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Psychological Dreams

Dreams that tap into your subconsious, your unconscious self

I’m not sure if you can interpret this dream, the only reason I thought I would ask, is that I don’t dream often, or if I do it’s never clear. This dream I woke up and was very shaken, it sticks clearly in my mind. It goes like this… I’m sitting in a dark room, looking out very large windows, looking into the darkness, I have a feeling of great relaxation and peace. In the distance I see what I think is lightening, and I get excited by this, because I love thunderstorms. I’m sitting watching, and smiling. I notice it coming closer and faster, I look up in the sky and notice it’s a plane, and what I thought was lightning is actually missiles. I run to the back door and open the door to find they hit everywhere but the house I was in.

Thats when I woke up shaking, I freeze at the sound of a jet now. I was just wondering if you have any idea what this dream could mean. thank you for your time Liz

I get a preliminary sense that there is more than one layer of dream involved.. and there are extremes in the dream and lots going on. First there is serenity and peace in the dark room (inner self), but looking out the window (her waking interactions with the outside world??), she sees activity, action! There may be some trepidations or even undue worries about the disasters that may befall her in the outside world, as if the outside world is NOT a safe place to be in.

I sense is that the dreamer is in some way trying to bring to her conscious awareness that she may be harbouring different minds about the world. One where the inner reality is safe, but the outer physical reality may not be. That doesn’t mean the physical world is not a safe place, but the thoughts and fears about it may make it unsafe.

Also I sense that in another way her inner self or unconscious is trying to alert the dreamer that what ever happens, she will be protected. Her house (life or self) will always be safe guarded.

And I sense also that there is a predictive element in a way here. NOT that her surroundings will be bombed in her physical life, but that she may be unconsciously preparing herself for events that she may be drawing into her life, that are on the horizon. Events that may BE like bombs, but not physical bombs.. perhaps emotional or psychological bombs. Something that will shake the dreamer up.

I also find it interesting that she ran to the back door, not the front as most people would do. The back door would also relate to her inner self, the unconscious, like she is seeing that whatever will shake her up in life, she still has that knowledge that her inner world is still intact, likely a reassurance, a securing connection.

The dreamer can actually ask or suggest to her dream-self to help make it more clear, more readily understandable. This can sometimes have great results. Serge and Kris

I recently dreamt of a tall blond man standing in a room. I took out a gun and fired at him twice. The bullets went right through his chest. He then started to laugh and said don’t you know who I am? Don’t you know you can not kill me? I am the devil. I responded that there is no such thing and the devil does not exist. There were many other people in the scene. A fight ensued and I struggled with hime until I woke up. I have never had such a dream before and I do not know what it can mean. I am expecting my first child later this year so this is a very disturbing dream to have at this time. Christina

The trouble with pregnancy is that the hormones go way off kilter and that can cause some strange emotions – which work their way out in your dreams. This dream represents the archetypal battle between good and evil and certainly would probably come up in response to your maternal instincts… expressing some fears around the world you are bringing this baby into… but perhaps coming from some internal struggle that you are experiencing right now… remember that prayer and a loving heart will counteract and put such struggles to an end… Hope that helps, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

What do these dreams mean of my life in danger? I’m having these dreams of a male, a white male which I seem to have love connections to. I always seem to be with him as a couple. But right away this dream switches to where I’m on a mountain running from armed men or a group of soldiers im escaping and helping others to escape. I seem to be running alot. But once I find an escape and make a run for it without thinking if I could get killed. I wake up! Karla

I don’t think you are in any real physical danger, but these dreams seem to be indicating that you have some fears, perhaps of men that you are trying to work out. They may also be telling you that you are feeling trapped in some ways by your circumstances. Hope that helps. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

For like three years I have had dreams of huge tidal waves destroying everything and killing all the people around me. Like last night I had a dream that me and my family was at the beach and for some reason I had a scary feeling in my stomach.

Anyway I was on a belly board lying on my back and I looked up and saw a humungous tidal wave. It seemed as if it was as high as the sky. I tried to put my hands over my mouth so I wouldn’t choke on the water. As I was doing this I guess I was doing it in my bed to because I woke up to my husband saying “what are you doing?” and I had my hands over my mouth I jerked away from him until I realized I was in my bed ..

