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A Meditation for Planning the Coming Year

A Meditation for Planning the Coming Year

By Barb Huning, psychotherapist

Winter is the time for restoration, deep reflection, and planning for the New Year. Just as the plants wither above ground, their energies drawn down into the warm belly of the earth to be reborn in the spring, we humans naturally go inside in the winter, sit by the fire, and dream.

In the early months of the new Calendar year, we can feel the new energies of emerging spring beginning to perk within us. Gardeners everywhere spend this time planning their new garden. The gardener may plan to keep things exactly as they are, perhaps adding a new, interesting flower or vegetable, using that great new nutrient mix, or adding a tree. Or, they may feel inspired to create an entirely new garden, bringing into reality their dream creation!

Know that you too, can make of this year whatever you wish. All it takes is reflection, connection to your heart dreams, good old-fashioned practical planning, and action.

Here is a guided meditation to help you dream, plan, and prepare for action.

The goal is to feel deeply into the next steps which your soul wishes to take in this adventure which is your life. Set aside all of your conscious thoughts about what you “should” do or accomplish. Trust that your Higher Self, your Guides, all of the Loving Ones who are at your service, will open you into what is right for you in the coming year. You may or may not be surprised at what you see, and feel…

The Meditation

Imagine yourself in a forest, it is still and bright with the winter sun…you have been drawn here inexplicably, feeling an urge for an unknown reason, to enter this forest. The trees are heavy with snow, their boughs hanging down around you; the warm February sun melts it a little around the edges, cool water dripping down into the earth around you, bringing up rich fragrance of earth, of life growing secretly underground…you are warm with the sun, your nose chilly and your body warm, your heart glowing…

You make your way down a path that only you can see- somehow this path is for you alone, and you feel as if it is simply opening before you, and closing behind you as you go, knowing that on your return, it will again open before you and close behind you, bringing you back exactly where you need to be. You feel safe and you feel loved, for this path is being created especially for you.

As you walk, you can feel yourself being drawn toward someone, someone who lives deep in the forest, someone who has invited you for a special visit, who has special gifts for you. Your excitement and anticipation grows as you can feel this person more clearly as you approach. This is an old friend, though perhaps you have never met! You feel lucky, you feel loved…and you can feel that what you will gain from this meeting will change your life…

As you round a bend in the path, the path suddenly opens into a clearing. In the center of the clearing is a cottage, surrounded by beds of early spring flowers, snowdrops, crocuses, narcissus hugging the home in abundant, delicate rainbow display. Smoke curls from the chimney, and even as you approach the door, it swings open, and you are greeted by your special Guide. Your Guide welcomes you with open arms, excited to see you, having prepared gifts of wisdom and love and packages which hold exactly what you will need to flourish in the coming year.

“Welcome to your New Year”, says your Guide, and you feel the old year as it slips away…the wisdom and strength you’ve gained are part of you now, and you feel anything which has not served you well during the past year sliding out of you, shimmering into nothingness, taken back into the arms of the Divine.

You sit down by the fire, having a warm drink, and feeling like a treasure yourself, for you know that your Guide is here only for you. You feel an excited anticipation about seeing what this New Year holds for you, and excited to be receiving the wisdom, the capabilities, the nurturing with which you will create the year to come.

Your Guide lays three packages before you. Each is wrapped exquisitely, and each glows with an angelic Light! You feel awed that these gifts have been prepared especially for you…

Your Guide points to the first package. This is the Gift of Enlightened Dreams. It holds the perfect dream of the next step which you wish to take in your life. Look at it and feel that you truly do not know what it contains, not yet. Feel how perfect the next step is, underneath the wrapping. Feel what a gift the next step will be in your life.

Open the first gift…make a note of this gift, in detail. What is your soul’s dream for this year? Take as much time as you need, to take it in, to feel it, to ask whatever questions you wish of your Guide, to feel it and understand it fully.

When this is complete, your Guide points to the second Gift. This is the Gift of Tools. Within this package lie all of the tools, emotional, mental, and spiritual- which you will need to make your Dream a reality this year.

Open the second gift…take out your tools, one by one. Hold each one, bring it into your heart, and understand that this is yours; it has been given to you. Feel and know that whenever you need this tool, you can simply feel inside yourself to find it. Spirit has given it to you, it cannot be taken away. Take as much time as you need to experience each tool, to ask any questions you wish about why it was given, how it is to be used, until you understand these fully and know them to be yours.

When this is complete, your Guide points to the third gift. This is the Gift of the Plan. Inside is your roadmap for the coming year. It lays out the events and accomplishments to come, which create your Soul’s desires for you in reality, in your life. Understand that you are fully capable, that you are primed to put this plan into action. This is the natural next step for you in your life. There is nothing within this plan which you need fear is impossible- your Soul has planned perfectly, and all that you need to set it into motion has been given to you already.

Open the third Gift. See the plan! There will be a first goal. See this goal, and see when it is planned for accomplishment. See which tools you will use. See what you will need to put into action to make it so. Ask any questions of your Guide to understand it clearly. Then, see the next goal, and so on, until your year’s plan is seen and understood in its entirety, from the beginning to the end of the year. Take as much time as you need to do this.

When this is complete, Thank your Guide for their love and the gift of this New Year- for the gift of feeling your Dream deeply, for the gift of the Tools you need to make it reality, and for the gift of the Plan with which you will put it all into place. Know that you can return to your Guide in the Forest whenever you wish for clarification, support and assistance as you create this New Year. Your Guide will be here, always ready to help.

And now, bid your Guide goodbye for now, carrying your gifts with you as you make your way back through the forest, into the New Year.

Blessings, and All Joy as you create this exciting New Year! Love, Barb

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