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Unlimited Potential

Unlimited Potential

by Sally with the Angels

Within each of us we can feel a sense of great potential. A mother recognizes this potential in her child and knows that this child can be and do anything. Unfortunately as we journey through life we often allow fearful and ego-based thoughts to convince us that we are at times limited and unable to achieve anything we want. This infinite potential of endless possibilities is a part of our existence now and forever. The fact that we have the ability to be or do anything does not change, only our perceptions of ourselves have changed to think that we are limited.

This month, Archangel Metatron invites you to remember the infinite potential that resides in all of us and is the foundation of our lives.

By consciously taking time to change the way we look at things as if we were looking through the eyes of a child, we can recognize and remember the potential and endless possibilities that exist for all of us. Archangel Metatron encourages us to follow the exercise below whenever we feel moments of despair, moments when we feel limited by our surrounding situations, and moments when we see and feel lack. The exercise can be quite uplifting and motivating. You can do it.

Channeled by Archangel Metatron:

Look at the world through the eyes of a child. See wonder in everything and everyone. Children see wonder because they are open to all possibilities. They don’t know limits. A child walks through life with an open heart and knows only compassion, love and trust. The world and all it beholds enchants them.

Take a moment to visit the child within yourself. See endless possibilities. Laugh, feel joy, rest and love. You are the creator of your world. I work with the children of the world and help them see the light within themselves so they may shine this light for all to see. Their light warms the world and brings hope. If you find yourself feeling depressed or in despair look into the eyes of a child and you will know that all is well.

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