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A Methodology for Being Psychic

A Methodology for Being Psychic

There is a belief system that, once understood, will help you open up psychicly.

We are often asked for some sort of formula, or at least a basic methodology, for developing psychic abilities. There is no such thing, no single process or technique that will work for everyone. Being psychic is more a way of life than a skill or talent. It is more about the way we are in the world, the way we respond and interact with life, than it is about following a specific system, or a set of rules and procedures.

That said, there IS a kind of methodology; there ARE rules and principles that when understood and applied, can be used for reading the present and the past and predicting the future… and these rules and principles are the same, no matter what religion or culture or modality you are rooted in, or what tools you choose to make your predictions. Interestingly, these are also the rules and principles for living holistically.

In order to achieve our full potential, to fully activate our talents, psychics must learn to see, sense and live “life in the round”. The Methodology presented here therefore provides both a framework for being psychic, and a model for holistic “round” living.

Most of the Global Psychics team works with a set of four “truisms”, seven +1 basic cosmic laws, and a set of simple operating principles. These are, in a sense, the Methodology and are set forth here…

The Truisms

All is One
We are all Connected to the One, all of the time
All has purpose.
We create through our thoughts, feelings and loving actions, with love being the balancing force that produces growth and evolotion

Applying the Methodology: The Truisms Empower!

Once you accept these fundamental truths, life takes on a whole new meaning. You begin to move away from the fear and anxiety that holds us all trapped in a victim consciousness… and once you choose not to be a victim of the circumstances of your life, you find you have more power than you ever dreamed possible…. the impossible becomes reachable when you understand your role in the creation process – and you begin consciously working with the flow of energy around you.

As a psychic, knowing these simple truths enables me to see and read the pure energy associated with a client’s question…. It is through my connection with the One, that I am able to communicate with the souls of others, and with animals, trees, rocks, the sky, the lakes and rivers, the earth….. with all of creation, I am connected all of the time, so it is simply a matter of tuning to the right frequencies, and through this Oneness I can communicate with anyone or anything I choose.

Understanding that there’s purpose, lessons and growth in even the most difficult of circumstances also makes it much easier to have compassion – and to provide the insights that will enable a client to break through into happier, more harmonious and loving times.

Knowing that we create through our thoughts, feelings and actions and that love is the balancing force guides me in counselling my clients about how they can change their futures – what they can do to positively influence their circumstances, to move away from their traumas and ultimately, to heal…

Knowing that I am One reminds me to be awake, conscious of my Godliness and thus willing to respect mySelf and all around me. And more than anything else, it tells me that I am responsible for my life.

The four basic truisms are truly empowering. When I first came upon these truths, I was appalled that I would have created such a hard and painful life for myself, but I was also so excited I could barely sit still… for the first time in my life I began to see my power, I could see that I also contained the potential for joy and that becoming more conscious of my creative powers would release me from the victim place I had been trapped in for so long. The truisms helped me to understand and use my psychic abilities, and even better, they helped me to start making the most of my life.

The Seven + 1 Cosmic Laws, the First Cause Principles – How the Universe Functions as a Oneness

1. The Law of Mentalism, mindfulness – all is thought
2. The Law of Vibration – all moves, all of the time
3. The Law of Polarity – all contains its opposite, simultaneously
4. The Law of Karma – all produces cause and effect
5. The Law of Rhythm – all moves in harmony with all
6. The Law of “as above, so below” – all is reflected everywhere
7. The Law of Correspondence – all is interdependent
8. +1. …And The Ordering Principle of Spirals… all moves in order, along a continuum

Working with The Seven Cosmic Laws, the First Cause Principles

The seven cosmic laws, “first cause principles” supplement the four basic truisms. They describe how the universe functions within its Oneness. They define the dynamics of how the energy of our thoughts, feelings, actions and loving merge in creation. Each of the laws represents an aspect of a primal energy or force. In some ways they defy definition since they mix and merge with each other, are dependent on and part of each other. They are part physics and part metaphysics…. they are the basic principles upon which the universe expands and contracts as it evolves and grows.

When we understand and respect these laws, we can produce seeming miracles… and when we break them, dis-ease and disharmony result. Once a psychic grasps these laws and how they play out in our lives, reading for a client almost becomes a mechanical exercise.

