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A Sunny Energy Boost

A Sunny Energy Boost

Use the sun the boost your energy!

by M.L. Danielle Daoust

Let’s do an energy boost this week! This exercise is simple and can be used anywhere you can sit quietly, anytime, and for any reason. If you are contemplating a problem, if you are fatigued or if you just feel good and wish to enjoy that good feeling for awhile, this is useful.

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Feel yourself grounded and calm. Then, visualize a beautiful silver cord flowing from the top of your head, through the room, the roof, the sky, all the way up to a huge ball of energy, a big golden sun – the Source of all your energy.

Feel a beautiful warm beam of light flowing to you from this Sun/Source. Feel yourself filling up on it, letting it flow into your body, permeating every cell. Breathe in the energy, gently, deeply… After a few moments, give thanks for the energy, and ask the Source for a message. Wait. Listen. Note anything that comes up. Then, open your eyes.

Sit still for a moment and notice how you feel. Several times after the exercise, stop and notice how you feel or what you’re thinking about Do you have more energy since this exercise? Has some problem been resolved or clarified? Do you have some new idea or a sense of renewed hope around a situation? Do you feel better, and if so, about what?

Do this exercise whenever you need an energy boost. Try it sitting on the beach, in your garden or out on your deck for a really powerful shot of extra energy!!

Good Luck! Tell us what happened when you tried the exercise.

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