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by Shelly Stokes

Clairvoyance “…..And far though we may now be from those grand powers, they will , non the less certainly be ours one day. Yet how different a place will this world will be when humanity as a whole possesses the higher Clairvoyance !” – C.W. Leadbeater

Clairvoyance is the ability to percieve distant events that are seemingly hidden and unknown. Also, to be able to regress or advance in time and see future and past events, that are not visible to the human eye or mind.

The most remarkable feature of clairvoyance is the ability to go beyond the conventional time and space barrier; catching glimpses of current happenings at a distance, visualizing events that have already occurred, and seeing things that have not already happened.

There are three states of clairvoyance. They are:

(1) Spontaneous Clairvoyance refers to seeing an event that is happening at a distance while it is actually going on, far beyond our normal vision,
(2) Postcognition refers to clairvoyance of past events, and
(3) Precognition refers to the clairvoyance of future events.

We know that Clairvoyance is a phenomena experienced throughout history. This ability is not necessarily limited to gifted Psychics. We are all tuned in to the Universal Ether, where past, present and future events are stamped forever. Clairvoyants are able to detect such radiations.

With conscientious awareness, we could all experience Inner Vision. As you become more aware of the phenomena, your knowledge will increase, enabling you to progress in developing this ability.

The ancients referred to Clairvoyance as “clear-sight”, and it is supposed they had at their disposal, less scientific understanding concerning its principles than is available to us today.

Crystal Balls, the “black mirrors”, pools of ink or blank walls have been used by “seers” in their work for millennia. This principle is called “Retnal feedback”. In normal vision, the eyes focus images on the retina, which conveys the data along the optic nerve to the visual cortex. Subconscious imagery, however will also flow the other way along the optic nerves, to the retina–This is always happening, but the effect is so slight, that it is easily overwhelmed by the normal visual function. These images can be seen, however, provided that the subject is gazing a viewing surface that is sufficiently “blank” and featureless so as to negate the effects of the normal vision.


Sit down at a table with a pencil and paper and have another person shuffle a deck of cards and lay them face down on the table. Zenner cards would be the best for this experiment. They are a set of 25 cards containing 5 of each of Cross, Circle, Square, Star and Wavy Lines. If you do not have a deck, it is simple to make one. When you are ready, and the cards are placed down on the table, you may begin.

Without touching the deck, allow yourself to visualize a reading of the top card. When you get an impression, write it on the pad. Have the other person slide the card off the top of the deck and leave it face down in another pile. Continue this with the remainder of the cards.

Now, you can turn the cards face up and check them against what you recorded on your pad.


1 – 5 Correct readings out of 25 cards can be attributed to chance;
5 – 7 Correct readings shows slight ESP;
8 – 12 Correct readings shows a workable ESP;
12 – 14 Correct readings show a degree of Clairvoyance
15 or more show definate Gifted Clairvoyant Abilities.

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