I came upon a very good description of the cosmic laws in the opening chapter of the book: “Beyond Prophecies and Predictions, Everyone’s Guide to the Coming Changes” by Moira Timms, (Ballantine Books, 1980, 1994, ISBN 0-345-36475-9). Excerpts from the book follow, along with my comments on applying these laws to “being psychic”.

1. The Law of Mentalism, mindfulness:

“The universe is a manifestation of divine consciousness, infinite mind… Thoughts are the underlying causitive principle and resource from which humans create reality. The best way of explaining this is with the statement, “You are responsible for, or affect your own reality.”… awakened, enlightened consiousness permits one to consciously create… Meditation is a way to still the mind, tame the thoughts, relax the emotions, heal the body, and change the world…

Understanding the law of mentalism helps us to see the Big Picture, to claim and own it. Doing this, we enter psychological space within the luminosity of our highest collective consiousness. This is the place from which conscious and responsible transformation of the Big Picture is happening… when we know how to see the Big Picture, we can take part in transforming it…. ”

Applying the Law of Mentalism: One of our first recommendations for people who want to develop their psychic abilities is to take a course in meditation and begin a program of daily meditation. Meditation is about mindfulness, learning to focus, first on clearing ourselves, then on receiving insights – learning to see, and then to transform, the Big Picture. Through meditation we can learn to read our own as well as the collective consciousness. Once we learn to read the collective consciousness, and how to move with the universal mindstream, we are then able to begin consciously projecting our thoughts, feelings and loving actions into this consciousness, to actively participate in creating the world we want – and in changing our personal circumstances… We can understand ‘Why me?’ or ‘Why my community?’, and through this knowing, we can begin to be the cause of our own joy and happiness, we can be the source of love and peace that we seek in others… The Law of Mentalism teaches us to be mindful, and explains how we can BE CAUSE, it explains how we are causal in our personal and global realities. Once in are in control of our thoughts, we can gain control of our lives.

2. The Law of Vibration

“This law states that nothing rests; that the universe, and everything that exists, is in motion. The spoken word is a vehicle of power, giving form and expression to thought. Words clothe a thought with a matrix of vibration, amplifying it and easing it out into the physical world of matter and action. Many people creating and sharing the same vibrations generate a force field of energy. This is the power of music, singing and chanting to unify hearts and minds, to heal, inspire and celebrate.

Vibration, however is more than just the narrow sound band audible to the human ear. Everything vibrates as frequency, sound and temperature. Rocks, insects, plants, and people differ from each other, and everything else, because of their unique vibrational freqency and energy pattern. Each molecule of the body is held in place, keeping its relationship to all the others, because of its programmed resonant frequency. Expanding one’s consciousness (like increasing the light in a dark room) and raising one’s vibration are synonymous. Yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, pure diet, body work, and so on help cleanse the mind and body of the impurities that keep it gross. Likewise, dealing with one’s inner issues, past trauma, and old habit patterns is part of what it takes to unload the ballast of the past and prepares one to receive more light and function at a higher vibratory rate (frequency).

The more focused the attention, the calmer the mind, and the slower the brainwaves (all very stress-reducing and achievable through meditation), the closer one’s approach to higher spiritual vibration and ultimate transendence is likely to be. Understanding the Law of Vibration enables you to FEEL the Big Picture so that you can begin to consciously move and shift it……. by increasing our personal frequencies, we can literally change the world…”

Applying the Law of Vibration: (Also known as the Law of Attraction) One of the reasons we so consistently encourage our students and clients to think loving thoughts, and to move away from their judgments is because of this issue of raising one’s vibration… Generating loving energy for ourselves and our world, our Oneness, is the surest, simplest, and fastest way to raise our vibrational frequencies. And anyone who wants to play or work in the psychic or spiritual realms MUST become conscious of their personal vibrational frequencies in order to avoid untimely and unpleasant meetings with lower energies. This is what I mean:

1) I was once approached by a very talented psychic who had become disturbed at the number of frightening and painful cases that he was working on… he couldn’t understand why he saw everything that was terrible around him before it happened… if there was to be kidnapping or rape or murder, or an earthquake, flood or any situation that would certainly produce pain and sorrow, he would be haunted by the visions of it for months before – and after. It didn’t take long to also discover that this man was emotionally unbalanced, traumatized by an extremely abusive childhood, a man who had never adjusted to the world and was extremely unhappy within himself… it was easy to identify the problem here – this man’s vibrational frequency was so low that he was open to seeing all life in its lowest frequency… the solution for him was not so simple though… he needed years of therapy, and to stop doing psychic work of any kind… and to get into the joy of life, into love and laughter… and to start taking care of himself physically, to reconnect with nature, with the earth… he needed a complete change of attitude, and a new lifestyle in order to pull out of the blackness he was trapped in….

