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How Do I Activate My Psychic Abilities?

How Do I Activate My Psychic Abilities?

It’s always worthwhile to take the time to open up psychicly. Tuning to yourself and your world can save your life, quite literally, and it can certainly help you to maximize opportunities and minimize obstacles. But it does take some practice, and some concentrated attention, to first learn to develop an inner focus, and then learn to interpret the signals and symbols. Since some of our most frequently asked questions about being psychic are about how to get started, we decided to publish the best questions and our answers…

The natural ability is in all of us. So how do we start tapping into it?

The insights here should help you to open up intuitively…. For more, check out the exercises and then tell us about your experiences.

About Living with Your Psychic Ability…

Hello, I have had experiences that defy explanation since 5 years old. It never really occurred to me that it might be psychic ability. I only know that I seem to know exactly what to do and I do it. Recently, I had a very strong feeling to go to college and I did everthing I could to go. I found a friend that was also planning the same thing. I helped her as much as I could and it looks like she will go however, I will not. The powerful urge I felt before had left when I had no more to do for my friend. I realized that it was not for me to go to school but for her. This does not bother me; it is the way I cannot focus what I have so that it does not harm me. I know it doesn’t mean to but it is like trying to make a single radio station accept ALL the other frequencies at once. I’ll sometimes go into depressive bouts or emotional swings or headaches and a drained feeling. I wanted to know if anyone could suggest a teacher to help me find a little peace. I have been searching for quite a while and I have been trying to do imagery exercises to try and keep myself from being overwhelmed at certain times. It has an effect on my family and has been the cause of some arguments, especially with my mother. She told me some time ago that my grandfather was able to heal people who went to see him. If you can do anything to help I would appreciate it. I don’t really want to develop any psychic skills I just want to be able to live better with it. I didn’t have a choice in whether I wanted it or not but I know I have to live with it. Grace S.

Being Psychic is a Way of Life

Danielle responds: You ask a very good question, hon, and one that I wish more folks would ask… you’ll find lots of good insights in this section – while many of these articles are about developing your ability, if you’ll read into them a little, you’ll see that what we’re really talking about is how to live with being psychic – we often say that being psychic is more a way of life than it is a practice…

Learn to meditate: One of the first things you can do for yourself is take a class in meditation – this will help you to focus and center yourself, and also help you to stay clear… as to finding a teacher, that’s bit of a conundrum for all of us… that old adage ‘when the student is ready, the teacher appears” seems to especially apply to spiritual development – because that’s what you’re talking about… in a way… and also about personal development….

Work on being the Best you can be, at everything… learning to live with your ability is about learning to be the most that you can be – and this is a lifelong exercise…. and so is learning to work with your ability so that it can be integrated into your life. Look around your area, take whatever courses, workshops or seminars that appeal to you, and let the teacher manifest for you in your natural pursuit of the interest….

Read… Books are also very good teachers and there are lots of really excellent books to help you figure out what is going on for you and how to work with it. Again, let your natural self be your guide, allow yourself to follow your interests and the growth and knowledge you are reaching for will come to you easily, in a way that you can easily integrate what you know into your daily life.

Reach out to those around you…Ask around your friends, see who else is interested in the same subjects, share your experience and interests with them – pay attention to the field of quantum physics since that is the one place in science that is working to in a way prove what goes on in the psychic realms… learn about the different tools and play with them a little, see what divination tools work for you and then have some fun with them, reading for friends…

Keep a journal of your insights and knowings – One of the most valuable ways of using your psychic ability is to learn to read the energy of your own life so you can learn to move it to become a better stronger person, and have more of what you want from life… if you will pay attention, your “inner self” will give you a lot of good insights about what is going on for you, what is bothering you and what you want to change in yourself… or what you’re afraid of, or angry about…. and if you will also work on being a very loving person, avoiding judgment wherever you can, you’ll find that your loving insights can help you avoid conflicts – or resolve those that come up much more easily and quickly…. being tuned into what’s going on around you can really make it easier to manage your life, and even raise your IQ, if you will work at it…

Develop the Art of Noticing I’m not talking so much about working at being psychic, but rather at being very observant, noticing and feeling of your life and allowing yourself to read more deeply into what is going on around you, so you can make the most of the opportunities and minimize the problems…

Learn the art of interpreting Study the universal symbols, the archetypes, the beliefs, and key energetic influences (eg astrology, numerology) that influence our behaviour and attitudes and then observe how they are affecting you from moment to moment….

