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The Meaning of Death in Your Dreams

The Meaning of Death in Your Dreams…

It is extremely rare that dreams of of your own death are predicting your death – but they could be warning you that some big changes are coming – or necessary.

Death Dreams Certainly Get Your Attention!

The value in our dreams of death – no matter how frightening they may be – is that they get our attention. They push us to notice their messages – and to act on them. But they rarely mean that we are about to die.

A Visitor Writes:

I didn’t notice any dreams about dying. I am 41 and have had dreams off and on about dying as far back as I can remember.

Following is Mary-Anne’s analysis of the signs and symbols in these death dreams, and insights on the 8 general symbols for death.

The dreams always consist of someone being after me.

Generally represents a part of self chasing/seeking/demanding attention as in awareness.

I am cornered

corners and angles generally associate with needing to take a chance on being more open and direct in your communications. Is it possible that somebody is hiding something from you or are you hiding something? An inner truth? Corners can represent hidden dangers related to unknown chances.

at some point and then he kills me. It maybe by stabbing,

There is always a sexual component to stabbing images – a penetration of the skin. The sting points to the awakening consciousness. One is opening oneself up and something of oneself is flowing out. (Note this for below when you are left dying and life force is flowing out of you.) Stabbing images can point to a person having been injured. Where is your wound? Symbolic reference (as with shooting) to your inner strength and never has anything to do with real danger for your physical life.


Something is being killed. A relationship, an emotion, an unused talent or any number of things. Just as often, it can mean a courageous act of liberation that is freeing emotional energies. Frequent dream symbol to have at the end of a depressive phase, because, after being liberated from it, you can search for a new beginning. Such dreams set in motion something symbolic but not real death.


similar interpretation.

but never hanging.

Hanging is an insistence that something must die. I guess never having hanging images are that this you have choices and nothing is being suffocated.

I am left to die and feel the life draining away. When a sequence of dreams starts I am caught and killed quickly. As the dream reoccurs it takes longer for me to be captured but I eventually do get caught and killed again in the same way for that sequence.

What are (or were) you resisting? Do you resist the lessons when they arise?

Finally it comes to a point where I find a way to defeat the person killing me.

Have you resisted some necessary changes or not ended a situation when it might have been required?

I am able to out smart him and he gets killed and then the sequence ends. Sometimes for months sometimes years. What I discovered was that it was me killing me. Something in my life that I was putting up with or not seeing was killing my spirit. Right after I kill the killer in the dream I make a change in my life and suddenly look back and can see that was when the dream stopped.

This interpretation appears very accurate as the indications seem to validate this.

The dreams are very real, very vivid but I have died so many times it is almost boring.

Getting good at big changes!

I understand the fear of both a victim and a killer and possible because of this I can understand how one has a Spiritual contract to be both victim and Killer and what it means to violate a persons contract.

Amazing insight and what you have learned is very important. It is ultimately a lesson of “this and that” is true – that for everything that is the opposite also exists and we are essentially both. Even though we can transform and metamorphosize into something else, the “old self” is still retained and part of the inner of the “new self”.

General Death Symbology:

Death images in a dream are very symbolic and have many levels of potential interpretations. I will list the eight key meanings below.

Note: Death/Killing – if it is the dreamer that is dying, it never has any connection to a real impending physical death. It is a reference to the need to change one’s path in life and allow old attitudes to die. Death usually means that a radical change is necessary.

Eight basic levels in this symbol.

  • An indication that a necessary end has come to a certain phase. A transition to something new.
  • The desire to shed something (attitudes, behaviours, situations etc.)
  • A suggestion to come to terms with death and the fear of death, meaning a search for fulfillment and productivity.
  • A limit has been reached and there is an inability to know how to go beyond that limit.
  • A suggestion to take better care of one’s health.
  • Something is dying inside.
  • A close connection with somebody deceased.
  • A desire for peace, solitude, and harmony (the death of fear). According to Jung, dreaming about death means letting go of something that has died; it is a symbol of transformation and a new beginning.

Dying itself shows as wanting to get even with somebody.

Of course, not all eight will apply. Remember, with dreams, intellectualizing the symbols will produce the least effective interpretations. Dreams operate in direct communication with feelings and although the mind/intellect is necessary to gain understanding, the emotional intelligence – the feeling inside that is affected is the most valuable of input for understanding the message. I hope this helps. Mary-Anne

Death Dreams

I’m at a vacation type place, like a resort surrounded by water, the ocean. Feeling pretty normal, I go over to my parents suite and realize that my mom is still in bed which surprised me since it was in the afternoon and she never sleeps in.

It’s later now, and I go back to my parent’s suite. My mom is now up, but still in her night gown. I’m somewhat amused and surprised by this. I ask”what took you so long.?” She replies “it’s my day off, I slept in”. She was different, somewhat younger, more confident, in control.

