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See Beauty In Yourself and Others

See Beauty: Channeled from Archangel Chamuel

by Sally with the Angels

Dearest Ones,

Be conscious of the Light Within each one of you. It is the beautiful flame that burns with God’s love. When you are seeking answers and solutions to life’s challenges go no further than within yourself. You are perfect in every way Now. Know that you need not change a thing about yourself to know God and the angels. In God’s eyes you are perfect. I will help you see beauty first within yourself and then in each person. For love is all there is and you are love. Put aside any judgments of yourself and of others.

See perfection.

Today look for beauty:

  • In each other -When you bring joy to another feel my presence surround in blissful joy like wings enfolding you.
  • In yourself – See the beauty of God’s creation from your hair to your toes. You are unique and you are love. Cast aside any negative self images.

You may call upon me to assist you in attracting joy, harmony, beauty, and love in all your relationships. I will give you strength to move past negative feelings toward yourself and others to only see the light within that burns with the flame of love.

With your intention you may increase this flame so it fills your body. The warmth of your Creator lies within each one of you. When I am near feel a tingling in your body like the sweet sensation of first love.

Happiness will embrace you.

Seek me out my child and feel joy.

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