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Exercises For Working with the Angels

Working with the Angels

Exercises From Sally, and Angelic Connection

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Exercises For Working with the Angels

Everyone can work with the Angels to receive powerful, personal and inspirational messages and guidance. Angelic Connection helps you connect with the angelic realm so you can easily work with the Angels to make desired life changes. Work with the Angels to overcome fear, heal yourself emotionally and physically, create and manifest anything you desire, and so much more…the possibilities are endless.

Here are some creative and practical exercises you can do everyday to connect and create with the angels. The exercises are easy to do and can powerfully transform the way you live.

Leaving your worries behind with the Angels

In Native American culture, they have “worry baskets” outside of each other’s dwelling. So when you visit you grab a twig for each of your worries and drop it in the worry basket before entering the house. When you leave you gather your twigs (worries) and take them with you. This is a wonderful shielding and clearing process because it doesn’t allow your guests to enter your home with their baggage.

When feelings of anxiety surround your thoughts call upon Archangel Michael. Visualize him holding a beautiful weaved basket. See your worries one by one going into the basket for Michael to carry into the light. Feel the calmness of his presence.

When we worry about a loved one we are sending them negative energy instead of our blessings and love. Take a moment to catch yourself when you feel yourself worrying about another and shift it to love and blessings. Know that the angels are always around sending us their love and support. Know that all is well. Perfection is everywhere. There is no such thing as chaos only our perception of it. When you feel chaos know that it doesn’t exist it is just an illusion and invite Archangel Raphael to shift your perception to one of peace and perfection.

Thank Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael for their guidance.

Archangel Michael to the rescue!

Whenever you feel frightened, worried or anxious about any situation, call upon Archangel Michael. Michael will clear the space of any fearful energy and take it into the light. It is that easy. You will instantly feel a shift to calmness and a knowing that you are safe.

Thank Archangel Michael for assistance.

Clearing Your Home of Negative Energy

The angels can help you clean your home. They are happy to assist you with your daily cleaning. When you clean hold the intention that the angels are clearing away any negative energy from your home. It’s easy! Here are some tips on clearing away negative and fearful thoughts from your home with the angels’ assistance.

  • Vacuum and/or shampoo your carpets to clear away dirt and any “baggage” your guests may have dropped off while visiting.
  • Wash your curtains and bed sheets to clear away unwanted energy you or family members may have accumulated.
  • When you take a shower visualize the water washing away any negative energy and fearful thought patterns. See it going down the drain. See the earth recycling it into beautiful energy.

Thank the angels for their assistance.

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