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Exercises for Psychic Development

Exercises for Developing Your Intuition: Honing Psychic Ability

Practice Makes Perfect!

Developing your psychic abilities is a process. It takes time to build confidence and trust in your ability. Working with tools like the Tarot or pendulums is one way to access your inner knowings, but like any other learning, it takes practice to develop strength. So here you’ll find some excellent exercises to help you tune in and tune up.

Some of theses exercises come from the angels through Sally, our angel consultant, and some from my own guides who offered inspiration as I prepared material for various workshops, others come from our friends and visitors… all are offered with love, and the desire to empower you..

Most of these exercises have been tested time and again over the years by my students, so they are proven to be effective. Learn to scan the energy around you, work with your peripheral vision, play with remote viewing, project yourself forward into the next day, get out of your body… the more you get your psychic self involved in your life, the more you will see, feel, hear and know with your inner senses.

A Playful Attitude

Having fun with your psychic abilities is a MUST!

So many of our clients and visitors write to us about being blocked… no matter how hard they meditate, or how much they practice, they say they can’t get anything… our first reaction is to tell them to lighten up, to stop working so hard, relax, let it come… if you will trust that you imagination knows what it’s doing… and learn to PLAY with your abilities, you will find it much easier to gain strength… laughter, an attitude of play and joy in any psychic work are essential to your success…to staying clear, to allowing the insights to come…….

Take a playful atttitude to developing your abilities… have fun exploring yourself and our multi-dimensional world!

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