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How often do you take out your garbage? Once a day, once a week? What if you never bothered to pick up the trash in your home or office, what if you let the garbage pile up until it was spilling out the front door?

Even though we may not be clean freaks, most of us take the time to pick up and put out the trash around us… yet we don’t so often think of doing the same with our inner garbage. Once we see our negative beliefs and start moving out old pains, old resentments and anger, good decisions come much more easily, and we really start feeling a lot better physically, mentally and spiritually.

But clearing and cleansing isn’t something that you do once and you’re done… One shower in a lifetime won’t keep us smelling good for life…….. it is the same with clearing. And working through our subconscious self, old beliefs and inner junk, is like peeling the layers off an onion… it takes repetitive clearings to get to the heart of the onion – to connect with our souls…

I urge my students and clients to meditate regularly as a way of clearing, but there are many different techniques, and I usually recommend that a variety of approaches are used over time. Each one works in a slightly different way. Here Deb offers some useful suggestions to a visitor who was disappointed at the results of her attempts to clear.

I tried your cleansing spell “Unhex or Unvex Yourself with this CLEANSING BATH SPELL” It seems to only do the opposite of what I was hoping for. Almost everything in my life took a turn for the worst. I tried everything that was written. The only thing I can say is that I am 5’7 so I couldn’t completely submerge myself. Either my knee was out the water or head. My tub isn’t long enough to just lay straight in the water. I have a nice size tub as far as with but the length and my long longs are not allowing for me to lay completely flat down in the tub. Is there another way I can get rid of this negative energy that seems to follow me. I do believe it’s from past relationships and from those who are the ex of the one I’m with now. I need help now. I am tired of negative surprises that has been draining me of life to the point I want to bury my head under a rock or hide in a shell where noone will find me. please please. “Desperately seeking a way out the drama”. Stephanie

Have you ever taken an antibiotic and felt worse before you feltbetter? Try to continue the spiritual cleansing. You can get a bucket and put your feet in to soak them or you can make the mixture and can ladle it over your head before or after you shower. I know you feel frustrated but continue and keep praying or use positive thoughts. This changes the energy field around the body.

One treatment is not going to complete the process. Smudging in addition can help – using sage with sweetgrass or burning copal on charcoal that you ignite and put in a heat resistant container – the charcoal is not he kind you barbeque. You can purchase it at or from your favorite metaphysical store.

There are actually studies and clinical research into these treatments. Reiki is now an accepted practice in hospitals whick can also help. Furthermore you can use salt such as epsom salt baths if you chose or you can get a salt glow treatment like one from bath and body works.

Like losing weight, it takes time to clear at a soul level. You have to release the layers. That is why I like to give people the tools so people can use it on a regular basis not unlike teaching someone to brush their teeth. Holy water added to the mix can help. Also using the smudge can cleanse the house. Opening windows, cleaning the house helps to remove negative vibrations. Start by changing your thoughts.

Life can be very tough use your failures to change – to lead you to your success. I know that sounds cliche but even Coco Channel used to say that over and over again.

Difficulties are apart of life. You will never escape problems. As you age, it is easier to figure out solutions. There is not easy fix, no magic potions. Repeated cleansing and positive vibrations help to clear the lower vibrations. But at the end of the day, you need to work on yourself, to look within and actively shift from negative to positive to really effect a clearing for the long term. Keep working and maintain these goals. Deb…

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