Seek the balanced way… Finally, be attentive to your spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and economic health – to make the most of your ability, to see how best to use it to make the most of your life, you need to live in a balanced way, allowing your whole self to interact with the world – letting your creative self out to play is just as important as being able to have a good job… or eating well and sleeping well – and these are as important as dancing and singing…

Learn to live fully, with joy and enthusiasm...What I am trying to say is that living with one’s psychic ability is more about learning to live with joy, to live to the fullest than it is about learning to be psychic… the more you participate in life, the more you allow yourself to taste and feel and experience all that life has to offer, the more attuned you will be from within, and the more you will find that your ability serves you.

I hope these insights are useful to you. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Can I Develop my Sixth Sense?

“I am trying to find out if I do have the capacity to develop a “sixth sense” or if I have another reason for these happenings.”

Says Cindilee: All people have this sixth sense if they choose to look into it. There are some that have this ability, let me say, a little more “open” then other individuals and therefore will be at different levels of understanding.

I focus upon the tarot as a working tool, a tool that I concentrate upon and for me becomes a blending of images that leads to a larger picture. It is within this environment that I receive the messages and insight from Spirit. Needless to say some individuals feel more comfortable in knowing that there is something in front of mel. For now the tarot acts as a crutch and that is okay.

I would suggest looking around your area for some classes dealing with meditation, Yoga or even a discipline of Tai chi. These teach one to learn how to focus upon breathing correctly and beginning to reach inside of you to find the connection between that space and the Universe.

I have always believed that one should have a balanced life on emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels and this is a needed foundation in any work involving the “sixth sense”. For if we are not clear in one or more of these levels, how clear is one, really?

Once you begin to put out to the Universe a desire to learn more about this, there will be many avenues opened to you. The next step will be to learn how ‘discern’ what is best for you at that time, to learn to read and interpet the signals that come to you from your sixth sense.

I believe that the Universe will provide what you need when it comes from your heart and the intent to learn is for the best and highest for your growth. Good luck as you begin this journey of developing the ‘sixth sense’ that truly is one of “self-discovery”. Regards ~Cindilee~

Keep a Journal, Read, and Notice What Crosses Your Path

From Cindilee: A great way to start developing your psychic senses is to keep a journal of the experiences and the co-relating occurrences. This proves to be very helpful in hind sight. When you review it, you may notice patterns, how you felt at the time, if there a cycle to these occurrences and what is the general situation at the time.

Years ago I started and kept journals for just over 2 years. This helped me a lot to understand how I receive messages and insights each day. I would compare feelings I had, symbols, topics talked about with others, books, opinions and many other areas. The journal exercise proved to be a wonderful learning experience.

Each one of us receive things differently and this is unique based upon each person’s on experience in life. Books are wonderful teachers but based upon others insights I do believe and use books to “add” to my own knowing. I feel that if you have a foundation on how you receive things yourself, a sense of your own “knowing”, then insights from the books can provide some useful clues, second opinions, new perspectives to consider.

In the Native Teachings to share a vision with many people is for the vision to lose its “truth” – meaning if you are not strong in what you know and felt then your mind can be easily changed by others. Therefore you are not walking “your truth of the heart” – I know you will understand here. So, learn to trust your path and your own insights. When books, courses and others ideas come into your life – and they will, trust me – listen to your “inner feelings” to know what is right for you.. Notice what crosses your path and many exciting learning opportunities will present themselves to you. Best of luck on your journey… Regards ~Cindilee~

On Getting Started, Finding a Guide

Hi there – I was fortunate to find your website. It is really nice and I am happy there are are places like it. For many years, I have realized that I have some “psychic-ness” within me. I taught myself how to read palms and I am able to see in people’s coffee. I lived days that were dreamt the night before, whole days. I was wondering if you can point me in the right direction to “hone” abilities. I have read some books that were recommended to me, but someone also told me that I should find a “teacher” or a mentor. They said somehow I would find this person and I should just be patient until the moment comes. I was wondering if you can give me some advice about that subject. I am well aware that each of us has a different experience, and we all are learning from others that maybe have stepped the same path before. Thank you in advance!! John

Geri, Victoria and Danielle of the Global psychics team, respond (See also our article on Contacting Your Spirit Guides)

Dear John,

Hi! My name is Geri Webre, Ph.D. and I’m a psychic and a psychologist of 27 odd years!! I wish I had a sense of where you lived so that I might be able to refer you to some local resources! In the meantime the whole area of psychic development is a real hodge-podge of teachers, philosophies. . .and points of view. . .

You’ll find that whether it’s palmistry, tea leaves, coffee grounds, auras, chakras or bumps on the head. . .it doesn’t matter what the focus is. . .it’s YOUR perception/abilities that are the key here. . . and the main way to develop these abilities. . .at least from my point of view. . .is to be healthy psychologically, spiritually, mentally and physically!! In other words. . .our perceptions are only as good and clear. . .as we ourselves are!

