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Intuitive Dreams

Intuitive Dreams

Part 4 in a series by Serge Grandbois, with Kris

There are additional benefits to working with dreams. By keeping a record of intuitive symbols that appear in our dreams, we can benefit from hindsight. Imagine picking up your dream diary/journal, opening it at random to a dream you had a few months or even a few years ago, only to have your jaw drop as you avidly read that the particular life situation you find yourself in at this very moment… was in part dreamt of so long ago, even to some minute details, leaving no room for random chance or coincidence!

It doesn’t mean that ALL your dreams are easily explored, or immediately interpreted, or at all. There are other times where we have too aggressive an approach, where we want to grab a dream and beat an interpretation out of it. Wanting to scrutinize every nook and cranny of a dream from the intellectual or ego perspective will sometimes not yield any secrets; it may even blast those tender rootlets of dream introspection into smithereens. So tread gently in the beginning.

There are also times when dream elements are garbled, mixed pieces of this and that or even censured by the ego/conscious mind because some issues are difficult for you to work with. Sometimes the unconscious is working on issues for you behind the scene as it were, and when you are consciously ready and willing to address issues, it will help you. There are other times when we are just not willing to go deeper, for various reasons and we defiantly block off, even engage in battles with the unconscious mind, truly hassling ourselves.

Now for the juicy part: throughout time as we know it, there are also some very specific elements of dreams that have stood out more than any other. Dreams that contain premonitions and clairvoyance!

There is also the added advantage of learning to recognize symbols specific to clairvoyant dreams, learning to pick them out at the time of recollection or of writing them out. Being aware of your own personal dream symbols, you can know what some of the events you are calling into your life are, perhaps days or weeks ahead. Now that’s a course they don’t teach at high school.

These, perhaps more than other dream elements have impressed dreamers in various ways, caught our attention and piqued our curiosity. This is also one of the major accents on these articles, helping you recognize and make good use of the intuitive, clairvoyant elements as they appear in your dreams.

Recognizing intuitive aspects of dreams is not only fun, not only a great adventure, but also a most powerful way to tap into the rich vein of Inner resources each of us is born with, our spiritual heritage.

Being open to the intuitive universe, one dream at a time, you can learn to appreciate your own abilities, building more assurance and wonderment as to the workings of the Inner Universe and reality as a whole. You might eventually be open enough to allow some of these insights to flow through into your daily waking life too.. and not fear being swept away by all this. You are always in control, (and sometimes we are too much in control).

These are some of the aspects we’d like to share with you in these articles. We’d also like to help you discover and identify with your dream landscape by helping you explore some of your dreams. This would require that some of you send us your dreams in order for us to work with you and share what your dreams are trying to convey to you.

Overall, the unconscious is always trying and willing to communicate, and with these articles, combined with your submitted dreams, you can learn this extremely ancient, the most ancient language!


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“Serge is one of the clearest vessels for non-physical communication in the world today. He has given voice to Kris for 22 years, helping many people from all walks of life. He is fascinating!” ~ Colorado Seth Conference

Serge Joseph Grandbois is one of the most insightful and clear channelers to emerge in over 20 years. Serge speaks for an engaging, original and intelligent “Energy Personality Gestalt” called Kris. Together they have spoken in many North American cities. Whenever Kris speaks, he introduces the individual to his/her potentials, as well as outlining tools with which to lead more fulfilling lives. Kris’ material is clear and concise, challenging conventions and cliches. Kris has always favoured in-depth exploration of a person’s situation, avoiding pat answers and unreliable quick fixes, addressing the person’s intellect and intuitions, awakening critical faculties and a sense of self-discovery.

Serge is also the publisher of The Seth Journal and he maintains his own website at There you’ll find updates on current workshops he and Kris offer, including “The Power of Dreams”, Please feel free to visit the site for more details.

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