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The Four Elements in Your Dreams: Dreaming About Fire

Dream Symbols – The Earth Elements In Your Dreams

Part Four in a Series: Dreaming About Fire

by Susan Harkins, AKA Rabbit

Can you imagine how dark and cold the night was in the wee hours of the earth’s existence–before electrical lights, lanterns, or even torches! How terrifying it must have been to venture out into the darkness with only the stars and the moon to light your path.

It’s little wonder then that our earliest ancestors were in such awe of fire, so much so that they considered fire one of the four earth elements.

Not only did fire light the darkness, it provided warmth and protection. Gradually, fire, like the other elements – earth, wind, and water – wove its way into the prehistoric man’s daily rituals and beliefs. We know now, that fire isn’t an earth element, but merely the energy expended during a chemical reaction. Regardless, fire remains a strong component in many belief systems, including dream work.

In the dream world, fire speaks of cleansing or purification — either spiritual or emotional. If, however, the fire consumes or destroys, the fire may represent a more destructive source such as jealousy or anger.

When considering the meaning of a dream fire, keep in mind that fire consumes — a fire must have something to consume and oxygen to burn.

So, most of the time, what the fire is consuming is just as important as the fire element itself. Pay close attention to what is burning and the general mood of the dream. Don’t forget that fire can take many forms — including lightning, electricity, and lava. (Lava would be a combination of the earth and fire elements.)

The state of the fire is just as important. Is it out of control and spreading quickly or does it remain contained? Is the fire providing warmth, light, and good cheer or is it devouring (destroying) something?

When the fire is contained, it’s a purifying and cleansing element. It may represent your imagination, your creative side, or spirit. If the fire is dangerous, consuming everything in sight, and seemingly unstoppable, it represents a negative emotion or a passion that’s endangering your waking life.

A simple bon-fire might represent your own awakening to the spiritual or psychic world. If the bon-fire’s in the open, most likely you’re dealing with spirit; if the fire’s in the forest, you may be discovering your psychic abilities. Don’t worry if the mood is negative — your ego is simply resisting the change. On the other hand, if the fire element shows up as an erupting volcano, you may need to cleanse yourself of some rage.

Just remember, all the other elements are full of life with insects, fish, and birds. But fire is alive only as long as it burns – it is its own life form.

Fire is the nearest to pure energy of the elements, and the least material of them all. In addition, your subconscious picked fire for a reason – don’t be fooled by the fire – it could be dangerously out of control and devouring everything in its path in a heartbeat. Your fire could turn on you at any moment. So, when fire shows up, give it your respect.

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Our dreams have purpose, but finding the meaning in some dreams requires an understanding of the symbols that populate our dream worlds. If you need help relating a dream to your life, Get a Dream Interpreted.

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