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The Four Elements in Your Dreams: Dreaming About Earth

Dream Symbols – The Earth Elements In Your Dreams

Part Two in a Series: Dreaming About Earth Matters

by Susan Harkins, AKA Rabbit

In the dream world, the earth matters. It’s the second most common dream image we encounter on a nightly basis. Unfortunately, we don’t always recognize it. That’s because the earth is there – just like air – and we tend to take it for granted. Besides earth’s frequency in our dreams, it’s the image that most closely identifies our physical being. It’s the element we consider the least spiritual or psychic.

Like air, the earth element appears in almost every dream. We might not see the ground upon which we walk, as it’s assumed. This itself is a clue to the earth element, since it should be no real consequence to the rest of the dream. Don’t dismiss the earth element, but don’t give it too much thought either. Rather, the earth element is most relevant when it is the focus of the dream. For instance, you’re sinking in quicksand or you’re planting seeds in the dirt. In dreams such as these, the earth element is a major player.

The earth element seems to encompass four levels: action, enclosure, discovery, and the absence thereof. The first, action, is the most common. For instance, our earlier example of planting seeds is easy to interpret. Most likely, the action represents growth or birth. But, growth in what, the birth of what? In a dream such as this, other images are very important. From earth – or your physical being, you can expect growth or success. A dream such as this should tempt you to consider the condition of your body. Is it physically fit to bear fruit? We don’t mean pregnancy, but rather the process of living life. On the other hand, this dream could point to a successful business venture or project, something that will bear fruit and help you care for your physical needs.

If you find yourself walking in mud and enjoying it, you might consider spending some time in nature. Could be Mother Earth is calling you home for awhile. Perhaps you need to play in the woods. If you’re stuck and unable to free yourself, you may be dreaming of a financial crisis or a physical limitation. But clearly, some physical need is keeping you from moving forward. This can go as deep as sexual dysfunction or fears of sexual inadequacies.

Now, if you’re overwhelmed with mud or quicksand, you may be suffering from any of the same situations we just mentioned, however, you’re nearing panic as you’re about to be swallowed whole by this earthly matter. It’s about to win, or rather, you fear it’s about to win. In these dreams, pay close attention to the images your dream presents. These images may offer clues to your quick salvation.

An earthquake can represent a real shake-up in your waking life. While this dream can represent finances or sex, it most likely represents something more profound. By this, we mean something that may have a greater impact on your well-being. For instance, an earthquake that breaks your mother’s house in half might represent an identity crisis. You may feel controlled by your mother, or you may simply identify yourself too closely with her. Separating yourself from her is a monumental event but perhaps the only way to find or even save yourself. A general earthquake of mass destruction to a large area may represent a deep anger or emotion that’s about to get the better of you. Most likely, an earthquake represents separation in some life foundation.

What about enclosure? By enclosure we mean surrounding yourself with earth. This can be as simple as sitting in a basement or as frightening as being buried alive. Either dream can represent something that’s “buried” in your subconscious. Or, you may be exploring a cave or driving through a tunnel. In both, you’re going within the earth. Sometimes these types of dreams go a step beyond just the earth element and represent the past. If the tunnel or cave goes down into the earth, you may be visiting your past. Do you exit the tunnel the same way you came in or through a new opening?

The discovery dream is probably the least experienced and the easiest to understand. Almost any earth dream can be a discovery dream if you find something along the way. For instance, as you’re traversing those caves beneath the earth, do you find a golden key upon the ground? Do you pick it up and then carry it out of the tunnel? These clues are clues to your position within the situation and your readiness to solve it or accept it.

The last level is the absence of earth, or flying dreams. We discussed these dreams last month in Dreaming Air, so we won’t go into much detail again. A flying dream is one of the most positive dreams you can have. You’ve freed yourself of your earthly traps and you’re soaring to new possibilities.

So, ’til next time when we’ll be talking about the element of water in your dreams, here’s wishing you many flying dreams!

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Our dreams have purpose, but finding the meaning in some dreams requires an understanding of the symbols that populate our dream worlds. If you need help relating a dream to your life, Get a Dream Interpreted.

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