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The Four Elements in Your Dreams: Dreaming About Water

Dream Symbols – The Earth Elements In Your Dreams

Part Three in a Series: Dreaming About Water

by Susan Harkins, AKA Rabbit

Here, we study a few real dreams to look at probably the most commonly recognized earth element — water. The next time you take a dreamtime dip, consider what the water element in your dream might mean to you. These examples should give you a good starting point in analyzing the purpose of the dream.

First, let’s review a dream I had last night. A small female child is standing in front of an overflowing sink. I enter the room and find the floor covered with water. I assume the child is responsible, but she’s very upset – she’s crying. I try to calm her. Then, I ask her why she didn’t call for help. I explained that we could have turned the water off and that getting help would have been much better than allowing the room to flood.

Now, for the most part, water refers to our current state of mind and the state of the water in your dream is the biggest clue you have to what’s going on in your mind. In the case of the above dream, there is too much water — it’s overflowing and flooding the room. Notice there’s not much damage — just a mess of sorts, but had I known, I could have prevented it altogether.

Something is much harder than it needs to be because of someone else’s interference or neglect. Bingo! I am definitely dealing with a real-life situation that fits perfectly! I’ve contracted with another author to write a book for a major publisher. However, the project has been cursed from the beginning, and just this past week, we’ve-negotiated contract issues for the fourth time! All the while, I’m writing like mad to adhere to an unreasonable writing schedule because the original author bailed out of the project altogether. Yes, I feel a bit overwhelmed, but more importantly, the issue really isn’t under my control, just as the water in the dream wasn’t. Not all water dreams are stressful. In fact, most are very positive and rejuvenating.

My sister loves her water dreams. There isn’t much action in the dreams, she just floats around in the water. She is content. A typical psychological explanation might be that she’s remembering the womb, but I don’t think so. In fact,, I reject the “womb” theory altogether. Why would my subconscious stop at the womb? If I were seeking a quiet, comfortable, safe spot to dream, wouldn’t I go all the way back to the spirit world? Surely, the spirit world would offer much more security and contentment that the womb. I mean, in the womb I knew I was soon going to shoot forth into the glaring light of a physical life! Surely, I spent some of that womb-time in respectful anticipation of what was to come. I’m not sure I was so peaceful and content in the womb! No, I don’t think my sister’s been revisiting the womb. Rather, I think my sister is simply nurturing herself in her water dreams. She’s a busy mother of four children — three teenagers! I think she needs a break now and again. The Calgon PR team knew what it was doing with its “…take me away” slogan. Physically, water is very relaxing and peaceful — rain on the roof puts us to sleep, mothers bathe their babies before bedtime, a shower can help us forget a terrible day at the office. So, why wouldn’t we seek this refuge in our dreams as well?

The state of the water is probably the most important clue as to the symbol’s meaning.

In my dream the water is out of control — there’s too much of it; in my sister’s dreams, the water is calm, she is safe and feels perfectly at home in the water.

What happens when there’s no water? The absence of water in a dream probably isn’t significant unless the dream makes it so. For instance, are you thirsty or hot? Are you in a desert? In this case, the lack of water means exactly that… a lack of something. It could point to real neglect, or a misunderstood slight. Most likely, it references some need in your life.

There are other clues to look for and consider in a water dream. Is there anything in the water with you? For instance, if you’re caught in flood water, is it muddy? If so, your problem may be your inability to see through the muddy water to the real issue. Perhaps you’re not being honest with yourself. Are you clinging to something for ballast? If so, what is it? Is it still raining – is the storm over? All important clues as to where you are in the current situation. Once I found myself caught in some flood waters with debris all around me , yet just on the other side of the mess of sea weed and bits of junk floating all around me, the water was clear and moving easily. In the dream I “leap-frogged” myself over the mess into the clear stream. That dream was telling me not to get locked in by my troubles, there’s always a clear space that I can move to, and when I’m down, it still reminds me to look for a clearing and a way of leap frogging myself into it.

Just a few nights before I had the sink dream, I dreamt again of being in flood waters. The water was rushing through the city streets, between the buildings. At each intersection, the stream I was riding would crash into the conflicting wall of water. However, at one point, I found a stairwell that was dry. I walked down the stairs into dry safety. Odd? Not really. Rather, it was a signal to go inside for sanctuary. For me, it was simply a reminder that I already have everything I need to sustain myself.

If you’re in a sea of calm water, are you playing with the fish and other sea creatures? If so, there may be more to the dream than just a bit of quality time with your subconscious. These other symbols may offer clues as to why you’ve found yourself overwhelmed by flood waters or surrounded by friendly water creatures. Most likely, you’ll find yourself communing with your guides and angels. This is also a good dream for uncloaking past life relationships. So, pay attention to who or what you’re swimming with!

Check the temperature of the water. Is it cold, hot, or just right? The temperature can indicate your own awareness to, or your willingness to deal with the situation that’s causing the dream.

One important clue to watch for in your water dreams is the structure that maintains the water.

For instance, are you swimming in a pool or a lagoon?

A friend dreamt two separate water dreams in one night. In the first, she was in a pool looking for someone. In the next, she was on the beach, playing in the small pools left in the sand by the outgoing tide. These two dreams create a story of growth and change. First, she’s in a structure made by someone else — designed, built, and even filled by someone else, but she’s searching. In the second dream, she’s out of somebody else’s idea of what a pool is and she’s at mother nature’s biggest pool — the beach. She’s not in the water yet, but she’s “playing” with the idea of taking the plunge. She’s letting go of what other people think and accepting who she really is.

Beyond that, a pool can indicate an ending too — let’s face it, there’s only so much water in that pool. It’s contained, it does have a beginning and an end. In contrast, the ocean goes on and on, with many beginnings, and seemingly no end. Its vastness is something that’s hard to measure, just like that of our subconscious.

Remember, people can help you interpret your dream images, but the best interpreter is you. When someone else attempts to interpret your dreams, listen to that nagging little voice that says, “Yes, I see what you’re saying, but….” You’re probably on to something!

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Our dreams have purpose, but finding the meaning in some dreams requires an understanding of the symbols that populate our dream worlds. If you need help relating a dream to your life, Get a Dream Interpreted.

Remember, you can remember your dreams and when you do, write them down immediately!

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