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Open Yourself to Abundance & Blessings of the Universe

Open Yourself to the Abundance and Blessings of the Universe

From Sally

Blessings are abundant in the universe. The angels want you to take time to see the blessings all around you and be grateful. This is the key to opening yourself up to the abundant gifts that the universe has to give.

Each moment is a blessing waiting to be acknowledged. When you take time to observe and appreciate them you’ll begin to notice more blessings in your life. In fact, you’ll come to understand that the blessings in your life are infinite.

It’s easy to start noticing the many blessings that are present in your life everyday.

Today, take a walk and look around you. Nature waits for you to connect with it and open yourself up to the great knowledge it has to pour forth.

  • The trees that dance in the warm summer breeze can teach and inspire you about grounding, strength and longevity. Sit under one that you are drawn to, and listen to its song. When you are done with your lesson give thanks for sharing its knowledge with you.
  • A spider in the center of its web can remind us of our connection to the world we create for ourselves. We create our destiny through the weaving of our thoughts and actions. Be conscious of your thoughts that are creating your world.

As you take time to acknowledge the universe’s blessings all around you, show gratitude for them. It can simply start with the food that sustains you everyday. Give thanks to the animals, plants, earth and water for the nourishment they provide.

When you awake each morning, give thanks for another day of life in this physical world. Another day to walk in the sunshine and dance in the rain.

Affirm: Today I am grateful for all my blessings. I know that acknowledging the gifts and blessings that are all around and showing my gratitude opens me up to the abundance of the universe.

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