Without awareness of vibrational frequency, psychics run the risk of taking on another’s problems, acting like an energy sponge – increasing the vibrations of those around them, but lowering their own at the same time… until one day you discover you’re burnt out, and only able to see the dark side of life… There is always a simple answer to this problem – meditate and pray, draw consciously on love and light – raise your vibrational frequency… but it requires that we choose to be happy, no matter what, that we choose to love, always unconditionally, and that we choose to accept and respect the ALL of life, with infinite compassion. Raising one’s vibrational frequncy is a lifelong task for a good psychic, since it is ultimately the only way we can see clearly and speak truly….

2) A quite mature psychic recently inquired about the spirits that he said had been around him since childhood – many of whom were not so nice and by now had begun to cause some real problems for him and his wife and family. I immediately responded with information about vibrational frequency, explaining that the spirits got into his space because there were places within him that were running at a low frequency; if he would deal with his fears and issues straight up, the hauntings would stop and he’d be able to use his mediumship abilities for profit… Unfortunately, by the time he contacted us, the lower frequencies had become too comfortable for him, they had too large a grip on him, and he ended up getting angry with us for not understanding his problems… he wanted some magical spells I guess, and these probably would have been effective in the short term, but the deeper issue here was that this man liked playing with the dark side and didn’t want to do the work necessary to play with the light…

Without understanding of vibrational frequency, we psychics are open to attracting energies from the lower astral plane – anything that can resonate with our lower energies will enter our spaces when we are open… These will take the form of spirits and even guides, but their purpose is always selfish, they are opportunists who will take advantage of any chance to slip down here to planet earth to play for a time in the physical world… They are parasites who feed off our energy – and can wreak havoc in our lives when we are unaware of their presence. As in the case above, they can prevent a psychic from doing any valuable or practical work with their talents.

3) Several times a year we are contacted by individuals who are mentally or emotionally unbalanced and complain of being haunted, or possessed by other entities. Fortunately, some of today’s psychologists and psychiatrists are gaining a deeper understanding of the spiritual causes and effects of some mental and emotional illnesses. It is now not so uncommon for the healing professions to delve into past lives for solutions to some of these complex problems, or for them to recognize that in the midst of the dis-ease, the person is also having some sort of spiritual crisis that requires attention. There is a real connection between mental or emotional imbalance and psychic ability or paranormal phenomena. Certain kinds of brain disorders are so electrically charged that they can literally manifest ghosts and create hyperkinetic movements around them. Some folks are so split, or so deeply stuck in their lower energies that they can be possessed by any spirits who can resonate with that energy. And these occurrences serve to make an already complex problem extremely difficult to identify and resolve.

The answer in every case is to raise vibrational frequencies… As psychics, it becomes crucial to understand the role of vibrational frequency in paranormal phenomena – without this understanding, we cannot effect any real healing, nor can we protect ourselves from being invaded… whether by the negative thoughts and feelings, the frequencies of others around us, by our own lower frequencies, or by some spirit form the astral plane….

One of the most powerful ways to express one’s intent to raise vibrational frequency is through the spoken word. A good psychic understands and uses the power of the spoken word… language is a way of projecting our consciousness into the world, language is focussed intent… energy in motion… language alerts us to vibrational frequency and when we begin to actively listen and speak, we can not only more easily read what’s occuring around us, but we can also transform it, change it, make it move in new directions.

In each of the above cases, I was alerted to the real problems through the use of language, through the tone and vibrational frequency of the words that were used… None of these individuals spoke well of themselves or their lives, all of them were functioning at very low frequencies… in order to get past thier problems, they all needed to start working with their words, to start thinking – and speaking – loving thoughts… By learning to really listen to ourselves and others, we notice the words that reflect our lower frequencies – and can consciously start reframing these thoughts , thus raising our vibrational frequncies. And as we raise our own frequencies, we automatically raise the vibratory levels of all around us – thus, we effectively change the world by changing ourselves.

