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The Meaning of Birds in Dreams

The Meaning of Birds (and other animals) in Your Dreams: Waking and Sleeping…

According to Native American, and most indigenous cultures, every bird and animal has a specific message or symbolism associated with it. But there’s always more to the story…

The Inquiry, from Bird Talk Magazinebirds in dreams

I have read what you have written on your Web site about the meaning of dreams. I am not requesting an interpretation of a dream, but rather the insights on birds in dreams from one of your psychics for this article.

What can birds represent in dreams? Have you ever had a dream about a bird? Do you know anyone who has? Would a pet bird owner and a nonpet bird owner have different dreams and/or interpretations? Scott Springer, Fancy Publications, Inc., writer with BIRD TALK magazine, a publication for pet bird owners based in California.

The article appeared in the January/2000 issue of Bird Talk.

Birds: Symbolizing Messages, or Wisdom, or Supernatural Activity, or..

abird2 - birds in dreamsYou would find the book “Animal-Speak” by Ted Andrews (Animal-Speak, the Spiritual and Magical Powers of Creatures Great and Small by Ted Andrews ) a very useful guide to the symbolism of birds and various species of birds… for example, an eagle, a falcon, a hawk and a crow all speak in some way of connections with supernatural forces, but each has its own unique symbology and message. While birds are often known and perceived as messengers in most dreams, the nature of the message is dependent on the type of bird and the context of the dream.

I think most of us at one time or another have had a bird appear in our dreams – these are one of the more common symbols or archetypes seen in dreams, like snakes and spiders, horses, cats and dogs… And you are probably right in perceiving that non-bird owners and bird owners would likely find that the birds in their dreams had different meanings.

In my experience, birds can be highly communicative and highly responsive to their environments and owners. It would be natural for them to work with their owners through their dream-worlds, and vice versa. While we have no statistics, nor even a backlog of stories to prove the point, I think it would be highly likely that bird owners would dream more frequently of birds, and that the messages in these dreams would probably be more complex, sophisticated, richer in meaning and message.

While our dreams are typically rich in archetypes and symbols, we encourage our visitors to see their dreams as highly personal experiences – water may have an entirely different meaning to me than it does to you for example, and the same would apply to dreams of birds… each of us needs to assess the content and meaning of the dream, the message it contained based on our personal experience with it. From this perspective, then, it would be natural for bird-owners to find their pets communicating with them through their dreams more frequently than it would be for those who don’t own birds… that said, the appearance of a pet bird in a non bird-owner’s dream could have all the more meaning, simply because it is an unusual experience. Have I confused you yet? here are more responses from our team, to help you… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Bird Connections

CAWARB - birds in dreamsAlliances with the spirit of birds is as common as with the spirits of animals, and in our work we group all of these communications under ‘communications with nature’…

For an example, I did a reading for Amy, a very special parrot – Amy was so skilled at communicating that she knew how to use her body to transmit a message. We often find tame birds like parrots are very keen to talk when they discover someone is listening…ANAPARA - birds in dreamsI once visited friends who owned two little love birds – the moment I arrived these two started raising a ruckus. After some time I realized that they wouldn’t settle down until I turned and spoke directly with them… so I interrupted the conversation with my hosts to go and talk with the birds, and sure enough, as soon as I acknowledged them and listened to what they had to say about their owners, they quieted down and we could go on with our discussion. If you listen, wild birds also can be very clear about their messages, but often their messages are about the weather or the planet as opposed to about individuals… then again, that depends on the species and the situation.

In our belief system, we are co-creating this world, and the birds play their roles in this process too – thus their purpose and meaning in our lives at any given time will be dependent on specifically what we are co-creating in that moment…

Dreams are a mixture of subconscious unloading, the Soul travelling and experiencing learning experiences, and our Higher Self communicating with us. Depending on our openness to these facts, we get certain dreams that will teach us what we sometimes block with our ego while being so- called conscious. The relationship between each individual and the bird and animal kingdom also affects the extent that birds and animals will assist each one of us, either by entering our dreams or by talking to us while we are awake.

ANABBIRD - birds in dreamsBirds in Flight Mean….

From Gilles, a student of North American traditions and one of our senior psychics.

From my experience with birds and dreams, I would have to say that the matter is a bit more complex than most people realize. Let me attempt to simplify the data as much as possible so it can be useful to you and to your readers.