There was someone else in the room with us, another lady and she was crying. I asked her why, and my mom turns to me and says “because you will die tonight”. I’m surprised by this and say “no, I’m not going to die tonight..” I look at the lady crying and then closely at my mom… questioning… and then ask my mom “am I gonna die tonight?” I’m not scared… just taken back… and my mom replies simply “maybe”

We then were on a boat, my mom and I. There was a group of us spread out on different boats all moving through the water.

I’m sitting next to my mom and feeling somewhat nervous. thinking “I may die on here.” I look out at the water next to us. then I notice it changes… the water has waves starting to form, but it’s was like nothing I had ever seen. wave spiraling up, like mini tornados… and inside I know this divine’s doing… this is not a coincidence…

My mom turns to me and she says “he wants to know if you want to come home now. you can if you’d like”. do you feel that you’ve taught them all you can. or do you feel there is more you can teach them. is there more they can learn?”

I look at her, and then look out in front and the boat was maneuvering through the waves. the waves appear in these spirals… shooting up just close enough to us… but not so much that we would hit them… not yet. I know that the Divine is controlling this, so much that, there is no way the boat should be able to maneuver around this water, it is more that the water is maneuvering around the boat.

My mom asks again “do you want to go home? He says you can. if you feel that they can learn no more, if you have done all your teaching.”

I say “no there is more to teach”. but then I feel sad and I add “but I get lonely. sad. I miss it, I would like to come home” She says she understands, and that it is hard for me since this is not my usual role, I don’t usually come to earth. She then holds my hand.

The the water changes, becames more dramatic. the waves begin to grow, like high rises instead of only 5 stories they are now 20 stories. I get nervous and my mom asks me “are you scared?” I say “yes, not of dying but of the pain of a slow death” she says “do not be scared, focus on his beauty. see his love, and you will be fine”.

Then a massive wave suddenly forms in front of us, about 20 stories and it comes down on us. Everything disappears, and I know that I am right before the light, death, I can feel my body is not holding me I am free to go home. But I stop and I say “I was at a vacation type place, initially talking with my Auntie Helen. I was looking at her and could see how she was fairly angry inside. not nice.

I then went to my parents place/suite and was in the kitchen, there was all this food everywhere, like Christmas baking. My parents were still in bed which surprised me since it was in the afternoon.

I went out (?) then came back and my mom got up, she was in her nightgown and it was now around 5. I asked her “what took you so long.?” She said”it’s my day off, I slept in”. She was different, somewhat younger, more confident, in control. different.

” I woke up convulsing… as if I had epileptic attack (which I don’t). and slowly my body started to come alive throughout it’s limbs. The dream was vivid, real, I can feel and see it clearly… Lee-Anne

Sounds like this was a push for you to connect with your soul and get on with your soul purpose in this life… dying in our dreams is usually representative of some deep shifts in consciousness that produce changes in lifestyle… you may find that a lot of things are changing around you over the next year or so… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

First I dreamed about riding in a convertible car that smashed headlong into a brick wall. At the moment of the crash I stated, “So this is how it feels to die.” Then I dreamed about being covered by spiders from head to toe. Now I’m dreaming about being chased by lions and lately dreaming about being killed by people who are wearing disguises. Delor

So, it seems that you are about to make some big changes in your life and they are a bit scary… death is about transformation… try to remember that you are dreaming when these things happen and take control – as I used to say to my son, remember that you are the boss of your dreams, if you don’t like what’s happening, take control and turn it around… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

When I was about 8, I had a dream that my perfectly healthy babysitter was in a coffin with no hair, wearing a green dress. She was only 39 years old, and I thought the dream was nonsense, so I kept it a secret. Within 2 weeks, we received a call that she had been diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor, but the doctors believed it could be easily removed. The operation was a success and for about a month she was all right, and went through alot of radiation treatment. Then, she started to feel very ill. The doctors told us that she had developed an unknown cancer in almost every major organ. Within 2 weeks, she had passed. It still chills me to the bone to think of walking up to her coffin in the same room as in my dream, seeing her with a scarf on her head, hiding the lost hair, and the green dress I had seen in my dream.

Ever since this happened, I’ve been having vivid dreams. Most come true, and sometimes i with they wouldnt. Remember, if you want to build psychic abilities, be aware of the consequences that may come. Laura

I hope you keep a journal of your dreams… and just because you are seeing these things in advance doesn’t mean you hold any responsibility for their occurrence… you didn’t make them happen because you dreamed of them… you dreamed of them because the energy was in the air and your spirit wanted you to be warned and thus somewhat prepared… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Our dreams have purpose, but finding the meaning in some dreams requires an understanding of the symbols that populate our dream worlds. If you need help relating a dream to your life, Get a Dream Interpreted.

Remember, you can remember your dreams and when you do, write them down immediately!

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