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Precognitive Dreams: Dreams that Foretell the Future

Several years ago I had the most vivid dream that I have ever had in my life. At this point in my life I was under a lot of stress and had many problems going on. I spent the night with my grandmother (In Law). It was almost as if I was watching a movie. There is just no other way to describe it. I dreamed that a pickup truck had crossed the median (The grassy area between the interstate) and hit a school bus. The accident happened at night. For some reason the emergency doors wouldn’t open so everyone was trapped inside and the bus was on fire. I remember my sister and her friend standing beside the guard rail watching. I saw people trying to get out of the bus windows, which were obviously not very big. People were screaming for help but there was nothing that I could do to help them. I was there but not able to interact with any of the people that I was able to see. I woke up and was too afraid to go back to sleep.

My sister had a track meet the next day and I had asked her not to go. She didn’t believe me and went anyway. Luckily, she came home and nothing unusual had happened. That evening we had dinner and were sitting in the living room. The TV was it on but was on mute. I just happened to look up and see exactly what I dreamed on the news. Even the color of the pickup was the right color and the angle of the footage was exactly like my dream. I stayed up to see the late news so I could find out what happened. I later found out that there had been a terrible accident in Ohio. The bus turned out to be a school bus converted into a church bus. A drunk driver had crossed the median and hit the bus. I later read that the bus exploded and that the emergency door hadn’t opened. Some people were able to crawl out the windows but the majority of them died. It was so eerie that the footage was shot from the same angle as in my dream.

I researched the accident and everything I had dreamed was right on. Even the time of the accident coincided with the time of my dream. I have always wondered why I would have a dream like this. I didn’t know anyone who died or who might have been involved. I have always wondered why this would happen if there was nothing that I could have done about it even if I knew it was going to happen. Any ideas? Why would a person be sent such a vivid dream about total strangers when there was no way I could have saved any of them? D.T.

These things often happen to remind us that we are more than we think… to open you up to your psychic ability… and it is possible that you have some soul connections to one of the people who was on that bus… hope that helps some, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

I dream things that ‘show me things’. My dreams have taken me into ‘other realms’ where I have flown over ancient cities and slayed demons with other ‘people like me.’ I have gone to other worlds and saw alien space crafts in unusual cities or have been invaded BY aliens here on earth. I have talked with angels, saw the ‘tribulation.’ Witnessed 9/11 several days/months before it happened, and dreamt OF WAR in the U.S. since I was only 3 (which would have made it 1971).

I met my husband in my dream before actually meeting him, and dreamt of ‘being pregnant with complications’ after 16 yrs of not being able to conceive.

I have been visited by ‘the dead’ during sleep and dreamt of major casualties out on highways.

I have heard ‘songs’ in dreams, songs I had never heard before.(and no there wasn’t any radio on!)

I have dreamt continuously of a ‘red head girl’ in an ‘upstairs apartment’ who was ‘an actress or writer/someone famous anyway. She is either murdered or commits suicide and is left to roam this upstairs apartment as a ghost. I also dream of ‘me’ being a prostitute in a brothel in the late 1800’s in which I believe BOTH dreams about the brothel and the red head girl somehow attribute to the fact that this is a reincarnation dream. I DEFINETELY believe that I lived in the 1800’s before BECAUSE of the second dream.

I KNOW I have something very special I get out of dreaming. It shows me things I don’t FEEL or see as much on a normal basis when awake. I know I am not entirely normal with my dreams. Most the people who I describe my dreams to laugh or even call me the ‘dream queen.’ No one ‘feels into it’ like I do. In fact there are things that happen like me in one particular dream ‘walking through this town that had flooded and stumbling on to a ‘brown headed girl’ gagged and hanging from the ceiling in the garage. Upon rising that morning after that dream I couldn’t help but feel that ‘somewhere THIS VERY GIRL who was about 20 or so, pretty, was being held captive in some mad mans garage. At the time I checked the news and found nothing. But even today I say to myself, ‘if someone could just ‘help me understand’ maybe my ‘paranormal powers would sharpen and I could help people. (like my grandmother had done).

Another ‘visit in a dream’ that has always left me sort of puzzled was a man (who stated this ‘strange name’ in my dream but at the moment I am clueless what this name was. It is written in a dream diary ‘somewhere’) he came to me one night and said, “I have been your lover for over 300 years.” This was before I met my husband.

