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An Exercise in Remote Viewing

An Exercise in Remote Viewing to Inspire You….

This exercise is taken from the book You Are Psychic by Pete A Sanders, a book we frequently recommend to folks who want to get started on developing their psychic abilities..

Experience Your Remote Viewing Ability

You too can use your Psychic Intuition and Remote Viewing abilities to tune into any location at any time.

Choose a location, hold it in mind, and note your impression. It’s as easy as following the simple keys below:

  • First, select a remote location you wish to scan.
  • Next, determine what it is you want to sense about it, is someone there? What is happening? Are your instructions being carried out?
  • Then, with your eyes closed, hold each location in mind.
  • Shift your attention upward to your Third Eye (the sixth chakra, behind the middle of your forehead, just above your eyes). Note your first impression and write it down.
  • Follow up by calling or going to the location you sensed to see how accurate your impressions were.

You can use this brief process to “check in” psychically whenever and wherever you wish.

Try it now with several locations for practice. The instant information you receive can help you avert problems, make better decisions, be at the right place at the right time. Because it’s so quick and simple, remote sensing through Psychic Intuition can be an important time-saver for busy people.

This exercise is especially powerful when worked with a group… details gathered from each member of the group can produce a quite accurate, comprehensive picture of the place being viewed.

(Editor’s note: This exercise saved my life and my son’s one night during a treacherous storm. I projected forward on the highway, got an instant message to immediately get off, acted on it, and as a result avoided a deadly accident on a patch of black ice, literally by inches…)

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