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Connecting With Your Spirit Guide

I have used this meditation and visualization exercise for many years when leading clients and students to make a direct connect with their spirit guides.  Before starting, it is useful to have a pen and paper handy to write down any thoughts and messages that come through, along with a glass of water to drink when you are finished the exercise, to help you clear. It is also worthwhile to spend a little time thinking of what questions you want to ask your guide,

I suggest that you lay down on the floor or your bed, or a couch for this work, but if this isn’t possible, find a comfortable chair, plant your feet firmly on the floor and place your hands palms up with thumb and forefinger touching on each hand… this helps to keep the energy moving and you grounded.

Take a moment to settle yourself, see yourself grounded – you can visualize a cord going from the base of your spine deep into the center of the planet – and then take three or four good deep breaths… see yourself surrounded in a bubble of protective pink and green light, the colours of Divine Love, and say a little prayer, asking your guides to connect with you, and asking for protection as you travel into other dimensions.

Now see yourself entering a lovely meadow. It is a beautiful warm sunny day, there is a light breeze blowing – you can feel it on your face as you follow the path that seems to unfold in front of you.  It leads you into a grove of beautiful tall trees… you can smell the old leaves and the earth as you walk through… it is refreshing… you can hear water splashing nearby and suddenly the path opens to a beautiful pool that is fed by the waterfall flowing down a rocky cliff ahead of you.  As you approach the pool, you see a stunning rock glittering in the sunshine by the side of the pool.  There you leave your clothes so you can dive into the warm yet incredibly refreshing waters… as you swim, you notice a ledge under the water fall, perfect for you to stand on while you let the waters splash on your body… it is as if the water is reaching into your soul, clearing away your fears and pains, cleansing you of any negative feelings… you are feeling exuberant, excited as you dive from the ledge back into the pool, swimming to the rock… you jump out to sit on the rock to dry off.  The rock almost seems to hum as you relax and absorb yourself in the sensations of love and joy that seem to come out of nowhere… suddenly you realize there is someone sitting beside you, quietly sharing your joy. He seems very old, but when you look into his eyes, he is ageless… he jumps off the rock and invites you to follow him.. he reminds you of a mountain goat as he leaps fearlessly up the path that appears on the side the rocky cliff. Before you know it, you are at the entrance to a large cave… it seems filled with crystals, light seems to emanate from them, but there doesn’t appear to be any source of light… as you enter, you are drawn to the center of the cave where there is a large globe glowing, light seems to swirl through it and as you look into you, it seems there is a figure manifesting in it, and then this entity seems to jump right out of the globe to appear in front of you. This is your spirit guide.  You feel a great sense of warmth and comfort as you take each other in… notice everything about this guide, what they are wearing, what symbols are around them, how you feel … now you can ask whatever questions you wish.

Take time to listen… notice every detail of your interaction with the guide for it all contains answers and insights for you… notice any colours, sensations, words that come to you. Stay as long as you like, explore the cave with your guide, see what else is around you – again all of this contains insights and perhaps answers for you… this visit will be laden with symbology, so pay attention.

When you are ready, give your guide a hug, thank them for coming to you, and for supporting and working with you.  Ask if they have any other messages for you and invite them to help you with your goals.  As you leave the cave you are met again by the old gatekeeper guide who leads you back down the cliff. Thank the gatekeeper for helping you to make this connection… In the blink of an eye, you are back in the meadow where you started… now you can come back to the room, open your eyes… give yourself a moment to reorient yourself, take a long drink of water, then take some notes.

Write down everything you remember from this visit so that it will stay with you… this process helps you to integrate the experience so it becomes more meaningful, and  over time helps you to maintain a consistent connection with your guide..

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