  • Birds, in flight usually signify the need for freedom, any bird
  • Birds in flight also remind us of the many, many voyages we undertake when we are sleeping and our soul travels the galaxy
  • Birds in flight also are sometimes a memory of past lives, spent on a different planet, where we did indeed have wings (many of the science fiction material are mostly memories, I have recognized many civilizations depicted in comic books, movies, etc…)
  • Specific birds each have their own symbolism, mostly depending on the inate qualities of each bird. The eagle, for example, has amazing eyesight (thus may symbolize an awakening of the senses and of the third eye).
  • Native beliefs point to each of us having animal guides. If you resonate to a specific bird, this would be the indication that this bird or type of bird would be your guide. I find animal guides very useful for Shamanic Soul Retrieval, which most people I have met seem to need
  • Someone always involved with animals would most certainly have a very different relationship with birds so would create very different dreams, mostly by the sheer volume of data concerning birds that enter their subconscious every day.

Questions and Answers

Are dreams involving a bird (or any pet, for that matter) symbolic of human emotions and experiences, or are they unique cafcatch - birds in dreamsto the relationship that exists between humans and the animal kingdom?

Geri Responds:

In Western culture especially when it comes to the dream state. . . . .we are trained to think of animals appearing in our dream state in a symbolic way. OK. . . that can work. . . .but I think that this only scratches the surface of what’s possible here. . . . .Many shamanistic cultures use the ability to “shapeshift” (that is to become the animal) in an alternate reality. I believe that is because animals are far more perceptual, sensory-wise, than humans. . . .humans have a tendency to buy into a consensus agreement view of reality.

For example, when I’m told that reality is only composed of what I can experience with my 5 physical senses. . . . .and that is the way I am supposed to experience reality. . . .then I will go into agreement with that view. . . .unfortunately, this will rob me of the possibility to “see” and experience other possible realities in the Universe around me.

The shamans in many diverse cultures refused to buy into that consensus reality stuff. . . .by using animals as their allies they are able to perceive much more of the subtle realms of realities. . . .by merging their energies with animals they are not encumbered by the busy human mind. . . .or the mind that will discount what it is seeing. . . .no matter how bizarre it may appear. . . . .

CABIRD7 - birds in dreamsHas anyone on your team interpreted dreams involving birds?

Geri’s Answer:

I have interpreted many dreams, some of them involving birds and animals, but I usually prefer guiding the person to find their own answers. If they take the time to become the animal in the dream, they will get the answers that the animal was trying to convey.

What would the difference be in a dream where the person BECAME a bird vs. one where the person interacted CABIRD - birds in dreamswith a bird?

Says Geri:

I think, symbolically, if you were to interact with a bird in a dream. . . .you would be looking for a message. Birds have classically been associated with the messenger aspect. In some of the old lore, owls, for instance brought messages to the wise-women. . . .In present day Kaska culture (Yukon First Nation’s Band) it is felt that birds routinely bring information from village to village. . . .

If the person were to become the bird I think that this would signal transformation. . . .and access to the more subtle realms of reality available to us.

Says Susan:

Becoming a bird in a dream often is a memory of having chosen that path during a previous lifetime. I remember being a snake, a black panther, an golden eagle for example. Interacting with the birds in dreams can mean that the person sees themselves as seperate from the birds, and from each other. Every dream and every person having the dream is different. Talking about generalities only skims the surface.

cock - birds in dreams


You suggested that birds “work with their owners through their dream-worlds” and that they are highly communicative creatures. How do they compare to other animals in these same regards?


Danielle Comments:

The Soul connection we have with a specific animal determines our openness to listening to their messages.

Since I haven’t owned any birds, I can’t comment on their working with me through my dreams, but I can speak of a most amazing cat Moppet, who has contacted me on numerous occasions through my dreams… and another dear pal of mine, Mr. B, who not only warned me several weeks before he died that he was going, but also returned numerous times afterwards to help me (and probably himself) through the grieving process.

I am certain that bird owners would have the same spiritual connections and depth of experience with those souls with whom they have connected over time.

