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Love Energy for Conflict Resolution

Love Energy for Conflict Resolution

Applying the energy of love is one of the most effective ways of resolving conflict. The energy of one loving person can influence and redirect the activities of whole populations. Think of the powerful influence Mother Theresa held over our attitudes to the poor. Now think of all of the love that empowered her and pushed powerful people into doing something about her concerns… and think of how that loving energy could be put to work in your life.

Love is a balancing force, so when you actively generate it from within and then approach every situation – including battle – with love in your hearts, you find that there’s a way for both sides to put down their swords – before using them.

Being committed to being loving, no matter what, and therefore to finding the value, seeing the purpose in every situation, will lead you naturally, magically, to solutions.

Even when, in the heat of the moment, you are unable to generate any loving feelings for your opposition, if you can love yourself and see value in the conflict, you will find a way of resolving it without pain or violence.

When you love, you are willing to give;

when you love, you trust;

when you love, you understand and you listen….

Love your work visualization – Exercise

Take a few big deep breaths…. feel youself grounded and relaxed…. then visualize someone or something you love… take a moment to really feel the love you have for this person or thing… let it kind of fill you up with good feelings – remember some especially loving moment and charge yourself with this love… see the love flowing in and around you as a pink or green light, (the colours of Divine Love) glowing and warm, brilliant…

Now see yourself at work tomorrow… infuse this scene with the pink and green light, and all the good feelings that you have just experienced… see yourself surrounded by this beautiful light, see it radiating from you as you move around your workplace… then notice how it seems to fill the whole space, until the entire building is radiating and pulsing with this wonderful light…

Now find your home space at work, perhaps at your desk, and focus for a moment on the papers in front of you… notice what is written there, then look around you, notice what and who is around you and how everything feels… then re-center youself on the papers in front of you and ask what is the most important message they contain for you today… look at your calendar or do list and see what is there… what grabs your attention? listen, watch, feel… take a moment to be with youself at work and to notice everything that comes up for you…. what’s going on in your body?

Now, think of someone with whom you have had a conflict recently, or some issue that has troubled you. Call the people involved into your mind, to a meeting of the souls, visualize them coming to a meeting and sitting at a table with you… then visualize your problem, conflict or issue as some kind of symbol and see it on the table in the center of the room. Then see it, and the space around you filling up with this beautiful love energy – feel it infusing you and all around you… then ask the people there in spirit, one by one, what insights they might offer about the problem on the table…. and listen and watch… pay attention to every detail, since these will contain information for you, content in the form of symbols that you can use to clarify whatever insights are offered.

Then take a moment to thank everyone for sharing with you, for coming and participating in this soul meeting , try to visualize loving energy flowing between you – that gorgeous pink or green light… Thank God, your guides and angels and your higher self for helping you open up to love. Then take a moment to listen to yourself, to see if you have any words, images or sensations in you, check around your workplace one last time… recharge the loving energy around you, see the pink or green energy pulsing and vibrating, notice what has changed around you and then come back….

If you can take a moment to record what occurred during this exercise – and then you are very observant in your environment later, you should find some subtle shift will have occurred… the person with whom you have been locking horns recently may approach you to say they have been rethinking their position, and as they begin speaking, you notice that you also have a new idea around this issue – suddenly, there is a breakthrough…

The loving energy you generated in this exercise should have the effect of calming the trouble waters long enough for some balance to be restored, and this balancing opens the doors for new solutions to be presented…. this is how love works.

Loving raises one’s vibrational frequency – and as you raise your frequency, those around you will be naturally inclined to raise theirs.

Thus, through the simple act of loving, you effectively change the world… Love is real Power – use it well – and often!

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