For example: let’s say that you are a healer. . . .you’ve dedicated your life and energies to assisting people in a healing process that will serve them. Let’s say that you’re Jewish and your grandparents perished in the Holocaust. . . .and then let’s say that the client who shows up for a healing is a Neo-Nazi. . . . .(this is NOT a trick scenario. . .or even an improbable one!!)

Your first reaction to this somewhat arrogant, white, skinhead is rage and a distinct urge to . . . . . Maybe this IS a radical example. . . .but if you had a negative reaction to this person. . . .could you heal them. . .or would you want to hurt them?

Our feelings CAN and DO get in the way of a clear channel of Light. . . .so we need to examine where our buttons are. . . .and work diligently on clearing our own reactions/fears/ etc. . . . . When I work with students. . .this is where I start. . .an examination of the self and what runs us. . . .we may not be able to clear ALL the stuff in there. . .but at least we can discover what they are and be aware of them. . ..

Psychically developing is probably not such a great mystery. As you have 5 physical senses that allow you to survive on the planet. . .so you have 5 psychic back-up senses that serve the same function. It’s a natural way for humans to perceive “reality” they just don’t always realize it!!

It’s great to have a teacher or a guide along the way. . . they can certainly provide insights and some short cuts that can save us a lot of time and grief. . . .When I first opened up. . .I searched high and low for people to train me. . .I was a real pain in the ass!!. . . .always asking questions. ..seeking. . . .reading anything I could get my hands on. . . .almost every bookstore. . .even the commercial ones has a section in metaphysics. . ..go the WEB. . . .and punch in metaphysics, psychic, new physics, parapsychology just for starters. . . .you’ll be amazed at just how much is out there. . . .there are groups, teachers, papers, resources by the gazillions!!! It’s a place to start. . . .as to what to pick. . .well I suspect that it’s a matter of “VIBE” . . . .whatever really resonates with you. . .and your interests will probably be a good indicator!!

Why don’t you write us back and let us know where you are geographically and perhaps we can refer you to someone we know or know of. . . Hope this helps! Geri

Victoria’s response:

My best advice to John is to follow his own skills. Ask Spirit to guide you to the source of knowledge for help. There are too many Mentors out there who are self appointed Mentors and Masters. Reading is wonderful, but there is no one key. Your knowledge comes from within. Learn to rely on your own senses.

I found Tarot very helpful, but went by feelings rather than what the book says. I seldom use Tarot anymore. I tell people I could read rubberbands if I needed to. I have moved beyond Tarot to trusting what I am being told or know from within myself. Love, Victoria

When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Appears

Danielle Responds Being psychic is a birthright, it’s in each of us to be able to sense the subtle signals that influence our lives, to be able to see and read energy, to connect with the One and talk to the trees and the animals. But just as each of has has our own unique set of talents and interests, we will each express our “psychic-ness” in our own unique way. Some folks dream, others read Tarot or the Runes, or the Sacred Path Cards. Some find it easy to read tea leaves and coffee grinds, while others can read the knobs on your head. Each culture will have its own method of divining the future, and none of them is likely to be more accurate or better than the other.

The key to getting started on developing your ability then is first to acknowledge that you have the gift of inner sight, and then to explore yourself to see what methods you would be most interested in learning about… in other words, follow your natural inclinations, study what interests you and let Spirit, your Higher Self and the One guide you from there. See what courses are being offered in your area, and over time you are likely to find a teacher or mentor through this process… or go get some readings, find someone you like and ask them if they’d be interested in teaching you….

However, the truth is that, when you are ready, the right teacher will show up somewhere in your life…. that teacher could be a book, a guide from another dimension, an angel or a real person, it’s up to you to notice their presence in your life and to ask them to teach you when you see them there. As Geri pointed out, there’s a tremendous amount of personal work that’s required before one is able to read accurately for others, so sometimes the first teachers who show up are those who will guide us in dealing with our personal issues so we can then benefit others.

While being psychic is as natural as breathing, there’s a lot of work involved in learning to be clear and sensitive. And it’s not a linear path – you can’t expect to start at some imaginary step one and follow a list of exercises that will ultimately lead you to “being psychic”. It’s more a way of life that you begin to experience and practice, an attitude, or an approach to life that step by step will open you up to the “universe beyond the veil”. So, get started – anywhere, read whatever you can about it, take whatever courses and workshops are available, allow yourSelf to be your guide, you will lead yourself to the right teachers, when you are ready for them.

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