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Psychic Prediction Versus Forecast

Being Psychic: Psychic Prediction Versus Psychic Forecast

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by Brandi Jasmine

What is the difference between a psychic prediction and a psychic forecast? Well, to listen to some astrologers, psychics, many skeptics and the traditional media, you might be forgiven for coming to the conclusion that the two words are synonymous. There is a subtle but critical distinction between forecasts and predictions that it is important that both psychics and their clients understand.

The way I see it, a psychic forecast is a set of conditions that can reasonably be assured to come to pass in a person’s life as delineated or determined from the astrological chart or psychic impressions. A psychic prediction goes one step farther and attempts to tell the person how that set of conditions or impression will manifest. It has been my experience that one can forecast with up to 90% certainty, but the accuracy rate for predictions goes way down, the more dependent that prediction is on the individual astrologer or psychic’s interpretation of that set of conditions.

Let me give you a personal example from one of those hard-won insights that only comes from making a foolish mistake. In the 1980’s I worked in a series of psychic fairs in Vancouver British Columbia. On the eve of the last day of one particular fair, I was asked to predict the winner in the next day’s election. I had expected the question and had considered my answer carefully. I sensed a huge upset – some kind of shocking upset that no-one could have predicted. The only thing I could think of was that the incumbent party would win, since I was very aware how much outrage and anger their was against them. I predicted the “So-Creds” would win.

On election day, the third party Liberals came out of the back benches to become the official opposition – nearly defeating the NDP in a shocking landslide that pushed the So-Creds into near complete defeat (if I recall correctly they had the same number of seats the Liberals previously had – three or four at most). Had I stuck to forecasting this event, I’d have stopped at the part about the shocking upset and no-one predicting the outcome (I got that part right!).

Predictions are fun and entertaining. I’ve made a few myself. Horoscopes are a form of psychic prediction, rather than a forecast. Sometimes they even come true! But the most accurate psychics and astrologers I know are really forecasting, even if they still use the phrase “I predict”. I think it’s important for the profession that we start to make this distinction more clear to our clients. I do believe that we can forecast the prevailing conditions and come to a clear and worthwhile picture of what conditions to expect. You, I, and the great family of humanity can choose to change our future, when we choose to work with our astrological charts and current conditions, rather than fighting them.

I’ve seen people take frightful, scary transits, and turn their lives around with them, while others went down under the pressure. That’s the real value in a good reading – not the simple thrill of having the astrologer blurt out details “She couldn’t have known!”. Does that happen sometimes? More often than not, if the psychic or astrologer is any good. Some forecasts have amazing detail in them. The problem with predictions is that they are based in part on the forecast, and in part on an educated guess of how that energy will play out in the real world. For some narrow fields of specialty, that can work well, if the astrologer is particularly knowledgeable (for example in medical, political or financial astrology). Though sometimes knowledge can actually get in the way (as in my example of the BC elections).

Another difference between forecasts and predictions is that while forecasts acknowledge the possibility of changing conditions, predictions tend to be more fatalistic. A prediction focuses on one potential outcome. A good forecast will tell you what energy is coming, so you can decide how to respond to that energy, instead.

“Always in motion is the future,” said Yoda.

The little guy knew his stuff.

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