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Being Psychic: Allow Attitude

Being Psychic and Allowing Attitude

Yes! Please cop an attitude … attitude is everything

by M.L. Danielle Daoust

Two of the most common questions asked about being psychic are:

1) Why would I want to be psychic, it takes the surprise out of life?
2) If as you say, everyone has psychic ability, how do I develop mine?

I answer both questions with a story, usually of a time when I was in London, England, shopping in one of the world’s great bargain centres – Camden Town. A beautiful sunny morning, money in my pocket, and quite by happenstance I find myself in one of my favourite haunts – definitely high on life that morning, feeling fabulous. Stopped in a little covered market, poking my way through the stalls, oblivious to everything but my good spirits and the merchandize around, when suddenly I felt a bolt of bad energy coming at me over my left shoulder. I whipped around just in time to stop a pickpocket from cutting the lap pouch off my shoulder… I was so stunned, I wasn’t sure it had actually happened – the young man just seemed to shrink into the crowd as I demanded to know what he was doing…. then, a few minutes later someone else wasn’t so lucky and I saw the fellows scurrying away under tables, with their next victim in full chase…. Thanks to my psychic self, I put the lap pouch safely around my waist and continued on my merry way. Soon after, I noticed the signs posted all over Camden Town to beware of the pickpockets.

That is only one of many times when being psychic, being tuned in to the energy around me, saved the day. At Easter one year, being psychic literally saved my life and my son’s. In bad weather conditions on the highway I projected forward mentally, saw serious trouble on the road ahead, made a split second decision to get off the 401 immediately and in the process avoided a fatal accident.

That little incident, like the pickpocket story was awe-inspiring. The perfect answer to the question of why to allow yourself psychic ability. And the right place to start learning how to become more psychic.

An “allowing” attitude is essential to our being able to receive – and discern – ANYTHING. If you want to be prosperous, then you must allow prosperity into your life. Want romance? then you must be willing to allow love into your life. Want to be more psychic? then you must ALLOW yourself to be psychic…

It all sounds very simple – just allow it and it will be… but there’s a little more to the story – and the more has to do with our ATTITUDE and beliefs and how open we are to shifting some of our basic beliefs.

Using the pickpocket story as an example, there were several levels of ‘allowing’, a number of different energy dynamics at work, and a specific attitude that enabled me to feel that bad energy coming at me.

At the first level, I had to allow the information into my consciousness. This took believing that I could see and feel energy, that I “had eyes in the back of my head”, that my senses ran deeper than the physical…. it required an allowing attitude – an attitude of openness, a willingness to respond to nonphysical stimuli.

At the next level, I allowed myself to protect myself, to feel I deserved to have such a wonderful day and to have it unviolated by a pickpocket. This took believing in myself, letting go of fears around being in a “strange place” alone, and loving myself enough to want to avoid such an incident…. it required a loving attitude, and an attitude of trust – a sense of security – both in myself and in my world.

At the third level I allowed myself to trust the information I received so that I would react spontaneously to it… had I waited to consider or attempt to verify what I sensed, I might not have avoided the incidents. I believe the extrasensory information I receive, trust that it means “something” and so I acted, the moment I sensed. A trusting attitude, a belief system that is open to ALLOWING extrasensory perceptions, produced prompt action and a happy ending to each story….

If you want more happy endings to the stories that make up your life, develop an ALLOWING attitude to your natural psychic ability, an attitude that manifests inner belief systems based on openness, trust and love.

Our “attitude” is the outer manifestation of our internal belief systems. Those who are said to have a “positive” – ALLOWING – attitude, the optimists in life, reflect an open belief system, a belief system based on trust and on love, for themselves and for their world….

So be an Optimist – ALLOW yourself to be psychic, to trust yourself and to love yourself enough to use that natural ability in all of us… You’ll see for yourself that being tuned into your world can ‘save the day’.

The ability is in you now, and the information is all around you, readily accessible to you, all it takes to be able to receive it and act on it is an allowing attitude, an attitude of trust and love… So go for it, be the psychic you are, it’ll be well worth it… even if it means shifting a few old beliefs around to get it all happening. Good Luck!

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