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Meditation for Visiting Loved Ones Passed

Meditation for Visiting Loved Ones Passed

by Jody

In this meditation you will be on an incredible journey. You will visit with friends and loved ones that have passed to the other side. Remember this is your journey to reconnect with someone passed, remember all you see, hear, and mostly remember the feelings of love and reconnection that come with this journey.

As you sit in your special place, get as comfortable as possible. Close your eyes and know you are safe and you are loved. Take deep breaths In to the count of four and then Out to the count of four. Continue your breathing until you are totally relaxed and at peace.

In your minds eye picture yourself standing at the edge of a beautiful enchanted forest. Notice the trees around you, how tall they stand and how proud they are. You know thats these trees are very ancient and that they hold much wisdom. You now start to walk the well groomed path that leads you into this ancient wise forest. Walking along you feel total peace and come to realize that this forest holds many ancient secrets. You realize that this is a place that is not to feel afraid in but a place of magic and beauty. In the distance you see the suns rays shining through the trees adding light and warmth to your path. You look around and notice many woodland creatures around you. You smile and know they are not afraid of you nor you of them. To your right you see a mother deer standing with her baby, they look up at you as you pass and though it may seem strange they seem to smile at you as you walk by. You see squirrels playing in the tree branches and you hear singing of many different kinds of birds. Before you know it you have come to the other edge of this ancient forest. You walk out of the other side of it into what looks like a park, but you know instantly this park is special. This is not a normal playground park this is a place of wonder and peace. A rush of peace and total pure love come over you, a feeling that you have never experienced before.

It is now you realize that this is a place you have been before. It is an inner knowing that tugs at your heart. The feeling of home and comfort is almost overwhelming. As you walk through this park you see a park bench beside a pond and somehow know this is the place you need to go.

Walk over and sit on this bench and take in all the wonders and beauty of this place, take in all the special feelings that flow through you. Notice the colours are more vibrant, the details of each Flower, Notice the trees are even more colorful, and yes even the air you breath in is cleaner. Everything around you is almost perfect.

It is now that you notice someone walking along the walkway towards you. You cant quiet make out whom this is but you know this is someone who has come to see you. As they walk closer your heart beats a tiny bit faster as you realize who this person is and tears well up in your eyes. This is someone who you love and never thought you would see again. Look at them, Who is this person?

Stand up to hug them and greet them. Feel there arms around you and feel the love they have for you. Sit with them for awhile and just visit. Tell them all the things you have been wanting to say since the time they passed into this place. You know your time in this glorious place is short so enjoy your visit to the fullest.

Pause For Visit Time

This is now the time your loved one turns to you and tells you it is time they must go. You are surprisingly not filled with sadness because you know you may return to this place and visit again. You both stand , you loved one reaches out to give you a hug and whispers a special message to you. Pause For Message They smile and you, kiss your cheek and slowly walk away.

You now walk across the park back into the ancient old forest and as you do you reflect on the visit that has just occurred. All the little woodland creatures turn to you as if to say a special goodbye.

Walk out of the forest. Feel yourself back in your chair.

Take a couple of deep breaths and Welcome Back.

Sit quietly in reflection of the visit you just experienced. Remember the feelings, remember the message and know in your heart and soul that this visit was real.

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