3. The Law of Polarity

“This law expresses the dual nature of things… vibration creates polarity (ie opposite movement). The physical world comes packaged in pairs of polar opposites to ensure that we recognize reality when it shows up. The stuff of the physical world is defined by, and takes identity from, that which it is not – its antipode. Only then can it be apprehended or wrapped in language. This is the Yin and Yang of Eastern cultures.

All of creation – its forces, energies, and matter – animate and inanimate, is based upon the principle of gender (positive/negative/, male/female) and opposites. From a broader perspective, one finds that opposites are identical in nature but different in degree; that extremes meet; that all truths are but half truths. All opposites are poles of the same thing, with many degrees between the two extremes…

Understanding the law of polarity, we learn the ways of harmony, and the paths between extremes. It reminds us to keep both eyes open so we can see more of the Big Picture.

Applying the Law of Polarity: This law defines one of life’s greatest challenges: how to live harmoniously, in balance, in the midst of such polarity…. Life, in its way is a Divine Paradox, how does a psychic respond to the phenomena of birth and death, pain and laughter, love and fear… all in the same reading, all extremes of the same truth, opposite sides of the same coins… Yet it is through the experiencing of these polarities that we are able to define ourselves and our world, and therefore to grow within it. Understanding the Law of Polarities and how it is manifested in the principle of gender makes it easier for a psychic to identify the energies influencing a situation or individual – and to suggest solutions, ways of redirecting negative influences and building on the positive influences.

Here are several simple examples of how the Law of Polarity can influence a person – and their readings…

How often have you noticed that the cocky, confident, know-it-alls are actually quite insecure, fearful and anxious about their lives? While it might be easy to be put off by their apparent arrogance, once you understand the Law of Polarity, you know to look for the other side of the story…. and how to present your story so it can be heard…

Occasionally a client will contact us at the end of a long series of painful crises… they’ve created such a vortex of dark, negative energy that they just keep attracting more trouble. When you open a reading for them, all you can see is more trouble… what to do??? When you understand the Law of Polarity, you can see how the individual has become polarized, how they attract their troubles, and why, and you can then help them learn to balance the energies in their lives so they can pull out of the negative spin they’ve been trapped in…

Almost all of us find ourselves stuck at one time or another… writer’s lose contact with their muses, artists suddenly find there’s nothing new in them, businessmen lose their edge, mother’s get burnt out on caring… Here again, the Law of Polarity provides both the explanation and the solution to such problems. In every case, the problem is rooted in the individual having become polarized in a particular energy stream – and the solution is for them to move along the continuum towards the other extremes, thus balancing themselves – and unblocking the flow. Once writers and artists spend some time with physical work, (thus tapping into their male energy), they soon discover that the creative juices (feminine in nature) are also flowing… More than one entrepreneur has been skeptical when I told them to go play with some paints, or to build a piece of furniture and in the doing of these creative endeavours, they would find the solution to their business problems…. yet when they follow through, they discover I am right, that somehow, getting creative (thus tapping into a feminine energy) helped them to restart their businesses (normally masculine in nature). This is the Law of Polarity at work….

4. The Law of Karma – cause and effect

“What goes around, comes around” describes the law of karma, This law refers to action and the effects of action, cause and effect, which bring about cosmic justice. Several kinds of karma are common to everyone, personal, family, national, and planetary and each of us is responsible for all of them in varying degrees. Dues have to be paid when a lesson of life remains unlearned.

There are three ways to pay off karma – through grace, service, or pain and suffering. Grace is divine dispensation that waives the payment of karmic debt., It is earned by committing one’s life to truth, love, and integrity, no matter what. And it is earned by service, not by going through the motions, but rendered from the heart, through true empathy and compassion. Understanding the Law of Karma puts you in the driver’s seat. “keeping your karma clean” means being responsible for the effects you create, honouring agreements, keeping commitments, not cutting corners or compromising your integrity. Above all, it is through service and action that we reduce karma and restore resolution to the Big Picture.”

Applying the Law of Karma: We are frequently contacted by folks who are desperate over an unrequited love affair. Often, they want us to cast a spell over the object of their affections. While it IS possible to fix such situations with a spell, and there are some among our team who are equipped and trained to cast such spells, we invariably say no, and for good reason. Such spells are direct actions against the principle of Free Will and they create “bad karma” – it is no wonder that witches are depicted as ugly, with long stringy hair and warts on their noses. One must understand and respect the ancient Law of Karma in order to play in the realms of magic without creating “bad” karma… producing negative effects, dark energies, that will influence our lives in the future.

