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Being Psychic and the Art of Noticing

The Art of Noticing

by Danielle, with Mary-Anne and the Dust Bunnies

Noticing What?

  • Noticing first that we are more than our physical bodies
  • Noticing that All has Purpose
  • Noticing that there is more to life than meets the eye, that all is in motion, changing, responding to our thoughts, feelings, the love we express and the actions we take..
  • Noticing that somehow all we think, feel, love and do somehow impacts a much larger world than we have known.
  • Noticing that we have more sources of input, more knowledge, available to us than we have been conditioned to believe.
  • And noticing that when we choose to access all of the natural intelligence within us, we can manifest what we want in life, as if by Magic.

To us magic is simply consciously directed energy… the natural outcome of our ability to notice and then work with the raw energy of life…

Taken to its finest level, noticing is reflected as psychic sensitivity – the willingness to be open to all of the forces, physical and non-physical that affect and influence our lives. Being psychic, sensitive, requires that you be constantly aware of – noticing- the abundance of information that you collect in your own four-field intelligence system, in your minds, bodies, feelings and heart.

We believe this finely honed noticing skill to be an essential first ingredient in the process of reclaiming our magical whole selves, and our personal power.

Why Notice?

God created us in the image of the Godessence… we are co creators with the One…we are one with the One. Conscious participants in the All That Is.

Individually and collectively we must acknowledge and then claim our Godessence and with it, our responsibility for the active role we play in creating not only ourselves but also the reality of the world we live in…

Consciously creating – co creating – demands psychic sensitivity. By noticing what is around us, how the energy is moving, we can much more easily set a course for ourselves that minimizes obstacles and optimizes our chances of learning and loving and growing in life.

Noticing Makes Life Easier

Until now, you probably thought that all your smarts were in your brain, in the realm of the mind.

In fact, in the first days of seeing the four primary energy fields, mind, body, will and heart, as unique entities, aspects of the Godessence, influencing all of creation, I immediately saw that one of the fields – the realm of will and feeling, was actually dumb, had no words with which to express itself. Will communicates in images and sensations…. And then Will also immediately showed me that She had a mind of Her own. She could actually communicate very effectively with the other realms when we notice the images and allow ourselves to feel. So could Body, and Heart, in their own ways… Each field has its own feelings, “body”, mind, and heart.

What I am saying here is that until now, you have probably been using somewhat less than 25% of your natural intelligence by depending solely on your mind for all the ideas and answers in life.

Thought is not limited to the activity of the mind…. Your feelings also produce thought, as does your body and your heart. All of these thoughts contribute to your ability to create what you want in life.

Have you ever wondered why things don’t work out the way you expected? Probably because your mind and body were heading in one direction while your feelings and heart were thinking of something else.

So, start noticing – it can put you in touch with your soul.

Noticing A Four-Field Intelligence System

There are four primary energy streams that permeate all of creation, these relate to what some schools of thought call the Four Parts of God:

  • The Father – the Mind, the realm of thought. planning, ideas
  • The Father of Manifestation – the Body – the realm of physical form
  • The Mother – the Will – realm of feeling, desire, responsiveness
  • Son – Heart – the Christ/Buddha/Krishna energy – the realm of love, balance, accountability.

You can immediately begin to heighten your psychic awareness by actively noticing what is going on in each of these four fields and clearing the clutter that inevitably accumulates when you aren’t paying attention..

Start by noticing:

  • your thoughts – the words, spoken and unspoken that fly through your mind, thousands of unnoticed thoughts every day….
  • your body – where are you uncomfortable, what old traumas, resentments, angers, have been simmering away in the background of your life, influencing, infecting your good fortunes – and your health. Everything you experience in life is registered in your body…
  • your feelings – what are you afraid of? – notice how fear has been holding you back, freezing you in place, preventing you from growing….
  • your heart – where is it easy for you to give and receive love, where are you refusing to be accountable… notice how loving brings balance and a willingness to be responsible for oneself and one’s actions…

While self-analysis and self-understanding are key steps in the process of developing one’s psychic abilities and the deep noticing that we suggest here will certainly facilitate personal understanding, it has an even more important purpose… it is through this awareness, this deep sensitivity to your own energy that you can learn to discern and read the energy around you and others… and it is through a conscious balancing of each of these four streams of energy in your private life that you are able to make the soul connections that enable you to reach into higher and higher realms of consciousness.

Noticing Produces Soul Connections

If you will accept that your five physical senses are also active in the inner realms and then begin to use your inner senses to actively notice the four primary energy fields, mind, body, will and heart within yourself, you will also immediately notice that you are activating your soul consciousness, enlivening spirit within you to move and communicate… sometimes in phenomenal ways…

The process of co creation demands an alignment of mind, body, heart and will in order to manifest a balanced creation that reflects an alignment with our Oneness, the spirit within us… this alignment is also required to make the spirit connections that can enrich our lives.

The Art of Noticing is all about using more of your natural intelligence, learning to tap into each of the four primary Godessence fields within you to produce a balance and an alignment that not only makes it easier for you to get what you want out of life, but also to connect with your Higher Self and develop your psychic ability.

It’s our birthright to be psychic, to be tuned to all of the forces that affect our lives. Reclaiming our natural psychic abilities, enables us to easily access our natural intelligence… natural intelligence is much more than simple intellect… In our system, we search for data, input, from a four-field multisensory intelligence system, input from the mind, the body, the emotions, and our hearts… and then we seek an alignment of these four fields within all that we do.

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