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Can’t Meditate or Can’t Go Deep Enough?


a Spiritual Practice,
a Psychic Exercise,
a Stress Reliever,
a Healing Exercise,
and so much more….

We recommend Meditation as one of the primary methods for tuning into oneself and one’s world, a first step on any spiritual, personal growth or psychic development journey….

And there is more to the story, we also do NOT recommend a life solely dedicated to contemplation, at least not in these times…

Can’t Meditate or Can’t Go Deep Enough?

Greetings, HELP I NEED DIRECTION! I have been meditating for about 7 months now. I thought I was doing just fine until recently. I have been having a hard time contacting my spirit guide. I asked a “teacher” about this and she said it was because I was stuck in the astral plane. How do I know if she is right? Can you suggest any methods/ books/ tapes? FYI in response: I diligently meditate every day for 15 to 60 minutes depending the the meditation itself. I have gotten messages but they were incomplete and confusing. I also do guided meditations with LAZARIS to name one. HELP. j.p

Relax … Don’t Try So Hard

And perhaps it’s time for a new teacher… A response from our medium, Victoria who is also a spiritual teacher… and a few comments of my own… I left Victoria’s note to me in so you will see for yourself how strongly we have felt here…

Stuck on the Astral Plane? What sort of garbage is that! Most people are trying too hard. Spirit is simple! Don’t complicate it. Messages don’t always come when meditating they can come when you are ironing! Relax! You don’t have to contact your spirit guide. That is not necessary. You are trying too hard! Most people say that is who they contact, but usually it isn’t it is clairsensience. I would change instructors. (Check out our article on Contacting Your Spirit Guides for some more information.) Love, Victoria

PS. Danielle, feel free to soften this up a bit, this one got my dander up. The instructor needs a few lessons themselves, on teaching with compassion, love and understanding. Each in his own time and space, but sometimes it’s difficult to be patient, especially with those who call themselves spiritual teachers.

Meditation is a Life Skill; Not a Way of Life

Danielle’s response, one can spend too much time in meditation…

I have to agree with Victoria that it is time for you to change instructors.. first of all, unless you have dedicated yourself to some spiritual community and a life of contemplation, from the sounds of it, you are spending too much time daily in meditation… life is meant to be lived, not contemplated and while living is a spiritual experience, I don’t think, especially now, that it is wise to attempt to spiritualize one’s entire life – without also being in complete balance emotionally, mentally and physically…

The fact is that we are all stuck here in the Earth/astral plane and we do not have the right to “live” – even in our minds – in other dimensions, until we have balanced ourselves and learned to live in harmony both within ourselves and with ourselves… This means learning to integrate a spiritual way of being in our daily lives – mopping the floor and doing the dishes are powerful forms of meditation, as are gardening, and painting, taking out the garbage… even golf, baseball, a steambath, swimming…. all can be spiritual experiences, opportunities to meditate and contemplate….

We must learn to live with the intent of being One, not just go there once or twice a day…

I feel your teacher is too rigid, perhaps too demanding, and that it might be time to find another who is more conscious of the nature of these times and the real value of meditating.

As Victoria points out, it is not what happens during the meditation that is so important – in those moments it is simply a task of connecting with the ONE and being there with the One… sometimes a message or a vision will happen, sometimes it doesn’t… it doesn’t matter… all that matters is that for a few minutes of every day you are at peace with yourself and conscious of how you feel, connected with the One… the “content” or news, or information, messages that we connect with during those moments will enter our lives as and when we need them.. as Victoria says, perhaps while we’re ironing or walking the dog…

By learning to live as a spiritual being in a physical vehicle, you will be attuned to receiving your guides’ messages, whenever and wherever they come…

Our spirit guides and angels are omni-present in our lives… while it can be fun to contact them, and very valuable, we are always in direct contact with them anyway… we must learn to trust those connections, to see our guides active in our lives, and then we find it easier to make contact with them in the spiritual dimensions – if and when we ever need to – or they want to… it is a matter of readiness and there’s never any point in pushing that readiness since all it will produce is lower vibratory beings who want to talk but really don’t have anything valuable for us – or worse yet, will send us off in the wrong directions.

I hope these notes are useful to you, please let us know how it goes… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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