Have you ever wondered why one person in a family seems exceptionally blessed, lucky, and the next is plagued with problems, exceptionally bedeviled by life? The answers are usually found in the past, in the karma each has attracted, usually in previous lifetimes. Yet each of these individuals must be responsible for the karma they create in the present and the future, in order to progress…. the lucky one must be respectful, sharing of their good fortune, grateful, loving and giving in order to ensure that their good fortune will continue… and the unlucky one must find it within themselves to get into service, to clear their karmic debts, to learn to live in grace and gratitude, despite their circumstances. Through the giving of love, a commitment to right action, being empathetic and compassionate, each of these people can be the cause of the positive karma that will make the circumstances of their present and future lives easier.

Old karma often contains the answers to relationship problems… When two people create karma through participating in a powerful event, good or bad, the energy in that moment will transform both of them, permanently, and if the event was left incomplete in some way, they will naturally be drawn to each other in some future life – or lives – to complete – to work out the problem, or to benefit from the lessons they gained together. Folks who find themselves powerfully attracted to another often confuse the concept of a soul mate with a karmic relationship, since each will produce a powerful, almost magnetic pull between the two individuals. But often a karmic relationship has a specific purpose and once the two have accomplished their purpose, cleared the karma (or, in some cases, recognized that it can’t be cleared this time ‘round….) the two will separate and move on to other relationships.

Psychics are trained to be sensitive to karma, to notice when there are old energies influencing a person’s life… Some of us actively search out the Akashik records, said to be the record of each soul’s karmic patterns, a kind of library where we can find reported those events that caused certain effects in a person’s life – and thus what they can do to clear the old debt . When you accept the Law of Karma, you respect that there is a reason, a purpose for every event in our lives, and you can begin to work with your Karma, to produce a happier life…

5. The Law of Rhythm

“Rhythm is the measured motion that occurs between the two poles established by the law of polarity. The universe and everything in it is rhythmic. Life itself is a rhythmic process, full of periodicities, repetition, and recurrent cycles. Rhythym is organized vibration. Rhythym is to melody, what vibration is to musical notes. As the atoms and molecules within our cells vibrate in harmony with the larger rhythms of the body, so too, the rhythms of the body harmonically mirror the cycles of the cosmos and celestial spheres. All too often, our natural rhythms are disturbed by the unnatural effects of technology or lifestyle. Electromagnetic fields disturb normal body rhythms….

An infinite combination of natural rhythms and cosmic timing frequencies influence life on earth – day/night, lunar phases, sunspot cycles, planetary movements, the monthly influences of the zodiac, and the great astrological ages. The seasons of our solar year, and the seasons of the Great Year are represented by the 26,000-year cycle known as the precession of the equinoxes. The seasons of the Great Year bring recurring, predictable kinds of evolutionary change to our planet. These changes are the surges upon which civilizations rise and fall. The Great Year is the prophecy wheel, the monitor of time, the central core of world mythology.

The oneness of creation, in its continual expansion, is always manifesting perfectly in divisions of itself, and this creates two basic forces – expansion (centrifugality) and contraction (centripetality). This echoes again the law of polarity, Yin and Yang, which describes the shifting forces that complement yet repel each other, that merge and transmute in continual spirals of power and inertia. Likewise on/off, in/out, hot/cold, day/night, etc, are not really pulsating contradictions, but aspects of the time-space continuum we call reality. Understanding the law of rhythm helps one hear the base rhythm of harmony amidst increasing dissonance. It lets you know when a chord change is coming up, or when the Big Picture is about to be radically transformed.

Applying the Law of Rhythm: 1998 was a year of radical change for me. I bought both a new car and a house and moved from a hectic life in Toronto to a very quiet neighbourhood near my parents in London, Ontario. My son and I were alone again together after a decade of living co-operatively, first homestaying foreign students in our home, then sharing it with our business and various members of our extended family. As soon as we arrived in our new home, I became ill and for the next many months I complained repeatedly that I’d lost my rhythm in the move… I couldn’t find the pulse, just couldn’t pick up the beat of my new life – and thus I was extraordinarily fatigued, distracted around my work, unable to focus on any real progress.

