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Intuition and Reality Testing

Intuition and Reality Testing

By David A. Burnet

Intuition is a way of knowing, just like any other source of information; and because we can misunderstand or misinterpret…reality testing is useful.

How can we approach reality testing so that we utilize our intuition more effectively, without building distrust of our intuition? Here are several ways you can explore:

1. Realize, and remember, that you interpret and apply intuition, for it to be useful. Most mistakes are made in the interpretation and application…sometimes with the assumptions that we make…such that we inadvertently add to the original intuition.

2. Make a note of the intuition, without adding anything at all, as you received it…as soon as possible. Since intuition is first held in our short term memory, it can be forgotten, easily, if we don’t take steps to remember. It might seem like we don’t need to write it down…and sometimes, when we don’t…we are later sorry. So write it down, faithfully, adding nothing.

3. Realize that intuition comes to you through your own filters, prejudices, and cultural assumptions. Some intuitions have a hard time being recognized or realized, when they are counter to our personal or cultural filters. Sometimes only part of the information gets through, so we don’t have a full realization.

4. Practice trusting and acting on your intuition, quickly; the more quickly, the better — unless, of course, you have an intuition about when and how to act.

5. If you have strong personal needs, that is likely to color what intuitions you receive or don’t, and how you understand them. It is hard to maintain personal integrity while you have unmet needs. When you do have unmet needs, take responsibility, and be open about them to yourself and others. This helps prevent them from tending to act on their own, without your approval. Perception, including intuition, is likely to be cleaner.

6. See if you can tie in your intuition with other knowledge or other indicators. Several indicators, together, is strongest.

7. Use your intuition to check on your understanding of an intuition.

8. Many times your intuition isn’t clear until you are getting ready to act on it. Before taking a final, committing step…check if your intuition and inner peacefulness are in harmony with what you are about to do.

9. Check to see how your intuition fits with other, earlier intuitions, and also with inspirations from our Creator that you know about.

10. Consider an intuition a private source of knowledge, a secret source, a privileged source…such that you use the knowledge but don’t reveal its source…unless your intuition tells you otherwise. This can help keep you from appearing crazy or pushy, to others. Sometimes an intuition is for you to know and pray about…not to act on, directly. If you are unsure…ask!

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