On December 11th 1998 a ‘witch’ who was a dentist I worked for who I thought was just a flake then, told me that on December 12th ‘peoples lives would change forever.’ I just laughed it off and then went home to call my friend. She and I had been making plans to go out to a ‘concert’ in Dallas that following day, and we had been planning it for over a week and everything was ‘set’ and we were excited. On December 12th I was to meet her in a part of Dallas I had never driven to before. I was lost, crying and frustrated. I was about ready to turn around but something kept pursuing me. Just at that time my future husband (from Europe) would be standing out in the cold, way past the time when the doors should have been opened, considering going home himself, when FINALLY the doors to the club opened.

I finally found my ‘friend’ in Dallas and followed her to the concert.

It was an hour or so later now since my ‘husband’ had been inside the ‘venue’ and seeing how the first band was boring he figured he just might as well leave. Just as he was finishing up his last sips of beer, I come walking in. As he would say later, “You were carrying a halo on your head.”

The moment our eyes locked I felt something with him like no one else. THIS WAS HIM! HE WAS THE ONE!’ We were married 4 months later. I believe HE WAS the one I dreamed about that entire summer of 1998. That summer he spent working extra hours at work just to come to America . We were already destined. I believe somewhere long ago we had been together. I believe in heaven we made plans to come together that December 12th 1998, which DEFINETLEY changed my life! Was he the lover from 300 years ago? I can only look deeper and deeper into ‘spirituality’ and continue searching for the
answers. Serenity

So, the first thing is that I hope you are keeping a dream journal… I have a sense that in one of your past lives you were a shaman of sorts, a medicine person who did a lot of work in the dream time… so I would encourage you to study all you can about dreaming – not the books that speak of the symbolic meanings of items in a dream, but those for example on lucid dreaming… I also feel that you have some real abilities as a medium and that it would be worth your while to explore this more… look up the works of Craig Hamilton-Parker and James Von Praagh and the likes of them for some insight there…

You have some real psychic ability and if you choose to develop it, I think you could learn to work with your gifts so that they could help you and others around you… read, read, read… lots of good help on our site Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

I would like to know how to make it stop. I don’t want to dream the future anymore. I don’t understand why people tell me “Don’t tell me any more about your dreams” after I told them about the future with absolute and intimate details that could not have been a lucky guess. I am sick of it. I have seen so much, yet even after the event I predicted came true with absolute detail, people still say there is no way I could have known that, but “please don’t tell me any more”. They are afraid, I’m sure, but I am not evil and I don’t ever make it happen, I simply dream (sometimes daydream) and I can see major events. Even as a child this was the case. It has to stop. I just want to be a normal guy. I have even considered taking my own life, but even that event has come to me in my (what I call) power dreams. I can not see the dead, but I have seen people that have died in my dreams. I have never seen a ghost. Normally the dreams are of events like plane crashes, for example, I see very often. That’s so odd because my brother Jedd Willer died in a plane crash while going to flight school at FIT in Melbourn Florida (yet I never saw this in my dreams). Can you help? I just want to know how to turn it off. Any tips would be a big help. Thank You. Brad

I hear your desperation about this. You can learn to control this, so that you activate your choice and begin to have control over when, and if, and how you have clairvoyant dreams. One thing I feel about your situation is that you are built to have this portal of information, and that there will be important things you can do with the information that will be of great service. Right now, though, you are clearly just plain overwhelmed, and you don’t know how to handle the fear and upset that you are getting from people.

Because your intuition is so strong with the dreams, they press at you in a way that feels out of your control. And they will press. You will have to bring your other faculties to bear to harness this stallion you’ve got.

1. Read the Carlos Castaneda book, “The Art of Dreaming”. It will help you learn that you can control yourself, even within your dreams- and that you can control your dreams. There will be other really important things that you learn through this book that will help you in your situation.

2. Tell yourself when you go to bed, that you are taking a break from clairvoyant dreams. Tell God and the Universe that you have decided to go on vacation for a while, that you are taking a little break, and that any important messages will need to be sent through someone else. Do this every night as long as you need to until it stops.

3. Then, until the dreams stop to your satisfaction, ignore them after you wake up. Understand that the mailman may take a while before he remembers not to leave you a copy of the dream in your mailbox. Know that God has put another copy in the mailbox of someone else who has agreed to take the info.

4. Stop telling people about any dreams you may continue to have during this interim period. Tell people that you’ve gone on vacation when it comes to dreaming. If you find thoughts of a dream intruding, tell yourself that you’ve gone on vacation and remind yourself that God is taking care of any important business associated with the information. Then let it go and put it out of your mind.

Give it time and do these things consistently. You should find the dreams slowing down, becoming a trickle, and then stopping. THIS IS YOUR LIFE. Part of having a gift is learning how to use it, and right now you need to learn that you can have conscious control of it.

Once you’ve mastered this, have a break, as long as you want, there will come a time when you feel like you want to allow it back into your life, and then you can do this, but in a reasonable way. You can tell God that you will allow one dream a month, or one dream a year even, and any other stipulations you want to put, you can put on it.