Fortunately, by this time in my life, I am attuned enough to recognize the rhythms of life – and when I’m out of step with them. I can remember having been very confused when I lost the beat in the past. This time I relaxed with it, spent lots of time in my garden, took time to get to know my new home and life, stayed focused on doing what I most enjoyed as much as possible… by falling into witness mode on my life, becoming an observer for a time, I was able to pick up the beat finally, and get myself back on track.

We encourage developing psychics to work with the cycles of life, to attune themselves to the rhythms of the earth in order to be able to read clearly. The moon and the stars influence our ability to make change in our lives, so it is essential to have a basic understanding of where they are at any given time in order to predict accurately what the probable outcomes will be. Through an understanding of the Law of Rhythm, we can determine whether we’re on an upbeat or a downbeat, whether the cycle is about expansion or contraction, whether we’re at the beginning, the middle, or the end of a cycle – and with that information, we can decide on the the best course of action, for ourselves or our clients.

Psychics must understand the Law of Rhythm and be highly sensitive to the various cycles of life, in order to know how to read for themselves or their clients, and to be able to respond and react proactively.

The Grand Cross that formed in the skies from Aug 12 to Aug 18/99 was an extremely rare event…signalling a rare change in the rhythm of life in the Universe… this particular astrological configuration appears only once in 26,000 years… it therefore defined the end of an age – the Piscean Age and marked the opening of the New Age, the Aquarian Age… We are in the midst of the birthing process now, and this is reflected in the transformation experienced here on planet earth. At this particular moment in time we are opening to a completely new cycle of life here on earth – some say a Golden Age – and this explains why there was so much fear and anxiety around issues like Y2K readiness, and now, as we approach Dec 21, 2012, the end times…The weather seems to have gone crazy…Mother Earth herself is responding to the shift in rhythm, shifting her weight in response to the shifting energies… and just as I was disconcerted by the change in the rhythms of my life after my move, the earth – and all who are part of it, are feeling disturbed, confused and downright chaotic… the beat is changing,,. We are at the beginning again… it is natural for us to be afraid and confused until we can find the rhythm of this new age.

6. The Law of “as above, so below”

“The same systems and organizing principles govern both macrocosm and microcosm, in the miniature solar system of the atom, for example, we see electrons spiraling the nucleus like planets around the sun.

The world’s wisdom traditions teach that everything is within us, that universe and self reflect each other. Inner and outer, above and below, converge within the individual. The center of the universe is everywhere, including within you. The law of as above, so below, shows us that the Big Picture is but a reflection of the small picture – the one we see when we look in the mirror.”

Applying the Law of “as above, so below”: Our outer lives and worlds are a reflection of our inner worlds, so when clients come to us with problems, one of our first tasks is to help them to look into the mirror of their lives to find the issues within themselves that must be cleared in order to clear the external problems. For example, when someone comes to us with serious money problems, this is usually a reflection of the individual’s inability to love themselves. When we get them focussed on finding reasons to be grateful and loving, and on dealing with the deeper fears and anxieties that had them blocked, the money usually begins to flow again…

“As above, so below” teaches us that we can examine the cycles of life here on earth to define the cycles of life in other dimensions – and the One. In the biblical traditions, we are made in God’s image – which says also that God is a reflection of us. Once a psychic understands this basic law, it becomes easy to extrapolate on past and present circumstances or events to predict the future or to describe the unseen… “as above, so below”, tells us that we can know the unknowable. To see within, we can search without, and to know what is outside, we can search within… to discover the unknowable in our ouside world., we can delve into those unknown realms within us.

7. The Law of Correspondence.

“This laws says that everything is interdependent and participates in the integrity of the whole. Relating the law of correspondence to the experience of life means cultivating the facility of overview – taking the holistic view. The law of correspondence is well illustrated by indigenous native cultures whose consciousness, although centred in their head, is not confined to it. It extends into the environment, psychically blending inner and outer worlds as aspects of whole consciousness. Such diffusion of consiousness seems to render competition and individuality less important that the interdependence that makes the community a healthy unit. The law of correspondence accommodates the paradox of both separation and unity, It allows us to move in the surety that both/and is a better formula than either/or, and that we are all connected and more similar than we are different.

When you understand the law of correspondence, you see all parts of the Big Picture as equally valid because they are all part of your Self.”