It was so strange. This isn’t the first time I have had a dream like this they keep recurring. The water is dirty. The top of the wave is white and foamy. And the wave is so incredibly high it almost touches the sky. I am always so scared I can’t think straight in these dreams but for some reason I am always protected. Usually I am the only one who is protected?

If anyone could help with these dreams I would be grateful!!! Jennifer

This dream you sent is very significant, because it is recurring. Recurring dreams contain important messages or communications from the unconscious, and will continue in one way or another until you open up and accept the information being sent to you from those often unknown or unrecognized parts of the Self. And such dreams usually reflect your own views on a subject or thing, not the thing itself, a major and important difference.

The conscious, or ego portion of your personality is only one small aspect of a larger complex construction, but still an important one, as it helps manage the information from the physical senses into a coherent picture of the world, so to speak. Even though that picture it creates for you might be one-sided, it is still very valid. It helps you create the conditions and circumstances of your daily existence according to the information you tell it to let through and work with. That is based upon the various convictions and feelings and ideas you hold about that world and your relationship to it.

The above paragraphs are also important, as we are attempting to let you know that the world as your physical senses interpret it is a concrete physical manifestation of “the various convictions and feelings and ideas you hold” about it and yourself.

Dreams are as important, if not even more so, than your interactions with the outer world, because they help connect you to deep and wise Inner resources that are part of your whole, but unseen Self. It is often referred to as the unconscious or subconscious.

In your present recurring dream, it is our perception that the unconscious it trying to tell you many things all at once. Keep in mind that the unconscious doesn’t organize information in the same manner as the logical mind. It uses ’emotional logic’, a completely different creature.

One of the things it is trying to convey to is that you fear being overwhelmed and swept away by some powerful forces indeed, the power of the waves and the ocean. This is a highly creative symbol for some of Life’s own powers and expressions. A deep and potent representation of what is often called the “Life Force”, that primordial source of Life, that place where we all have our origins. Not the physical ocean, but the Energy of Life!

We believe that you are intuitive, maybe even more than the people around you, and that you may even be partially aware of some powerful current within your psychic abilities that may seek to eventually express themselves in your life. You may even fear that this would threaten, perhaps endanger the patterns of your present life. Letting these inner abilities or talents surface might represent a certain danger to you, sweep you away or drown you in a manner of speaking.

Do keep in mind that the ways you view reality is usually very different from how it is, in fact. However, the way you view it will initiate a far stronger response that the way it is in fact. We strongly believe you would do yourself a great service by exploring and developing some of your intuitive talents.

There is also another aspect in the dream that is very important, more so than would appear at first glance or that you could initially suspect: the description of the high wave with dirty water with the white foamy top. It would stand to reason that when a huge wave travels, parts of it sweep the bottom, lifting debris and sand
and dirt, carrying it to its final destination, usually the shore line or beach.

We believe this is the way that your unconscious is also signaling to you that there are things you seriously need to look into. Most people bury or submerge feelings, emotions and numberless unresolved issues in their minds. In this case, people think that out of sight, out of mind. However, sooner or later some or many such issues resurface because they have not been dealt with, just shoved aside into the unconscious, where it doesn’t belong. That is why we have
conscious minds, to sort out and resolve problematic or contentious issues and release the energies that otherwise accumulate and build up, sometimes like HUGE waves that threaten to swallow or choke out our life.

The dirt is being carried by the wave in your dream to alert you that there are issues you have to look at and release. Once you allow the clean up to begin, the water (your life in physical terms) will rise to the top, as the white foam, reaching for the sky.

It is also possible that the dream is trying at the same time to let you know that you need to take certain steps you have been avoiding specifically to go in a direction that would allow you to reach for the sky, in so many words.

As you also recognize, you are protected in the dream, as you are in life. You cannot take any step in any direction of life without having a deep or even unconscious knowledge that you are always doing so knowing that your path is safe. Though there might be storms in life, there are always safe harbors.

You can also request that your dream self, or inner self (also your unconscious) help you get the messages more clearly simply by requesting it be more clear and defined. All in all, know that you have great creative energies at your fingertips, and that this energy will not harm you. Serge and Kris .

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