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The Sounds of Summer….

I LOVE the summer time, even those hot sticky days feel good to me… there’s only one problem with summer… with the windows and doors all open, it can be noisy – and energetically upsetting. Most times I find the sounds of construction in the neighbourhood kind of comforting, folks updating and improving their homes, making necessary repairs – the energy associated with these sounds is usually upbeat – these are happy sounds… the same applies to most of the late night summer parties in the neighbourhood, folks enjoying themselves brings good energy into our little community… but every once in awhile, I am disturbed by the sounds of a shrieking child, a baby teething, cat’s screetching,  sirens blaring, or much worse, neighbours fighting. Jarring sounds that get my hackles up.

Fortunately, I live in a quiet community, almost in the country. We know many of our neighbours, at least to say hello and chat about the weather, our pets or our gardens, so upsets in the energy are quite infrequent – and perhaps then, all the more noticeable. So what do I do when I feel imbalances in the energy around me?

There is one technique that I have been using with great results for many years… I visualize the “situation” surrounded in a bubble of pink and green light, the colours of Divine Love and I see any of the people – or the animals – involved turning pink and green as I think of how much I love my home, my family, my pets… It is amazing how often that screaming baby quiets or the couple stops fighting, a door slams and it’s over… Actively invoking Love energy around any difficult person or circumstance tends to bring balance and healing.

Be Careful What You Wish For

Years ago, I was talking with one of my students about being careful of what kind of energy they were sending out in their thoughts when one of them became quite upset. “Oh no… I have been battling with my noisy rude neighbours for months and have been wishing all kinds of trouble on them. They’ve been driving me crazy, I want them to move.”  I immediately saw that this situation was a signal for her to start thinking of moving herself – in more ways than one – this woman was not happy and had been feeling quite stuck for a few years… but her reaction wasn’t helping her get unstuck, in fact, it was having the opposite effect, focusing her on being angry and vindictive which was simply entrenching her in what she didn’t want… I offered a very different strategy, beginning with that love visualization… I suggested that she also see her neighbours moving, finding the perfect home for them, a more comfortable space for the family, an easier commute to work… in the visualization, I told her to see a For Sale sign in front of the house, and then to see the moving truck loaded up and the family leaving with the truck.  At the same time, I told her to clear the clutter from her own home, to get rid of everything she didn’t need, like or use… this would have the effect of clearing the old stuck energy from her own life and get her moving in some new directions… The ideas made sense to her, so she got busy, both with the meditation exercises and the clutter-clearing… but neither of us expected that her work would produce results so quickly… within a few weeks, a For Sale sign appeared on the property and within a few months they had moved… and so had my student, onto a project that she was enthusiastic about, a work she had really wanted…

Our thoughts are things, and we can use them to change our worlds…

When you are conscious of your energy, and see the purpose in the imbalances that come from the people around us, you can protect yourself from any dark vibes that may come at you – and more importantly, you can create balance around you… For example, you step onto the bus one hot summer day only to have your ears assaulted by an argument between two passengers… the first thing you do is “pull your energy in”, (without thinking about it, we naturally pull in our auras whenever we enter a crowded space), and then you can take a moment to focus your energy inward, to think of someone or something you love, and to send that feeling along with the Pink and Green Light from the Love visualization all around the angry passengers… and to your surprise, they get off at the next stop, or suddenly break into laughter when they realize they’ve been arguing over semantics….

Nature Brings Art and Invigorates the Life of a Neighbourhood.

Another fun way to subtly lift the spirits in your neighbourhood is to plant some bright red geraniums – or any red flowers – in front of your home – the flowers emit a lovely message “this is a happy place, there is laughter around the corner.” Potted flowers, plants, shrubs and trees can “warm” a space, softening the energy in and around it. One of my neighbours plants black-eyed susans around the light pole in front of her home… by August, the bottom six feet of the pole is covered in joyful little yellow flowers that always make me smile.  Our city does something quite amazing whenever they have to cut down a tree – instead of cutting it right down, they will leave a trunk of some 10 to 12 feet and then a local artist carves some intricate and awesome scene into the trunk…. while the energy of a graceful tree may no longer protect the neighbourhood, the art created from its loss brings joy and delight to the area – and even improves business since these carvings have become something of a tourist attraction.

Bless your space with gratitude and it will bless you with comfort and joy…

A wonderful way of maintaining balance around you is to give thanks… give thanks for your home, your neighbours, your community…. some days, my afternoon break is cut short by the sounds of the neighbourhood kids playing a rousing game of street hockey… rather than waste my energy on being upset at the disturbance, I bless the kids, and give thanks that I live in a neighbourhood where young people can play safely.

It seems the more I give thanks for my life and my world, the more I have to give thanks for…. even giving thanks for the problems – the lessons – often has the effect of resolving them, sending them away…

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