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The Art of Scanning

The Art of Scanning

On Becoming a Keen Observer of Life’s Little Mysteries

From the Art of Noticing, by M.L. Danielle Daoust

“All of us are psychic, whether we know it or not, or choose to use it or not, all of us have some ability… I liken being a psychic to being a mathematician or professional ball player… Most of us can learn the basics of these ‘professions’, if only to balance our checkbooks and to hang out with our children in the park… while some may be gifted, all can benefit from the learning and practice…”

Our beliefs around psychic ability, our desire for drama and excitement, the unique, the unusual, coupled with our deep-rooted fears of the unknown, our ‘prove it, see-it-to-believe-it’ attitudes have conditioned us to expect psychic experiences to be dramatic – mostly frightening – events. Near-death (NDE) experiences, out-of-body (OBE) experiences, ghostly manifestations, spoon-bending and table tipping, trance channeling, dimensional shifts, group visions, shapeshifting and the like all fall into the realms of the dramatic psychic/paranormal experience that every would-be psychic seeks.

For the holistic psychic, these are more in the nature of a whack on the head – spirit giving us a wake up call. In reality, being psychic is more like a way of life – a way of living tuned into yourSelf and your environment, a way of moving with the energy around you so you can begin to direct the flow and achieve what you want…. Being psychic is as much about being a talented, deep, holistic observer of life as it is about being a sensitive interpreter and mad scientist. Being psychic means being able to – quite literally – raise your IQ and being able to naturally, easily, create exactly the life you want… as if by magic.

That is why we at Global Psychics call ourselves holistic mystics, purveyors of practical magic.

We often refer to our Art of Noticing programs as “Applied” or “Practical” Magic because they offer a holistic process for creating positive change, magically, naturally. Participants learn how to use their psychic ability to “read” their environment, their relationships, their jobs, themselves, to tune into and then shift the flow of energy around them so they can accomplish what they want, easily – magically.

While this type of attunement may trigger many unusual psychic experiences, the real objective of the program is to teach people to notice and start using the skill they already have by tuning into their own personal symbology and tuning into the way that they specifically receive and interpret information.

That is the purpose of the light ball exercise. a very useful scanning technique. People who never believed they had any ability, try this exercise and immediately see they have some ‘supernatural’ power, and then specifically how that ability works for them.

Our imagination knows what it’s doing….

Scanning enables us to access our imagination. It is a viable tool for focusing on the ‘subtle” signals, and then getting clear about what we’re really being told. Once a woman saw binary code during the exercise. When I took her further into it, she sensed the meaning of the codes and accurately delivered a relevant message to her partner. Like each of us at one time or another, she wanted to dismiss what she saw and felt, saying it was “just her imagination” Her imagination knew what it was doing – and so does yours.

Why Learn to Scan

I often introduce professionals to scanning through the light ball exercise that follows, as a great way of helping themselves “in a pinch” – to suss out what’s influencing a stressful situation and how to best maneuver through it. I have personally avoided many difficult situations – including pickpockets and fatal accidents by scanning the territory around me or ahead of me and making last minute adjustments in my plans.

Scanning allows you to avoid some of life’s nasty surprises, and to be prepared for the rest.

You can know when to make your move and when to hold back – just by scanning – looking to see how the energy is moving, taking time to listen for words, images, sensations of any sort that will come up to guide you on your way.

The Light Ball Exercise – A Useful Scanning Technique

The Light Ball exercise teaches you how to scan someone’s electrical field. It is designed not just to prove you have psychic ability, but to show you how you receive psychic information.

Here’s how it works:

  • Two people – preferably two who haven’t met before – stand about 4 – 6 feet apart from each other, facing each other, eyes closed.
  • Each person then closes their eyes, takes a moment to breathe, relax and ground, then visualizes the other as a ball of light or pure energy. Each looks with their inner eyes into the ball of light and scans the person opposite top to bottom, bottom to top, noticing any words, images, colours, thoughts, sensations in their own body,… anything at all that comes up while they’re scanning…
  • After a few moments, when they each come back, they tell each other what they saw, felt, whatever, and describe how what the other experienced might fit in their lives at this time….

Everyone is shocked to discover that something happened, although occasionally people don’t recognize what did, and that’s when things can get exciting. For example, one woman thought nothing happened because all she could see was colours. She’s a very creative person whose psychic ability is centered on her feeling body – she needed to be encouraged to learn about the symbology of colour and to learn to feel colour, so she could interpret what she was reading…. Another woman worked from pure intuition, and had for years overlooked her very real ability to “just know” what was coming. Until she did the exercise, she didn’t realize that her knowing people and life so well was about being quite psychic.

Give this exercise a try yourself, and be sure to notice everything that happens while you’re scanning, every little thought or sensation that flits through your being will be relevant in that moment…You can save yourself a lot of trouble, by learning to scan the territory ahead….

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