in the grass. It is now you realize that your not afraid of them nor they of you. You start to sense they notice you but don’t fear you in anyway and that they accept your presence.

You now walk along a little bit further when you notice a small hill in the not to far distance and standing on this hill is a figure of someone who you cannot yet recognize, but you know that you are very drawn to this figure and you walk closer to them. As you now get even closer you begin to have the overwhelming sense of peace and love that emit from this form. You feel safe, you feel peace and you feel the need to know who this being is that stands on this hill before you. The closer you walk to this being, the more details are taking shape. The fist thing that captures your eyes and your heart is the white glowing light that emotes from this being. You now realize that this light is what is giving you the sense of peace and love that you are feeling. The light is bright but not overpowering and it looks to have gold specks in it.

You now notice whether or not this being is a male or female. Notice all the details about the being that stands in front of you now. Notice the color of his/her hair, notice the color and the sparkles in the eyes. Study his/her face and remember it. Now as your taking in all the details and feeling of this magnificent being something catches your eye, it is now that you notice this glorious being has wings. Notice the color that glows off these magnificent wings. You now realize you are standing in the presence of your Guardian Angel. Feel the comfort he/she has for you, feel the love he/she has for you. Feel the warmth of your angels presence. Look at your angel and take in all the magnificent details.

Your angel needs no introduction to you as your angel has always been with you and knows all details about you, but you realize that you do not know your angels name. Look at your angel and ask your angel for there name. Listen close as the name you hear is the name of your guardian. From this moment on when you need your angel or just wish to speak to him/her you can address by there name.. After you have heard your angels name you tell him/her you have come for a healing and the moment you speak the word you see the glorious wings unfold and start to wrap around you. Feel there softness as they hold your entire body in there grasp. Feel the warmth from them, feel the total peace and pure angelic love run through your entire body as the healing begins and continues. Stay in this moment enjoying the healing for as long as you wish.

Pause for Healing….

As the healing finishes and the angels wings begin to open and you emerge , turn to your angel and thank him/her for the blessing of the healing. Sadly you now know it is time for you and your angel to part from this place, but before you do , ask your angel if they have any message they wish to give you.

Pause and Listen for message…

After you have received your message thank your angel for this time and this day and all that you have been given. Walk back through your meadow and know that you may return to this place at any time. Feel your feet on the floor take a deep breath and come back….

You have now met your angel. Sit for a few minutes and take in all that you have experienced. You may use this meditation to visit your angel or experience the beauty of this place any time you wish.

Music Recommended for this Meditation: Guardian Angel ……by R. Brian Caldwell. Angels Touch Music For the Heart Chakra…. by Aeoliah.

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