The other issue is dealing with the reaction of the person you tell. You will need to cultivate a wisdom about this- how to let them know you’ve had a dream that might involve them, how to ask their permission to tell them, and how to gauge whether to even tell them, based on how they react to the invitation. And then, if you do decide to tell them, how to handle upset responses. Finesse about how to function with clairvoyant dreaming happens gradually, and with experience. Don’t expect yourself to be anything but human. It’s OK.

Hope this helps! Warmly, Barb Huning

In the last month I have had four dreams come true. Is there a way to get a more specific dream in order to help people? I dreamed two days ahead about the sniper back east, I dreamed two days ago about the murders that just happened in Tucson , AZ and I dreamed 1 week ahead of the planes that crashed. I dreamed there was a man on that plane who was very much in love with someone and wanted to make it back to her. The start of my dreaming was about fairy tales and you could jump into any fairy tale you wanted and it would come alive. There was a man in my dream and I said this would make a great movie or book. He said to me that is why I am telling you. The two days later I watch my favorite program Charmed and it was about how they each took on a character from the fairy tales. I’ve have now made it a habit to tell people about my dreams and it is spooking me on how they are coming true. Writing this I am seeing a pattern develop of things happening after two days. Barbara

First off, you don’t want to make it a specific intent to be able to dream of disasters or accidents etc ahead of time – this is too hard on the psyche and it draws a load of negative energy with it that will muck up your life. Secondly, most folks won’t pay attention to the warnings that come from dreams… while individuals may be willing to adjust their plans, especially if this is someone you know, it would be extremely unlikely that anyone running, for example an airport, would be willing to change flight plans because of someone’s dream of a crash…. Thirdly, most folks don’t dream with enough specificity to be able to reliably identify a particular situation to a unique location and/or set of individuals. One day we may be smart enough to have something like a dream bank which would take in this information, assimilate and report it… searching for repeated patterns, etc.

Dreams are truly personal in nature, so when we see things that happen in the larger outer world in our dream world, this is often carrying a personal message for us. In your case, this may simply be about alerting you to your psychic abilities and urging you to develop them further. There are some very good books on the market about working with your dreams – don’t go for the ones that just try to give you a meaning for each element of your dream, rather look for the material that will help you to trigger dreams – lucid dreaming etc…

I think you would find it very useful to start keeping a journal of your dreams – and also to take a class in meditation – learning to focus actively will help you to go back into your dreams to find more details. Hope that helps. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

This was the first time a premonition has come true for me, but since then a lot has happened. I would appreciate any insight on current happenings. I lived in Hesperia California when I was 10 years old. One day after school, our bus was late, it was getting repairs. I had a very bad feeling when it pulled up and had a flash picture in my head of it being in an accident, so I talked my four friends into walking home instead. When we got 3 blocks from my home, we saw ambulances, policemen and a firetruck, the bus had crashed into a suburban truck, and the kids sitting in the front seats of the bus (where we usually sat) had been thrown over the seat and got hurt bad going thru the windshield and from hitting the dash & knocked into the stairwell. Ever since then, I’ve had dreams and flashes during the day of things happening that have later come true. My mother says ESP runs in the family, is this what it is?? Also, how can I enhance my dreams to remember them as I only remember about 10 dreams in a year. or how to interpret them would be good also. Stephanie

I am glad that you listened to your instincts and that you had such an early lesson there – it will serve you well in life. Yes, ESP, psychic openness, definitely runs in families. Although I am the only one in my family who actively practices in this way, I am the eldest of 6 and have 16 nieces and nephews… among this family are doctors, lawyers, accountants, high-ranking businessmen… very bright people – all of them attribute their success in one way or another to their good instincts. Almost all of them (some are too young yet) have consulted with me at one time or another, and most importantly, all have them “believe in” a spiritual life and thus trust intuitive information as a valid resource.

Dreams are one of the first ways that psychic ability will manifest – but if you choose to, you can learn to tap into this inner insight from a lot of other directions. You should consider yourself lucky that you have about 10 dreams you remember in a year… this is actually about normal… you will dream a lot more than that, but they are lost by the time you fully awaken.

It would be very good and very helpful for you to keep a journal of the dreams – keep it beside your bed and try to start writing as soon as you open your eyes, this is the best way of trapping the information from your dreamworld. There are some very good books on dreaming and learning to work with your dreams, so check the library and the book stores for books that talk about how you can dream actively – topics like lucid dreaming…

Learning to meditate, working with your breath and practicing daily will also help to trigger the inner insights to rise to the surface. Hope that helps, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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