Applying the Law of Correspondence: Every one of the Global Psychics team knows the value of living holistically… “life in the round”, holistic living demands an inclusive as opposed to exclusive approach to life, it urges us to be sensitive to the consequences of our actions – and to be awake to all of our needs. So many of our clients come to us burned out by life, feeling defeated and unfulfilled. In almost every case, the problem is rooted in their not having lived life in the round. Stressed to the max, and stretched for time, they have forgotten that life is also about music and art, laughter and lightness. We can get trapped on the dark side, drawing accidents and disasters to us, and we will quite literally burn out, unless we actively seek the lighter side of life, unless we look also at the consequences of our thoughts, feelings and actions.

Now, more than ever in the earth’s history, it is important for all of us, not just the psychics and healers and energy workers of the world to be awake to to the Law of Correspondence…. This law explains why we are facing global extermination – and also what we can do prevent the extinction of the many species of life that inhabit this planet.

+1…And The Ordering Principle of Spirals

“A spiral is a symbol of eternity. While all manifestations are governed by the ordering principles of the seven laws described above, they move within time in spiral patterns… This occurs in harmonically repeating cycles of creation, expansion and growth, decline, contraction and destruction.”

Applying the Ordering Principle of Spirals: Each of us exists within the spiral of life, vibrating and moving with it and each of us needs to know where we are on the spiral, and how we fit in the cycle of life, and the Big Picture. As psychics, we must understand the spiral, in order to be able to read and explain what is going on for ourselves and our clients – and what the outcomes are likely to be, given the current patterns. And we must be able to sense when the spiral is shifting, changing, evolving in new directions, as it is right now…

The Operating Principles, How The Oneness Works – and How to Work with the One

  • All life is naturally motivated, driven, towards value fulfillment; all is naturally inclined to fulfill its purpose.
  • All have free will; no one has the right to interfere in another’s free will, to block another’s move toward value fulfillment.
  • The One is Androgynous, a God Who encompasses both Male and Female, and Whose Energy is focussed in four parts, Mind – the initiating force, Will – the motivating force, Heart – the balancing force, and Body – the manifesting force.
  • Love is the Divine Power, and the Balancing Force in creation, and fear the blocking agent…. to maintain flow and growth in our lives we must consciously and fearlessly love – all the time.
  • Trust is a manifestation of love; to be psychic one must learn to trust one’s senses, to trust that one’s imagination knows what it’s doing.
  • We are each the center of and contain the whole of the One; therefore each contains both masculine and feminine, positive and negative, good and evil. despite whatever polarization is manifested.
  • As One, we are immortal… while we may discard our bodies periodically, like a snake sheds its skin, our Soul lives, we do not die; so it is with all of creation.
  • Movement integrates thought; action is required for thought to manifest.
  • What goes round, comes round… we get what we give…. anger begets more anger, love begets more love, the more love you give, the more love imbues your life.
  • We exist within a process of co-creation… we affect and are affected by the group and mass consciousness, and are therefore responsible individually for global events.
  • Our language and beliefs are the core thoughts and our attitude and desires the core feelings that establish the foundations and form the framework of our reality. Intention and commitment change outcome; desire and belief shape reality.
  • All power is in the present; from the present we have the power to change the past and the future.
  • It is our birthright to be psychic, attuned to all of the influences that affect our lives. While some may be gifted, everyone has some ability. Learning to use that natural psychic ability can make you healthier, wealthier and wiser….
  • We exist in an infinitely abundant Universe, a world where there is enough for all, when each will take only what they need.
  • To find the pulse of life, to pick up the beat and move with the natural rhythms, we must live in witness mode, avoid judgement,become an objective observer of life, surrender to the flow

Making The Operating Principles Work for You

Among the Global Psychics Team are represented a great diversity of backgrounds and cultures. The common thread amongst us is our belief in what some call “creation philosophy”, what others might call the “New Age religion”. We believe that we create our own reality, with purpose, that there is One Source of all energy, and that we are always connected with The Source, that in fact, we are One with The Source, an expression of the Source’s desire to experience and know HimSelf/HerSelf.

We are guided in our work by the four truisms and the seven +1 cosmic laws, and a supplementary set of “operating principles”, how to’s, that further define how the Oneness functions. Once understood, these form a foundation for a psychic – or anyone, including you – to be able to read and interpret the energy moving around them.

