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Anger: A Spiritual Tool

Anger: Using It As A Spiritual Tool

by Sally with the Angels

Anger is a human emotion that has a purpose in our journey to creating the life we want. But all too often we overlook the use of anger as a tool in our spiritual journey and rather become engrossed in it and just create negative energy from its presence.

Anger can become a mass of negative energy, an entity that spreads like an infectious disease negatively affecting the experiences of each person it comes in contact with. As each person reacts to the anger in a negative manner, the entity gains intensity and momentum and creates an environment of conflict, irritability, frustration, disharmony and discord. It can even affect you physically. So if you can stop it from growing and affecting you and others you can invite harmony and peace into your relationships and daily situations.

So how can anger help you in your spiritual journey and help you create the life you want?

Use its presence as a guiding tool to remind you that your focus and energy belong elsewhere. Your focus should be on creating the situations and relationships you desire in your life. Does the anger even warrant your focus? And does it deserve your added energy?

When anger arises in your experience, honor the emotion, choose where you really want your focus and energy to be directed, and release the negativity of this fear-based emotion. Staying angry merely expels more of your energy as you are literally struggling against and resisting what your really want.

Help from the angels. Archangel Raguel oversees harmonious relationships and situations. So if you are needing help in creating and attracting harmonious relationships and experiences ask Archangel Raguel to surround you with his loving energy and to help you elevate from this fear-based energy of anger to one of joy and peace.

Set your intention. Intentions are powerful, easy to use and can honestly change your life. Start by affirming and proclaiming the following intention at the start of your day and it is absolutely possible to go through the whole day experiencing only harmonious relationships and interactions.

Intention: “I attract harmonious relationships, interactions and situations!”

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