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Empathy: Being a Natural Empath

Empathy: Being a Natural Empath

by M.L. Danielle Daoust

Webster defines empathy as: “the capacity for participation in another’s feelings”.

Ship’s Counselor Deanna Troy, of the Star Trek Enterprise is an excellent example of a “natural empath” – she exemplifies how empathy and psychics will probably serve our communities in the not so distant future.

Deanna Troy also reminds us that we have much to learn about being an empath… we are so often out of touch with our own feelings, caught up in our own thoughts and activities, that it can be a real challenge for us to reach out and participate in how other’s feel… yet we do, every day, mostly without knowing it. When did you last laugh or cry at someone else’s sad moment – whether it was on TV or in life? Every time we react with emotion to other’s emotions, we are being empathetic. How often have you said, “I feel for you!” – and meant it? That was your natural empathy coming through… out of caring, wanting to reach out to another to take away some of their hurt, or at least to understand and soothe it… that is empathy.

But there is more to this business of empathy than meets the eye. Can you think of a time when you were surrounded by sad or angry people and soon found yourself feeling angry or sad yourself, for no reason of your own? Have you noticed that when you enter a room full of sick, depressed or hostile folks, you soon find yourself sharing their feelings? How often have you come away from a hospital visit feeling a bit sick yourself?Beware the mass consciousness! Too often we take on energy from others without knowing it… some of us, in fact, are walking energy sponges, silent empaths, sopping up others’ negative energy because we naturally want to balance and heal wherever we go… The trouble is that we’re blind, deaf and dumb to what we are doing and eventually taking on all that negative energy from other folks will make us sick ourselves, or somehow put us on a self-destruct path that eventually gets us into serious trouble, unwittingly…

While all of us are empathetic to some extent, there are some among us many of these walking energy sponges – folks who are “natural empaths”. Like Deanna of the Enterprise, they easily tap into what others are feeling, and are often talented healers.

If you suspect that you are a natural empath, then it will be important for you to begin to notice the energy work that you are doing from moment to moment and to become exceptionally conscious, awake to your own feelings so you can begin to identify when sensations are coming from within – or from some external source. I usually recommend that natural empaths study Reiki so they have some tools to work with and can gain a deeper appreciation of the dynamics at work. And most of all, I recommend that they lighten up, do everything they can to raise their vibrational frequencies so they can avoid attracting some of the nasty stuff.

Over last few years I have been feeling sorry for other people and felt as if I was feeling there problems and for no reason at all would get depressed. I also am sick of dreaming which people I will see or where I may go every other morning. At times I could be sitting there and I get a picture of nonsense things in my mind ,which mean nothing to me,but may reflect my freind or family members going there maybe 2 or 3 days later. What’s bizzare is that whenever I speak to someone at any call center there computers crash all the time. please explain to me am I freak or just normal. Saro

You’re not a freak, but it will be important for you to begin to acknowledge what is going on… you are an empath, and it would be worth your while to take up something like Reiki so you can run some of energy that you have stored up in you – that is why the computers crash… one of the lessons of working in this dimension with these abilities is about learning to modulate your energy frequencies so you can worth with electronic equipment… mostly I can, but I had to stop trying to tape readings years ago… no matter what kind of recorder I use, they burn out after a few readings… and even when clients bring their own, often they won’t work, even when they were tested moments earlier outside my home… the best way to keep the energy modulated is to run it – use it for some good where you can… that is why I suggest reiki… Hope that helps some, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Dear Fellow Empath,

You need to find others like yourself. Isolation, as you know, will not shut down your empathy. What you resist – persists. Love yourself and your gift. Your problems are a chance to change. What you have done has not worked. Now, turn it around and love yourself enough to use your empathy to heal. Is there a Transendental Meditation group near by who could help you learn to meditate and get back intouch with yourself? Any New Age counselors?

Be a good example to your boys and show them how to use their gift to protect themselves and others.

Be easy with it and let go of hate, you only hurt yourself with that emotion. Love, Laura

I need your help. I am experiencing severe emotions(Empath) related and don’t want them. I have had this since I was 8 years old. Two of my sons have it. I am not handling it well as I have not been taught how to. My grandmother died before she could teach me. I need to help my sons as well as myself handle this curse. I never wanted it and it keeps getting worse. I can’t go anywhere or be around people. I hate my life. I don’t want my sons to end up the same way. My life is done. Theirs is just beginning. I want them to be happy. I don’t want this for them. My emotional turmoil includes but is not limited to: Thought intervention, Thought projection, Severe emotional distress (I feel everyone’s emotions simultaneously very strongly) thus causing me extreme distress. I don’t recognize my own feelings any more. I hate my life. I have no life. The only way I can turn it off is to be cold and unloving. To develop hate. I don’t want my sons to feel what I feel. Can you help!

It is easy to learn how to just accept it and how to control it. I was like you at one time. I stopped going into malls as it upset me so much.

Suggestion to you is to learn to tell yourself before you leave the house that you will not read or sense others feelings etc. As your angels or whom ever to put white light around you when you go out to prevent you from these things happening, that you do not want.(Learn also to put white light or protection around yourself)

You simply tell yourself you will only have these feelings when you are ready and want them.

Also a good thing to know is that it is against all rights of others to even try to pick up or sense things about them, unless you first ask there permission.

This worked for me and others I know.. I did however take a course on how to stop this from happening to me.. But all in all, in a nut shell is what I learnt.. Saving you many dollars and hours.. good luck and white light Barbi

Advice for Natural Empaths: Lighten up – Seriously!!!

