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Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming

by Ken Page

We are moving into the dimension of instantaneous creation and preparing for a major shift in our consciousness. Much of the preparation for these changes is happening in our dream state. The dream state is another dimension. Through our dreams, we can create and explore new realities and dimensions of consciousness. Lucid dreaming is a technique that can help us prepare for this shift.

Lucid dreaming is a powerful creative state and can be used for understanding and creating our lives. It’s one of the most important techniques I practice. Research at Stanford University indicates lucid dreaming occurs during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. Since most REM sleep takes place in the later part of the night, mornings are likely to be the most favorable time for lucid dreaming.

I have a simple and effective exercise to improve your ability to lucid dream. In this exercise you will discover if any hidden programs or ideas in your subconscious mind are keeping you from having what you desire in this life. After you’ve perfected your ability to lucid dream, and have a good understanding of the subconscious patterns affecting your ability to create in the third dimension, you can go a step further and use lucid dreaming to explore other dimensions and realities.

A Lucid Dreaming Exercise

To begin the lucid dreaming exercise, first think of a question about your life. Your question may concern a special relationship, spiritual goals, your health, or your job. Whatever it is, write it down. Keep your questions simple and use as few words as possible. Complicated questions will create complicated dreams filled with too much information to easily understand.

After choosing a simple question, set your alarm clock for half an hour earlier than you would normally get up in the morning. Use the type of clock with a snooze alarm that goes off every ten minutes. When the alarm goes off, press the snooze alarm button, focus on your question, and fall back to sleep. In the following dream, your subconscious mind will show you stories representing the ideas or programs you subconsciously carry that are related to your question. These stories will help you understand the programs that are keeping you from having what you want. After ten minutes, the alarm will go off again. Notice briefly what you were dreaming, ask the same question, and fall back to sleep. Continue doing this for thirty minutes.

After thirty minutes either tape record or write down the information you received while it is still clear in your mind. Since dreams can slip away so quickly, have a recorder or pad and pencil ready by your bed. You do not have to record the complete dream, just the main ideas and images.

The more you practice lucid dreaming, the easier it becomes. Keep asking the same question until you get a clear, understandable answer and then ask another question. Within two weeks you should uncover and understand the subconscious programs you have that are interfering with your creations.

One of the first questions I explored though lucid dreaming was “How do I become a good healer and teacher?” Through lucid dreaming I discovered my subconscious mind held the idea that if I became popular as a healer I would lose my freedom because I’d attract attention. I was surprised at this information. My freedom is important to me, but I did not think my need for freedom would interfere with being of service to others. My subconscious mind was doing everything it could to keep me from being as successful as I was capable of being because it did not want me to lose my freedom. By becoming conscious of my subconscious program, I was able to change it. I now understand what personal freedom means to me, and I know it is safe to become popular without loosing my freedom. By exploring the dimension of lucid dreaming, I was able to become conscious of the hidden, subconscious programs affecting my success.

My dream state now feels as real to me as my waking physical state. If I don’t understand what is going on in my dreams or they contain problems and conflicts, I continue to replay the same dream over and over until I do understand and the conflicts are resolved. My dream becomes real to me when I become conscious of what it reveals. If I create perfection in my dreams by understanding and resolving any conflicts, I can use this insight to create a more balanced and healthy physical reality for myself. I first create and experience perfection within my dream reality and then I recreate that perfection in my physical reality.

Lucid dreaming is a powerful technique because it assists us in understanding our subconscious mind. By practicing lucid dreaming we can be sure our subconscious mind fully supports our conscious mind in creating what we want in our lives.

I believe our dream state is the next dimension because that is where we can experience instantaneous creation. With lucid dreaming, we can perfect living and being in the dimension of instantaneous creation and then we can bring that mastery to our three dimensional lives. Lucid dreaming is one of the most important exercises we can do—it allows us a greater understanding of our lives and our universe.

Creator of Heart and Soul Healing, international author, teacher, empath and transformational healer, Ken Page represents the cutting edge of dynamic healing. Ken gives monthly workshops and private healing sessions throughout the United States and Europe. If you would like to know more about Ken Page and his work, please look up his web site You can also contact Ken at (800) 809-1290, tel./fax: (510) 336-7035, -mail: Ken is also available for phone sessions and in-person healing sessions in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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