On Finding Bird Feathers

I was walking in my back yard and noticed a black feather standing up. As I looked around I noticed more. A few weeks later 3 more in front of my yard all standing UP! Not laying down. Standing up, the pointed end in the ground. I am a little freaked and just wondering what could this possibly mean? Greatly appreciate it. Thanx Ruby

Not to freak out. I find for myself that a crow or Raven feather means protection.. I usually pick up the feather and place it In a flower pot outside or even inside.. Count to see how many feathers you see and then read up on the bird of the feather.. There will be messages for you there. Depending on how many feathers you count standing you will receive news in that many days of that much news.. So relax!!!!!!!! Also if birds are your Totem then perhaps you should pick up a book Animal-Speak by Ted Andrews.. It may help you. Barbi

What about a Bird Flying Into Your Home?

What does it mean if a bird flies into your home from outside and sings and stays for about 10 min. and flies out?

A Message Coming?

I would say that it is a message that is going to be coming to you. What do you need to stop and take notice of? Are you spending too much time getting caught up in things and not noticing the good things of life? Depending on the bird you could probably attribute more to that, but it was a gift sent to you and It does feel like a Spirit from the other side. Love n’ Laughter Kimmi

I would certainly consider it a harbinger of good news and blessings. Victoria

A Harbinger of Death?

Some say that a bird flying into the home is a signal of a death – or change of life, but in your situation, I got the clear impression that this bird was a messenger… the singing was about the bird delivering its message to you, and once you had the message, it left… fascinating! Try to remember the sounds of the singing, and ask the angels and devas to help you understand the message… and keep your eyes and ears open, pay attention to what goes on around you, my sense is that you have some news coming.

That said, I must tell you that last summer as we were leaving our friend’s cottage, my son found a hummingbird in the living room – 6 weeks later, our friend was mourning the death of her son, killed in a hit and run accident on a week-end visit to the cottage… so do beware. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

More Bird Stories

caheron - birds in dreamsWell, I could relate many a story about birds, from ravens and eagles pointing me in the right direction, reminding me to BE, you name it. The most memorable is the one concerning my grandfather who came back as a seagull.

Before he died, he and I spend many hours alone together and he kept saying he wished he could fly like a seagull. Then, we would go into the most spiritual conversations. Keep in mind these were the only conversations I had ever had with my grandfather. During his lifetime, he kept to himself, was a very nice man but a complete stranger, who just happened to be a neighbour and, for about a year, even lived with us.One summer day, my family went to Jacket River, N.B., a few km from my home town Petit Rocher, and for a picnic. I ventured onto the beach and saw a seagull sitting there quietly on the sand. I was about 14 at the time. I felt drawn to the bird, feeling that it had something very familiar and that I had to get closer and closer. To my surprise, the seagull did not move. At first, I thought it was injured but it wasn’t. I got closer, talked to it, and then had an unexplainable (at the time) feeling that he was my grandfather. I went over, picked him up, brought him to our picnic table quite far away, spent the whole afternoon with him, my parents watching with amazement, fed him, connected on a Soul level, and, when I was told it was time to leave, said my farewell to my grandfather, told him he had to fly off, and watched him take off, circle me 3 times, and then fly away.

My parents and I never spoke of this again, they never questioned the incident, and I felt grateful that my grandfather not only got his wish but that he returned to teach me many things that summer afternoon. I was brought up Catholic so the concept of reincarnation, was not taught, mentioned, nor accepted but I knew it was a fact and that it would take years before I could share this story with someone who would understand. Gilles

I was told by one of my teachers that snakes in our dreams. . .are trying to give us messages. . .wisdom messages. . . .and it seems like you’ve pretty much figured it out. . .I mean how much more explicit do you have to have it get??? They’re telling you that they’re going to be around for awhile so you might as well get used to it!! I think it’s kinda funny actually. . . . Yup the energy IS getting more intense as we head towards the Galactic Center. . .and the gateway to the gods. . . .remember the Mayan people had this winged serpent guy. . . .perhaps one of our outer space brethren who is more reptilian-like than humanoid. . .who knows. . . . My favorite symbol is the worm oroborous. . .the one with his tail in his mouth. . . .life is a circle of death/rebirth. . . .and all things have continuity… So, Danielle. . .sounds like you’ve got a pretty powerful critter there. . . .enjoy. . . and perhaps arrange to hang out with one sometime. . . Love Geri

Our dreams have purpose, but finding the meaning in some dreams requires an understanding of the symbols that populate our dream worlds. If you need help relating a dream to your life, Get a Dream Interpreted.

Remember, you can remember your dreams and when you do, write them down immediately!

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