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Coping With Fear: The Role of Fear in Being Psychic

By Danielle Daoust with the Global Psychics Team

Fear has a useful place: Fear is a useful emotion, it warns us when danger lurks… the trouble is that we’ve become so taken up with fear that it rules our lives… and gets in the way of our progress…

It is our attitude and our beliefs about ourselves and our world that make or break us in life… when we are loving and positive, when we choose to see purpose in all that occurs, choose to take the lessons and to grow – as opposed to judging – we find ourselves making the right choices in life, no matter where we are. Choosing love over fear and judgment takes great courage and offers even greater freedom. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Fear trips us up… One of the key challenges in developing one’s psychic ability – and in our spiritual and personal growth in general – is coping with fear… Fear either freezes us in place or it sets us on the run, neither of which is very productive in terms of personal development… In its extremes, fear blinds us from the truth, triggers us to fight, (losing battle or not) or into flight and avoidance. Fear locks us in denial, and thus into anger, resentment and frustration. Fear is at the bottom of every one of the seven deadly sins in life, at the root of every war and every act of violence.

It behooves us then, to understand the role of fear in our lives… and if you want to develop your psychic abilities, it is absolutely essential to get a grip on your fears, to understand how fear influences your ability to read the subtle signals accurately.

The Power in Naming Fears
The trouble is that not all of our fears are obvious… for example, I am afraid of snakes, no accounting for the fear, I just am, and probably always will be, at least in this lifetime… I suspect however that this is a very old fear, rooted in past lives and experiences, it has always been so obvious a fear in me. Other fears are not so obvious… I was shocked on a camping trip to realize that I choked whenever I saw my boyfriend wield an axe… This too, must be rooted in a past life, since there is no explanation for it in this… Then there are those fears that are deeply buried within our psyche, nameless driving forces in our lives, triggering habitual reactions that we barely notice… fears of inadequacy, feelings of weakness and even unworthiness eat away at our consciousness and influence our behaviour in ways that can hurt us… (This is how the psychic vampires gain entry… through our fears, our feelings of being a powerless victim…)

In one of my first and perhaps most profound experiences with my psychic abilities, a window opened to my subconscious during a moment of deep meditation – through it, I saw as clearly as I can see this computer that my fears of inadequacy were literally killing me… (at the time, I was wearing a steel back brace, struggling to recover from my fourth spinal fusion and third heart attack, my 10 year-old son had just burned down our home… life was pretty scary…) This moment of clarity changed my life in wondrous ways. The vision of my subconscious fearful self controlling and driving my life set me on a course of identifying my fears and learning to be with them so they no longer threatened me…. A journey that is still active 30 years later.

The trouble is that it seems the more we try to protect ourselves from our fears, the more we find ourselves walking right into them. Fear is such a powerful force that it acts as a magnet, attracting the very thing that we are most afraid of into our space… we are after all, in this life with purpose, and a good part of our purpose as a species is to learn to specify, understand and move past fear, to embrace Love as the driving force in our lives… so the universe helps us out by putting us face to face with our fears, pushing us to find the Love and trust in ourselves that will enable us to name it and then set the fear aside. The more we project fear into our worlds, the more reason we will have to be fearful… the more we project love and trust, the less we will have to be afraid of… it really is that simple.

Fear is healthy…

Some will say that a healthy dose of fear is good for a person… it keeps us from hurting ourselves… and I have to admit that when I hit black ice on the highway, the fear and accompanying adrenalin that immediately rises up keeps me alert, immediately very aware of my surroundings – fear has probably saved my life more than once. So, while it is essential to approach life from a place of love, a kind of fearlessness… it is also useful to be in touch with your fears, and thus to be aware of your motivations. Fear is a natural response, a warning to cautious, noticing.

Healthy fear plays a very important role in your life… Unfortunately, as a species, we have become so accustomed to living in fear that we don’t see how it influences us – nor recognize how it has locked us in place, preventing us from making progress.

The good news is that we are awakening, choosing love and trust over fear. Trust is the antidote to fear.…

Note this article on “How to Get a Good Reading” printed in the Global Psychics About Us. In it we state that every reading must be complete – and uplifting. If it is not, the client should not return. And if you’re being asked for more money, whether to remove a curse, cast a spell, regain your health, or change your luck, leave immediately and don’t look back.

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