Following are three letters from visitors to our site, folks are natural empaths, and with them, along with the responses and recommendations I offered for helping them to develop and work with their abilities…

Perhaps you can help me…

When sleeping, I dream of events that will happen, or are happening to others… particularly violent or bad acts…When meeting someone new, or for that matter, speaking to anyone, I take on the burden of their emotions… Everyone says that they feel better after speaking with me when they are down, but I always end up worse. It’s like they transfer the emotion to me…

When I meet with someone who is sick, they are instantly renewed and within an hour, I am suffering… Particularly from stress related problems… I also feel breaks of people who are close to me, and when the doctor sets it, the pain is unbearable. Don’t even think about the girls I know who are giving birth…

I seem to understand people without exchanging a word… I know their thoughts and fears. I can answer their questions without even hearing them. Except with my husband… or anyone I spend A LOT of time with…It’s becoming a serious burden… Any suggestions? Or am I just an average person who is once again, taking on too much? Thank you!

Well dear, you DO, have a problem! You are naturally what I call “an energy sponge” and your natural healing and nurturing nature wants to make everyone around you feel a whole lot better… but you don’t have to take it on, to help others feel better… I strongly recommend that you take a course in Reiki, there are others that could provide some of the same benefits but I feel strongly that a program of reiki will help you learn how draw the negativity off of others without taking it on yourself…

I suggest that you begin to explore your gifts as a natural healer, taking some training will help you avoid the painful parts here… That said, I do also sense that there’s more to this business of taking on others’ pain – in order to fully clear this situation, you will need to look at the places in you where you feel sick, weak, weary, angry or in pain… you see, what goes on when you take this painful stuff on is that your own vibrational frequency is so low when you are exposed to the negativity that it is literally drawn into your energy fields as if magnetized…

I once had a powerful young psychic from Ottawa contact me because of his distress over the many difficult scenes he was witnessing in his mind – “if there’s something awful going to occur around me anywhere, I’ll see it, and I’m tired”… Although he found it easy to be loving of others, he had a very hard time loving himself or generating any love for anyone close to him…. the trouble was, this young man was also very angry and hurt by life, had been badly abused as a boy and had never dealt with any of his issues… the deeper he got into his psychic work, the more this inner negativity was showing. Because our dark sides act like a magnet, they draw to us everything we are most afraid of…. and ultimately the only way to stop the nightmares and the dark visions is to uplift your soul from within… everything from prayer and meditation, a focus on loving and caring, not only for others, but for oneself and one’s life and the world, to reading funny books, watching funny movies, playing with children, walking in the park, hanging out with the chickens… whatever turns you on, whatever makes you feel good inside… the more you raise your vibrational frequency with love and laughter, kindness and gentleness, the more you call for your own healing, the less troubled you will be with these incidents…

It’s not an easy path, this path of healing and psychic work – it requires that we be diligent in clearing our own spaces – and in learning to walk lightly on the earth – this means being light of spirit – filled with love and laughter. In this state, the negative energy just can’t resonate with us and will drop away, like water off a duck’s back… So, lighten up, sweetheart, and you’ll find it easier to help others lighten up without taking yourself down… I hope these notes are useful to you… Best wishes and Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Learn to Use Those Natural Empathetic and Healing Abilities

Hi all,, Just a quick comment on my psychic abilities. Do people who you live with and work for have direct cause of illness on you? For example, my boss was very sick heading for a break down, then had a bladder infection, when I also got a bladder infection and so on, or am I just crazy, when I am relatively healthy!! People affect me if they have bad vibes. For example a guy in car I was travelling with made me so sick I just wanted to jump from the car, when he told me he had cancer!! I can sense too many things, what do I do?? This is mainly family and people who are prejudiced. Love all cheers!!!

From the sounds of it, hon, you are a natural empath, and probably have some healing abilities – you might find that this ability ceases to be a problem for you when you begin to consciously work with it and are then able to protect yourself somewhat from taking on others’ stuff… what goes on here is that your energetic soul-self reaches out to those around you to try to absorb some of the negative energy that is affecting those you care for… I strongly recommend that you take a course in Reiki, I’m sure you can find someone around you who is qualified to share what they know with you- and you’d probably find Barbara Brennan’s work “hands of light” very useful… Best wishes and Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Trust Your Knowings

I stumbled upon your site by way of researching the great Edgar Cayce…..I must say, this site has more information on what I am interested in than in all the books I have read! I was especially intrigued by the “Are You a Natural Empath” article. It describes me to a “T.” I have always “absorbed” the feelings of those around me and sometimes it felt like a burden. I can always read the moods of others, feel their fears……..I always seem to know what they are searching for. In the past month or so, another phenomena has occurred. A woman I work with whom I have always felt close confided in me that she was afraid she had breast cancer (her mom had just passed away from the same thing) because she was experiencing the same kind of shoulder and arm pain. I reached out to comfort her and immediately upon placing my hands on her, knew she did NOT have breast cancer, but it was a problem with the “rotator cuff” (I believe it’s called that?) in her shoulder. I also immediately “knew” somehow? that she would be required to have a minor operation, would be out of work a short period of time, but that all would be ok. How did I know this? I certainly couldn’t tell her, although I was 100% sure in my heart and soul of what I “knew.” I could only wish her well and tell her I was sure all would work out. I have not been able to do this before or since, but it is quite puzzling! I also have the ability to tell if a woman is with child. Also, if a woman will never bear her own child. I for lack of a better term, call it a “knowing.” Most interesting, but as I said, puzzling……..I love your website and it’s opened up a whole world to me that I shall continue to utilize. Thank you for being there! Best wishes, Peggy

Well, hon, I’d say you ought to trust your knowings, that you have some natural healing ability and that it would be well worth your time and energy to study reiki and also probably Barbara Brennan’s Hands of Light work. you might find it was well worth your while! Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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