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Fear and Your Psychic Abilities

Coping with Fear: Fear and Your Psychic Abilities

It is our attitude, our beliefs about ourselves and our world that makes or breaks us in life… when we are loving and positive, when we choose to see purpose in all that occurs, choose to take the lessons and to grow – as opposed to judging – we find ourselves making the right choices in life, no matter where we are. Choosing love over fear and judgment takes great courage and offers even greater freedom. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Your psychic abilities are closely connected with your fear buttons and your protective mechanisms… that is why so many people report that their first experiences with psychic ability are negative – they see the dark or painful events that are about to occur around them, but rarely see when something good is about to happen…

“I started to receive visions about things that were to come a while ago and this was when I was at my most peaceful state. Most of the visions I had were about pain and suffering. Does this have any connection with psychic ability?” Scott

Scott, Yes, visions are part of being clairvoyant and clairsentient… a good idea would be for you to keep a journal of the things you saw… the reason you saw first pain and suffering is because our psychic abilities are part of our protective mechanisms so when we first open up, often we get a lot of the fearful stuff first – warnings… if you will practice meditation and work on raising your vibrational frequency – letting go of judgment of yourself and others, you will find that things shift and you can also see lots of good things… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Very often, our psychic or paranormal experiences are a reflection of our fears and our judgments of others and our worlds… this is an important principle to understand. The psychic channels open as a way of protecting us from danger, but if we are paranoid in any way, just about anything and everything will trigger psychic visions and sensations… and if we are approaching life from a negative or fearful place, we will not only trigger the inner psychic self to produce input about any dangers that might be around… but we can also attract entities of a lower vibrational frequency to attach themselves to us, literally feeding off our fears.

We believe that this dynamic explains a lot of the visions and voices that those with mental disorders experience. With their inner worlds in chaos, their protective mechanisms generate all kinds of images and insights to try to help the lost soul find their way back… But with fear and paranoia so strong, there is no way for the person to discern what is real… the mentally ill experience fear in the extreme which triggers all kinds of what might be called paranormal activity.

Get a grip!

I have always been drawn to psychic readings and stories since I was a kid. I can read tarot cards to people and do readings for people, not for myself though. But I keep having deja vu experiences. Every time I do something or mainly ride in the car I feel like I have done this before, and I am always feeling like I will have lots of money in the future or sometime. I also have a friend who died, we were very close, any time I am in some type of big turmoil he comes to me and says, I will always be here when you need me. He came to me a few times laughing and talking to me. I said to him he is not supposed to be here, and he just laughs. Why is this happening? Why do I feel like I will be rich someday and have done things already? I also have a father who died recently in April of 2003, I was with him a few days before he died in the hospital, he looked at me strangely as if to make sure it was me. Why? Now I think about him a lot, but I am scared of him. He was not always nice to me. But he always asked me to take care of him if he got sick. I was there in his last days. Why am I so afraid? Please help me with this. I really need these answers. They have been on my mind for years. Clifton

Our psychic abilities are connected with our fear/protective mechanisms, so part of the challenge in developing our abilities is getting a grip on the fear – the good news is that the first step in the process of shifting gears is admitting that we are afraid… so you are already on your way to getting some control. Call on your angels and guides to protect you…. sounds like your friend is acting as a guardian angel for you for now, so be grateful, say a prayer for him every time you see him and sense him around. He is trying to tell you that you’re ok and so is he… deja vu is a common thing among those who are psychic – you get used to it after awhile – it can be very helpful… my father often lives his next day the night before in his dream world… I suggest you take up meditation and learn to work with your breath and one by one to face your fears and set them aside… we never stop being afraid in this life, it seems to be a part of the human condition… it is how we handle it that makes the difference… you must choose not to feed them…

Learn more about being a medium, read as much as you can about the afterlife and you will learn to relax as you gain understanding. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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