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Meditation for Healing

Meditation Technique for Healing

by Jody

Sit comfortably in your quiet place, close your eyes and take some deep breaths. Breath in to four then out to four. Repeat this till you feel relaxed and at peace.

In your minds eye picture yourself on the edge of the great forest, notice the size and age of all the magnificent trees that stand before you. Slowly start to walk into the forest on the path that seems to unfold before you.

As you walk slowly through the forest notice all the different plants and flowers to either side of you. Notice the magnificent colors and the glorious scent that comes from the flowers. Slowly bend over and pick your favorite flower and put it in your hair.

As you walk a little bit further you look down and notice you have some little woodland creatures that have joined your walk. As you walk into the forest a little bit further you hear the sound of running water and it attracts you to it.

You walk off the path a little bit and you notice a small quaint stream with a beautiful waterfall above it. The sun is shining into the water and it looks as if it sparkles. The water is clear crystal blue. More clear then you have ever seen before.

You see little fish swimming in the stream, little turtles and this makes you smile. You kneel down on the bank of the stream and lean over it to scoop up a handful of water to drink. It is cool and it is soothing. Look around you and notice dragon flies flittering around the stream, watch as the butterflies play in the sunlight all around you.

Notice all the different kinds and the perfect colors of each one. One little blue butterfly comes in close to you and lands on your hand, as if to try to talk to you. His colors are so perfect and so calming it is almost as your seeing blue for the very first time.

As you sit by the stream your tempted to walk to the waterfall and stand under it . It is almost as if it is calling you to do so.

The calling is so strong now you rise and walk to the edge of the falls. You now walk up to the glorious waterfall and feel compelled to walk into it but remembering how cold the stream water was you stick your right hand into the waterfall to test the chill. Strangely enough as you do this you realize that the water is warm unlike the stream below.

You walk into the waterfall now, submerging your whole body under the falling water. Feel the warm soothing water run over your head, down your chest and falling to your feet. Hold your head back allowing the water to splash into your face.

Notice the calming feeling that comes with this water, feel it wash away all your worries, your stress and any pain that you have brought here with you.

As the water runs over your body feel it washing all this over the top of your feet and cascading down the falls. Allow it to wash it away freely.

Notice now that not only is the water cleansing you outside but it seems to be touching your soul. Washing any and all blockages that may be holding your spirit down and leaving you feeling stuck. Allow it to cleanse your inner spirit fully.

Stand under the falls as long as you wish, enjoying the total cleansing that it is giving you.

Now you have totally cleansed you walk out of the falls and it is now that you notice something, Your hair, your clothes they are completely dry. It is like you never walked under the water at all.

Walk away from the falls knowing whenever you feel the need for this cleansing you may return.

Take one look around the stream again enjoying the beauty of the plants, flowers, and small animals.

Walk back to the path again and go back the way you entered the forest.

Feel the peace that has washed over you, the healing, and the total cleansing of all the stress you came in with.

Walk out of the forest with this feeling and the knowing that this is your special place to come recharge and cleanse at anytime.

Feel your feet on the floor, take a deep breath, and remember this incredible journey.

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