The Underlying Principle: Open Up; Let go of the Fears

Being psychic is natural, a way of living, of being in the world. It is much more than a skill, it is an approach, an attitude to life that encompasses and integrates the truisms, the cosmic laws and principles described here… and with understanding of these principles, being psychic can be developed as a skill…

I liken being psychic to being a baseball player… or a scientist – it is in most of us to be able to learn the basics, how to throw a ball, to add and subtract, to understand the laws of nature, and so it is in most of us to be able to “tune” into the energy around us and be able to read the subtle signals… to understand and interpret how the Cosmic laws are playing out in our lives.

Some of us really have a gift for throwing a ball, or a real affinity with numbers or nature, gifts that draw us into acquiring greater skill, knowledge and experience in those fields; as in any other field, being psychic is more natural to some than to others… but just as it benefits each of us to learn to throw a ball, or to add and subtract and to understand how rain forms… So it is with being psychic. It is valuable for each of us to learn about the basic principles, as well as about our individual abilities and then to learn to use our abilities well… Some of us may even have some special talents that we’ll want to expand on and develop as we mature.

Once you begin to integrate the basic principles in your belief system, you can begin to play with the many different tools and explore the different ways that you can express yourself psychically. But before you start, you must decide to trust, and to get a grip on your fears. One of primary reasons that folks are unable to access their natural talents is that they are afraid to…

Some religions even teach that being psychic is the work of the devil, and given what I’ve seen of the Black Magic in the world, I can’t deny the truth of their fears…

On the other hand, being psychic is a natural ability, it is a skill that can help us each live more honestly and truly, it can help each of us to prevent problems from developing into disasters… being psychic is just a matter of learning to understand what is happening, to recognize that we are much more than our physical vehicles, that we are spirit contained in a body temporarily, and that in the end we are all One, and through this Oneness it becomes easy to connect, spirit to spirit, with all those around us…

Spirits and ghosts can be scary when we don’t understand what’s happening and how to respond… But we must always remember that no matter what, we have the power in this dimension and can learn to use it to both keep ourselves safe – and make progress in life more easily and more naturally.

There are a wide variety of ways to be psychic, some of us are clairvoyant – we can ‘see’ with our minds, some are clairaudient – we can ‘hear’ with our hearts, some are clairsensient – we can ‘feel’ with our guts, and some have intuitions – ‘just knowings’ that seem to arrive out of nowhere. Some folks can smell with their inner senses; some folks are talented mediums, able to communicate with souls in other dimensions; some folks channel (a dangerous work), where they actually allow energies from other dimensions to take over their minds and bodies to speak through them… And then there’s a whole range of different divination tools that folks will use to help them “read” – to trigger psychic reactions… these include the tarot, runes, I ching, dowsing, ouija boards, reading tea leaves and coffee grinds or ashes from a fire…

Astrology and numerology are tools that psychics use to help them read, but numerologists and astrologers aren’t necessarily psychics… although most are much more psychic than they admit to… energy workers, reiki and reflexology practitioners, massage and shiatsu therapists and almost all alternative health practitioners are in some ways tapping into their psychic abilities to help their clients move energy that has been blocking or harming them… although, again, few will admit that they are psychic… being a professional psychic requires specialized training, as in any other field.

Learning to sense the subtle signals that influence our lives is one thing, but being able to interpret them accurately, to find the right meanings behind the images, visions or words, or whatever the psychic is experiencing takes a lot of work… and courage! The first step requires that the psychic get to know themselves in a very deep way so they can get themselves out of the way when they are doing a reading. Then they need to gain experience and understanding with the cosmic laws and with a wide range of symbols, universal archetypes, as well as with the laws and principles that guide creation. And most importantly, in order to see, sense and interpret clearly, the psychic must learn to be courageous in the face of their fears, to acknowledge and then let go of their anxieties, to learn to trust, not only what they see and sense, but in the One…

While it is unlikely that you will want to be a professional psychic, developing your ability will prove incredibly valuable – to you and all those around you. In the process of tuning in, you’ll also find yourself tuning up, raising your vibrational frequency, creating positive change in your life. You will learn to be brave in your quest for joy, loving in your desire for peace, mindful in creating harmony. Being psychic is about making the most of yourSelf and your life, so go for it… Get tuned in.

Now that you know the rules, you can start exploring. Pick up a book on being psychic, take a course, begin to meditate daily, acquire some tools… Take a playful attitude as you set out…. Discover how much more there is to you and this world!

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